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  1. Flynd added a post in a topic Yamaha RX-1 Engine mount for avids   

    Hi Glen, I am very interested in help with a Yamaha engine mount.  I'm hoping to catch you while the offer is still relatively fresh.  For me, it is more of a long-term (6 month) goal  to make this conversion, but I want to accumulate parts now.  Currently I am working out wiring/plumbing on a stand for an Apex engine that I have.  
    Is this something you are still able to help with?
    Thanks, Neil
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  2. Flynd added a post in a topic I'm Scared!   

    I appreciate the feedback and response.  Again, crappy records, but the Hobbes shows less than 100hr since new.  Verbally, but not documented, it has been through some rough times. Including a hard landing that bent the tail spring and bottom of rudder.  And a groundloop that required wingtip repairs..  I believe original build was as a nosewheel from purchase document and this receipt for tail wheel assembly.

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  3. Flynd added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    I'm Scared!
    Greetings, new guy here.  I've never been very active on forums, but hope to be here because I know I will need a lot of help.  Eventually, I hope to be able to return the favor by contributing content or services after I get up to speed.  I have some ideas for that I will share later...
    Just picked up an Avid from Idaho and I'm afraid of what I got myself into!  Not completely though, I like projects and know to expect more work than I expect.  Avid factory serial #762 comes with a Subaru engine installed, another spare Subaru engine, a trailer, three build manuals, and crappy maintenance records:

    After a long, slow, nervous drive back to Utah, it is now here in my garage.  I plan to replace fuel lines, and start to work with local knowledgeable experimental builders/mechanics to help convince me it is airworthy and safe before trying to fly it.  I will also need taildragger instruction, and am aware of the ground-handling reputation of this standard gear, so wider gear will be at the top of the list.
    To start with a first question, What do yall think about this cut frame tube?  Looks like this was done to give clearance for the brake cylinder linkage.  It is in taildragger configuration, so hopefully those lower arms from the engine mount don't have frame structure tubes transferring force rearward through the nose gear large tube, like the upper ones do?

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