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  1. Spornradler added a post in a topic Matco Fat Tailwheel trashed   

    Whow - that was a quick turnover with your supplies. Thank you! I had a phone conversation with the spring mender shop this afternoon and they started reproducing the affected spring. Hopefully I'll get it back by tomorrow. The new spring is slightly thicker and wider, but that shouldn't be a major issue. We'll see...
    I'll keep you posted!
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  2. Spornradler added a post in a topic Matco Fat Tailwheel trashed   

    Hi Ron,
    long time no words from me... 
    I did quite a few things on my Magnum. Will grab some pictures later on. One thing I did was to replace the 6.00 - 6 with 8.50 - 6 tires on the main and I got myself a Matco, too to lift the tail and get a softer ride on it. But only the 8" version. Overall look is better, the mains are only a little more spongy but still good to handle. The Maule tail wheel was pretty loud on the asphalt as it was not pneumatic and somewhat worn out.
    Just recently I went through my annual (I could do a lot of things myself under the supervision of my workshop on site). Looking at the tailwheel, we figured out the spring could be bent a little more downwards to get more castor angle heading backwards on the pivot axis of the wheel. I thought no big deal, but when I saw the lower leaf spring today it appeared to me, it has seen some heating. So the elasticity is gone, the steel is soft, bending doesn't make much sense (at least that's what I recall from these old days at school).  I guess the expert at the spring mending shop won't tell me any different tomorrow. That explains, why the angle wasn't correct - the spring probably sagged due to the lack of material tension.
    So that means, I'm hunting for a new set of leaf springs. Or at least the lower one, that had been heated. Do you have an idea, where to get a tailwheel spring? Do you remember, where you have sourced yours from? Assuming our attachment points on the fuselage are identical your source may save me a lot of research...

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  3. Spornradler added a post in a topic Lycoming   

    I know this post is pretty old. I was looking for someone who has installed an electronic ignition / fuel injection system on his Lycoming. However - I do have a O 320 D1A in my Avid Magnum. That means high compression and 160 HP. Captmikem in case you're still in this forum, let me know...
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  4. Spornradler added a post in a topic Flying 40 hours off in a 50nm radius   

    first of all: congrats for your Magnum finally flying! I was following your threads for some weeks now, and it seems, it's not long ago, since you started flying it. The area you are living in is gorgeous. Super aerial pictures!
    Here's my question to you: Just recently I bought a Magnum. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to spend the time for building it myself, so someone else did that years ago before it was sitting another couple of years. It seems "my" builder hadn't paid attention into every little detail. Now I find myself confronted with the question about the deflection of the ailerons. If I recall another thread correctly, you have your ailerons deflecting another 20 degrees in addition to the 15 degrees of the flaps (I know, we're talking about flaperons, but for better distinction, I distinguish between aileron and flaps, meaning the deflection). Do I remember that right? Or did you make adjustments?
    Are you comfortable with your settings? How sensitive is your bird on the ailerons?
    Have a good night,
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  5. Spornradler added a post in a topic New in town   

    I need to read that out loud to myself - but then: Ich verstehe das gut! I was born and raised in Hamburg, but had been living in Stuttgart area for the last almost 20 years. 
    I have seen some videos of Fred - assuming you mean Fred Stork. He does super nice aerial videos and pictures and I find it very entertaining. It's a pity I don't understand French. I will have to contact him one day.
    Read you again, soon,
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  6. Spornradler added a post in a topic New in town   

    thanks for your warm welcome! Just returned from a business trip, so I had to answer a little late. @ C5Engineer - are you from Germany as well? Seems you have experience to flying over there? As of today, we are going back to Germany. But that's a few years out, so enough time to enjoy flying in the US.
    I'm located in Virginia Beach. I will see in what way I can update my profile, so that you have my location.
    Have a nice weekend!
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  7. Spornradler added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    New in town
    Hi there,
    I'm relatively new in town, was finally able to get my private pilot certificate in February, got my tailwheel endorsement last Friday and I fell in love with the Avid Magnum. Is there anybody in the vicinity of Virginia Beach, VA with an Avid Magnum or Avid Flyer? Kitfox maybe? 
    New in town means, I came over from Germany 1.5 years ago. I had a FK9 Mk2 ultralight airplane there and finally had the resources to become airborne again here in the US. So I am not completely new to tube and fabric taildragger.
    Pictures will follow, of course...
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