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  1. little rocket added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    prop flange question
    Found the answer .

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  2. little rocket added a post in a topic 26” bushwheel ?   

    Herculiner is just like rubber and I can take my 31 inch bushwheels that have to coats on them and let the air out of them and push down on them till they go flat and the herculiner flexes with the rubber of the tires.

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  3. little rocket added a post in a topic Better Avid Gear   

    Have you considered using a hydrasorb with bungees like the supercub use .They provide the tunability with the bungees and the dampening of the shock.They are not cheap new ,but you can usually fine them used for a lot less. The piper PA 20 and 22 also use them but in a different configuration but will work the same way as they do in the supercub if installed in the strut.
    They bolt into the the strut and form the top section of the strut on the supercub gear.

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  4. little rocket added a post in a topic 26” bushwheel ?   

    I have had good luck with Herculiner, I wash the tires off real good ,then give them a decent sanding with rough sand paper to rough them up ,then clean them Real Good with xylene ,then I go in and if there are any deeper cuts I fill them by forcing the herculiner into the cuts with a putty knife let that setup for an hour or so if the cuts are deep. Before using the herculiner Mix the crap out of it and I don't thin it.I then use the foam roller that comes with the gal kit and start rolling it on nice and even and I mix it again every couple minutes in the can to keep the rubber compound mixed into the  rest of it .I let that coat setup for 5 or 6 hours then apply a second coat and leave that for at least 3 or 4 days to CURE. I have good luck BUT I stay off pavement if possible and do NOT apply brakes and make a pivot turn on pavement or you will cause cuts in the herculiner and possibly the tire itself .
    Here are the actual instructions on how to use Herculiner on rubber.
    RUBBER--- Clean well using detergent or cleaning solvent, removing all oil, grease, wax and dirt. Rinse well and allow to dry. Roughen surface aggressively and then clean with Xylene (Xylol), Acetone or MEK cleaning solution. Allow solvent to dry completely before applying HERCULINER. HERCULINER coating will not bond to chlorinated rubber.
    More actual instruction
    HERCULINER APPLICATION TIPS SURFACE PREPARATION IMPORTANT READ CAREFULLY! HERCULINER will bond to all prepared, clean, thoroughly dry surfaces. On sound-painted surfaces, paint must be fully dried or cured to manufacturer’s specifications. The solvents in HERCULINER will not soften or attack properly dried or cured paint. GENERAL DIRECTIONS Always clean the surface of all oily or waxy contaminants by using recommended cleaning solvent–leave no residue. DO’S AND DON’TS DO • Thin HERCULINER with Xylene (Xylol) only. • Use Xylene (Xylol) if available, otherwise use Acetone or MEK cleaning solvent only for surface preparation. • Allow solvent to dry completely before applying HERCULINER. • Clean surface with strong aggressive detergent. • Ensure surface is completely dry and/or cured if recently painted, before applying HERCULINER. • Test doubtful surfaces with HERCULINER beforehand. • Apply 2nd coat within 24 hours of 1st coat application. • Wear chemical resistant gloves.
    DON"T • Mix any solvent with HERCULINER except for Xylene (Xylol). • Clean surfaces with lacquer thinners or any solvent containing alcohol, which will prevent HERCULINER from curing. • Assume surface is clean unless you have cleaned it yourself. • Apply HERCULINER if temperature is below 32˚F or above 95˚F. • Use a laquer-based primer.
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  5. little rocket added a post in a topic Mark 4 heavy hauler with 912 empty weight   

    THANKS Chris
    I appreciate your reply, that is the info I was looking for..
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  6. little rocket added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Mark 4 heavy hauler with 912 empty weight
    Any of you guys with the a 912 on your avid heavy hauler Mark 4 willing to say what your empty weight is?
    Just looking to get a ballpark weight. Also wondering if anyone with the above has full lotus 1260 floats on could give their empty weight?
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  7. little rocket added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Full lotus float questions
    Looking for some info on full lotus floats, I noticed 2 planes that I looked at that the tail end of the floats when sitting on the hanger floor SAG down to the point that you can see a  downward curve in the ridge pipes.
    Is this normal?  I later watched one of these planes taking off on the water and it didn't seem like it could rotate on takeoff and appeared to have to kind of pop the plane off to get it to come out of the water,I wondered if this was due to the sagging off the floats at the back limiting rotation.It also had a porposing problem on takeoff.I have no experience with these floats and would appreciate any input.
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