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    There was a rod end which connects the rod connecting the 2 control sticks to the L shaped rod that was bent due to the 2 rod ends that connect to the control sticks being installed in the wrong order.  I reversed them and the controls move much more smoothly.  I also had to trim a plate that the throttle mounts to which was interferring with the control sticks when moved all the way to either side.  Also all the linkages in the control system were loose, and after tightening and re cotter pinning have almost no play.  The flapperon mounts were also not all drilled in a streight line, causing the wing to warp when the flapperons move up and down.  It turned out to be a combination of many things which needed to be corrected, but I am feeling much better about the controls now.  Thank you for all your help.
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    Thanks for the help. This is all really good information.  I disconnected the flaperons from the mounts and there were several that were way off, which was actually causing the wing to warp when I turned the flaperons by hand.  I redrilled them in the correct locations and they move much easier now.  Also, after tightening every joint in the controls I am seeing much better response in the controls.  I also found a few parts that were slightly bent in the control linkages, probably due to the excessive pressure needed to move the controls.   Also good to be aware of the flutter situation.
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    tight flapperons
    Hi, I just boght an avid mark IV and am doing a condition inspection with my mechanic friend.  The controls seem to be pretty stiff.  It seems that it is mostly due to the flapperons not moving very easily.  We tried oiling the hinges and they are still pretty stiff.  Is this normal for an avid, or is there some way to fix this?  Also there is some play in the controls as well.  I tightened all the linkages and it is much better, but the stick still moves about an inch before the flapperons begin to move.  Is this normal?  Thanks for your help.
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