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  1. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Jab on Barnstormers   

    That's a good report.  Yeah my research might have been lopsided due to the old "negative experience collection pool" effect that internet forums tend to magnify:
    Example: There may be 100,000 Ford 6.0 Diesels out there, 95,000 of them run great and owners never visit the forum.  But the forum has 5,000 reports of head gasket problems so you read that and figure it is a 100% problem when it's actually 5%.
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  2. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Jab on Barnstormers   

    I always liked the idea of Jabiru, but research (in terms of reliability) kept swaying me away.
    Anyone here swear by them... I mean in a good way...  not "swearing" while  standing "by" them
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  3. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Yamaha Apex Skytrax Adapters   

    Yeah I also made up my facebook alais (Anatoli) for keeping in touch with this hobby ONLY.
    Otherwise I really am an anti-FB guy too!
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  4. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic YAMAHA RX-1 (140 HP) install in Kitfox 5   

    Thanks guys!
    I didn't use a jig, just built off the firewall with oversized tube (3/4") at the bolt up locations to allow for a little warpage and got lucky... things only moved about 1/4" so those small mounting bolts are just a little offset in the 3/4 tube.  I will custom grind some brass bushings to fill the "eccentric" gap (see photo of the off-center gap below).
    I really wish I could scan this thing to a file in order to share it for anyone else with a KF 5-7, but I just don't have acess to something like that.

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  5. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic YAMAHA RX-1 (140 HP) install in Kitfox 5   

    Getting ready to put all my pieces together!
    I finally got my big parts together, ending today with getting my mount back from the welder and powdercoat guys.
    Below is a pic of the "big 4" custom components in a Yamaha conversion:  Motor Mount, Airbox, Header, and Throttle Reverser.
    Anyone else following in my footsteps will have an easier job these days because we have a lot of people in the Yamaha community who have stepped up in offering help with these and other fabricated parts.  For more info, including contact info for FWF parts, join up in the "Yamaha Aircraft Conversions" Facebook group.

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  6. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic ADSB - What are people using?   

    But I've got big ideas about going up to our Lake of the Woods island property with this puppy.
    I tell you that but the Lake Amphibian my dad and I own only gets up there every few years... and it has 4 seats and a huge cargo bin!
    So I'm sure it'll just  be a novelty of a trip for the KF!
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  7. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic ADSB - What are people using?   

    My plan is to go with the uavionics skybeacon and rewire my (all led) nav lights to my radio master so I don't forget to have it on.
    Anyone here actually running the skybeacon?
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  8. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic News about Ed (EDMO)   

    Your a tough SOB Ed!   I remeber you've been through a lot in this life, but maybe that was all special training for this big fight right now.
    This one's been extra tough but I'm not worried!   See ya back here soon!
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  9. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Kitfox 7 on barnstormers   

    Yeah wow!  Jim grab it and put an Apex in it.  Some big tires, a $5k panel and you could flip it for big bucks!   
    That is, If you still want to sell after you find how much fun flyimg it is!  
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  10. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Flying off paved runways   

    The one simple tip I've got for ya (after a couple ground loops of my own early on) is to chant in your head "go around... go around.... go around" as you come down to touchdown.
    If it doesn't setlle on just right... or if it gets the tiniest bit squirreley on rolllout,  put some power in (bringing the tail back to life) and go around.
    With that in my head (cocked and loaded to go around) I haven't had any further stories to tell...  but I have gone around plenty of times! 
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  11. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Global Warming Hype   

    Yep, yep, and...  YEP!

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  12. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic YAMAHA RX-1 (140 HP) install in Kitfox 5   

    Thanks for the thanks!  I'm just glad if I can help other people out (half as much) as I have been helped along in this project!
    That R1 box has only been used by one other AFAIK.  That is "Yooper Ed" here in the group, but he doesn't frequent the forum often.  According to him, it merely required a jetting change (he drilled out his main jets to about 180 size) and he says it runs great.   His info is why I chose the R1 box but if you have room you that snowmo airbox will work great as well.
    But as far as the jetting / tune, no matter which airbox you choose,  you will have some fine tuning to do and really should run an AFR guage to get precise jetting for your particular setup since it seems each plane runs just a titch different due to ram air effects and exhaust system differences.  Just be  sure you dont run avgas on the AFR's O2 sensor!
    Hey, start up a new post with your motor project!  I'm really looking forward to seeing it come together!!
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  13. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Chemtrails at night   

    Damn.  I was looking for a good new cheap and available psychotropic.... all the other good ones have been banned.
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  14. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic Speed fairings   

    Just guessing here, but if that part is required for adding strength you'd probably want to get the grain direction correct  (like it is in the photo above)
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  15. Yamma-Fox added a post in a topic YAMAHA RX-1 (140 HP) install in Kitfox 5   

    The crank breather is labeled in the bottom pic here and it  this is connected with a hose to an oil "trap" (top pic) and then typically routed into the airbox, but some people have reported just running it to a negative pressure location (non ram air location) with a filter at the end of the breather hose.

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