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  1. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Wingtip Stall Fences   

    Very nice work, I would like to know what the dollar amount you have in the coverings.
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  2. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Flight Testing video of my MKIV   

    What engine are you running now?
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  3. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Remote Muffler mount   

    I have been fallowing your progress since you got this plane, you have made great progress and its looking good.   I see you got the new hoses installed, did you keep all the hose information, size and length?  As far as the muffler mounting brackets. They also look great.  Regards Joe
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  4. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic BRS on an Avid   

    Hello all
    i have the second chantz mounted in my avid. The way I see it in my location with the mountains we need to navigate over, thru around, I would rather have the opportunity to pull that T handle and ride her out to the bottom when the prop quits turning or the airframe has some sort of failure.
    if you would like some photos of the mounting and cable connection area I can get them tomorrow.
    regards Joe
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  5. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Right seat toe brakes   

    Great info.  Thanks for the reply 
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  6. Jwhetnall added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Right seat toe brakes
    so I have the master cylinders already but will need the mechanical toe levers, so what do you think can a guy fab up these parts? It doesn't look to complicated.
    and question for you that have installed these, was there any issues with teeing into the system?
    regards Joe
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  7. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Just some thoughts from up north.  Maybe plan on going for an adventure this weekend and see is this dude will take you up for a few laps around the field, you may just get into this bird and say this plane is not for me.
     As far as your training time,  I think I had 4 hours in the log book when I purchased my first aircraft, best decision I made in regards to flight training.
    regards Joe
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  8. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Radio's and transponder forsale   

    Richard  where are you located?  I'm interested in the Terra 250, and what are asking for that unit?   Regards Joe
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  9. Jwhetnall added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Parachute deployment panel
    Question for anyone that has the second chantz or BRS aircraft parachute system. I would like to know what type of coverings you have at the area where the chute departs the aircraft?  This one has a hole cut into the turtle deck with some unpainted lite fabric covering the hole that needs replacing.   Regards Joe
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  10. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Storage area   

    So the test fitting is good,  it should be something like this when finished.  I had this section of 5 in ducting rat holed away, when I started it was at 5ft and I ended up with about 50 inches long and 3.4 lb. I'm going to do some searches to see if I can get something a bit less in weight with the end caps on.  Regards Joe

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  11. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Storage area   

    Thanks for the replies    I just remembered I have a section of 4 inch ducting tin   I should cut it to the length needed and try some test fitting and go from that.   Regards Joe
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  12. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Storage area   

    Thanks for the reply.  The cargo bag won't work, I have the parachute mounted just above the battery.   I think Jim C has the side door on one of his planes but I can't find that info.    I thinking 36 inches long is what a will need. Regards Joe
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  13. Jwhetnall added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Storage area
    Hello. Was wondering what people have added for a storage/cargo. What I'm looking to do is add something that will hold the wing support rods, window covers, fishing rod and a few hand tools.   Maybe a section of PVC pipe would work.   Any thoughts or photos.   Regards Joe
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  14. Jwhetnall added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Voltage regulator
    I was running the 582 today after replacing some fuel system parts.   So the charging system seem not to be working.  Battery voltage @12.38.    Did some wire chasing and found the power wire to voltage regulator was to a constant power post at back of key switch and then to a glass fuse.   My question is  does this unit need to be on a + continuous power supply or can it be to a keyed source?   And the new 15 amp fuse got me 13.58 volts at the battery post.     Regards Joe
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  15. Jwhetnall added a post in a topic Quick Disconnect For Brake Lines   

    Ok. So I just was out looking at my hyd fittings.      Try a search on Jiffy-Tite 2000 series.   They come in 1/8 NPT.     I would think they will hold the pressure you are working with.    But please do your due diligence in regards to max working pressure, the one I'm using will hold 3000 psi.   Joe
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