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  1. HarbinAK added a post in a topic Don't need no flying lessons   

    Thought it was a joke til I saw the landing.... that guy flew the envelope and then shredded it with the prop.  Wow.... just wow!
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  2. HarbinAK added a post in a topic Help with windshield pattern   

    Used your pattern tcj ,  worked well, did have to do the final trimming, but worked great,
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  3. HarbinAK added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Gonna have to do the same, mine are all yellowed from age!
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  4. HarbinAK added a post in a topic Help with windshield pattern   

    Thanks guys.  I borrowed an old windshield from Bucky, but it is a model 1 and it’s a bit small.  Thanks tcj... I think that will work for a starting point for sure.  Again thanks for the reply’s!
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  5. HarbinAK added a topic in Kitfox III   

    Help with windshield pattern
    Hi, I was wondering if there is any source for a pattern for the model 3 windshield ?  
    Thanks Wade
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  6. HarbinAK added a post in a topic Drilling holes in fuse tubes   

    Thanks , 
    yeah I’ll prob just go with the manual.  Have to say I have enjoyed putting this plane together.  Seems very well built and engineered.  
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  7. HarbinAK added a topic in Kitfox III   

    Drilling holes in fuse tubes
    Hi...I’m currently building my firewall.  I drilled the horizontal holes in the tube between the outermost engine mount holes to attach the firewall.  I have built the starter shroud, but it looks like one has to drill and attach it to the tubes also( v tubes to lower engine mount hole).  Maybe I’m wrong, but I hate drilling into tubes.   The manual calls for drilling holes for the seat and the cross over tubes between the wing attach points for the windshield and skylight.  Seems maybe I can attach the seat with cable ties.  I guess my main concern is the windshield and skylight attachment.  Has anyone attached the aluminum formers with adel clamps or such :  as not to drill into the tubing.  Maybe it’s not an issue, but I figure it’s better not to put holes in that structure. 
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  8. HarbinAK added a post in a topic Rib stitching   

    Thanks, I’m going to use poly fiber also. I recovered my tcraft a few years back and it turned out great.  I used Martin clips on the wings, which were very simple, but stitching would have been a cleaner looking end result.
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  9. HarbinAK added a topic in Kitfox III   

    Rib stitching
    Hi, not to the point of covering , but wondering if the wing is stitched do I have still use poly talk on the ribs.  Model 3 under camber ribs.
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  10. HarbinAK added a post in a topic Kitfox Newbie   

    Thanks for the info... yeah figured I should have it gone through .  I have heard of Darbys in town...They pretty knowledgeable on the airplane motors?  Any other good Rotax guys in AK that work on the aircraft motor?  I see Rotax Rick mentioned quite a bit.
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  11. HarbinAK added a post in a topic Kitfox Newbie   

    Yes pretty much a brand new kit.  The fella I bought it from in Soldotna had the fuse, struts ect. powder coated, think he installed the controls and landing gear.  Lots of work to do for sure!  So far everything seems to be here in the kit..... new grey head 582..not sure if I’m going to send it out to get checked out... be another thread.
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  12. HarbinAK added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    Kitfox Newbie
    Hi,  I am in the process of building a Kitfox 3.  Acquired a nice kit here in Alaska,  fuselage is nicely powder coated.  Just finishing building the wings right now.  Great forum, invaluable advice!  Probably be bugging for advice too as the build progresses.  Thanks and Hi.
    Wade..., Delta Jct Alaska
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