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  1. wolves200 added a post in a topic Plans for skis   

    browsing in the web for 3d models I found this skies in sketchup warehouse, it seem fairly easy to make & install
    I have the sketchup file if anyone is interested.-
    Regards / Saludos

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  2. wolves200 added a post in a topic My Avid   

    Hey Thomas; so you bought VAZ, how is that bird flying?? and where do you have the plane today?
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  3. wolves200 added a post in a topic backcountry pilot youtube channel   

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  4. wolves200 added a post in a topic backcountry pilot youtube channel   

    don´t think it has the amount of views it deserve....

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  5. wolves200 added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    backcountry pilot youtube channel
    I don´t think anybody miss this amazing videos, subscribe to it, you won´t regret!
    MAN!!! awesome vids this guys produce.

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  6. wolves200 added a post in a topic Rotax 582 getting air in the cooling system   

    regardless of where the air comes from, if you have a hose bent up and down again, it will develop air, wonder if the complete water line keeps strait all along and the higher point is the bottle?
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  7. wolves200 added a post in a topic DROOP TIP VS SPEEDSTER HOERNER TIPS   

    Dynaero MCR airplane is performing near the same, nothing new, there are other examples, blackwing is not pioneer in this technology, it´s just another all carbon composite down to the control stick and it came out lighter than anticipated.
    I also want to mention that the only one who I ever heard had any type of effect by modifying the wing tip is John Miller placing Vortex generator there; he has a full report over the other side of the river (the dark side) I believe Randy also installed VG on the wing tips...
    for those curious about 150hp Rotax; there is a Norwegian company who thought, regular 80hp rotax was over complicated and overkill NICE little ENGINE, so they began removing useless systems and parts to make it nicer and cleaner they came up with a pretty nice upgrade to that engine.
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  8. wolves200 added a post in a topic DROOP TIP VS SPEEDSTER HOERNER TIPS   

    I have some friends here in Sweden that are building a new aircraft and as far as I heard; wing tips are only a tangible advantage; when you are flying more than 200kt or 10000ft and above; somewhere there can´t recall the exact numbers, basically top end airplanes and airliners are really making use of these advantage. Rest is just cosmetic.
    Their original design didn´t have wing tips because it wasn´t necessary, but they got hold of a Rotax turbo engine 150Hp and the airplane performs just within that range, now the plane is suited with wing tips.

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  9. wolves200 added a post in a topic Trim system and header tank   

    well; that´s the simplest trim I ever seen; I will install one in mine, I´m not a good fan of trim systems, because the complicated installation.
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  10. wolves200 added a post in a topic Trailing edge ribs glued in the wrong position....Thoughts?   

    AC.43.13 blah blah blah, manual, the one founded on the FAA website for accepted methods repairs; has some pretty good suggestions as to how to repair this. it Shouldn´t be a problem, just like T-jay´s pictures here.
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  11. wolves200 added a post in a topic need some advise here   

    Mine is tapered all the way to the tip of the aileron attachment.

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  12. wolves200 added a post in a topic For those with actual winter weather...some Avid videos to pass the time   

    Hey Tjay; great video!!. question is that an Volksplane in your avatar?? can barely see if it has wing struts...
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  13. wolves200 added a post in a topic Electrical experts   

    I bought fewfrom here; they are good quality and fast shipping, however don´t know about water proof...
    now here is another, water proof---
    hope it helps
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  14. wolves200 added a topic in Jokes   

    gone fishing, well here are some tips--






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  15. wolves200 added a post in a topic Name this mystery Avid Flyer part.....   

    heat seeking sex toy, that can also be used as counterbalance while is not in use?
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