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  1. AFlyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Due to my schedule, I planned to check out the airplane in January. But when I contacted the seller a week ago, he told me that the Avid is sell pending now. So I guess I will miss this one.
    I have done some other study. For insurance (experimental airplane + 0hr student), that would be over $2K/year. Add on top the $1K/year tiedown and $1K annual conditional, this is $4K/year fixed cost. For my schedule, I think I can realistically fly maybe 50hrs per year. So the fixed cost alone would be $80/hr. Assuming $20/hr fuel cost, that puts my flying cost at $100/hr. I can probably rent wet at that rate. Maybe buying an airplane before license does not make financial sense in my situation? What do you guys suggest?
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  2. AFlyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Thanks, Akflyer. Jim had a similar comment and wonder if it is really a full MK IV. I will check it out and get more pictures. Is there any specific areas that I should photo? Thanks a lot.
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  3. AFlyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Thanks. Have you seen my PM? Any feedback?
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  4. AFlyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Good point about the insurance! I need to check that out to see if it makes that much sense financially. 
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  5. AFlyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Thanks a lot, Jim. I guess I will have to hold on to it for a while before I can get that price.  I will check on the serial number with the seller.
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  6. AFlyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Marverick? Do you mean Murphy Marverick? That's a cool airplane too. Much respect. Maybe you can at least spare a few minutes to take a peek and help me with some ideas.
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  7. AFlyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Thanks, Edmo.
    I am not concerned about competition. Indeed, if it is on Barnstomer, it is probably seen by everyone who wants to buy anyway.
    What I was concerned is that those pictures were sent to me by the seller through private communication. So I take those pictures are private for my personal consideration only. I feel comfortable to share with my friends who help me with my decision, but not sure if it is fair to the seller to post this on a public forum for everyone (including those who has not registered) to see. I am just respecting the seller's privacy.
    Sort like a dating game, we can talk and share pictures. I may show those to my friends. But to post it on a public forum is different, which I felt a bit uncomfortable to do though we are not talking about a person here.
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  8. AFlyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    I have some pictures that the seller sent me, including one with weight and balance sheet. I am not sure if it is fair to share it in public here. But I can send those in private message to people here who can help me checking if there is something of concern.
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  9. AFlyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Hi Jim, Joey, Vance,
    Thanks so much for the feedback. This forum is so helpful.
    A bit about myself, I am new to flying. I have taken about 8 hours of flight lesson on a Champ so far. I liked low and slow kind of flying, and the idea of being able to land off-field really appeals to me. So I have set my eyes on Avid and Kitfox, and planned to buy one after I got my light sport license on the Champ. Things does not quite go as planned. The champ I am taking lesson on had an accident and is totaled (on ground accident, and luckily nobody is hurt). So I am facing a choice of continuing my lesson on C172 or I am thinking moving my purchase plan forward.
    So here are the aircraft I am considering,
    Since it is in Southern Cal that's fairly close to San Diego, so I have contacted the seller and got some pictures. I am thinking about come up to take a look. I'd love to get some help from you guys. Am I crazy buying an airplane at this stage of learning to fly, or should I go with the C172 to get my license first (it will have to be a private license on C172 and takes longer)? I am mechanically inclined and consider myself pretty handy (being fixing my car for many years, playing around with lathe, mill, etc., built my own CNC router, 3D printers). But for my work schedule, I probably don't have much time to work on the airplane at this time, so I am definitely looking for something ready to fly.
    What I like about this Avid is that it has 4-stroke Jabiru engine, and seems to be in good condition. It is built in 2008, and the seller told me that he is the 3rd owner. 145 hrs is a bit low, but the seller told me that he has another airplane and is looking at getting rid of one. Also, it is close enough that I can trailer it home since I don't have a license to fly it. Your ideas and thoughts are very much appreciated.
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  10. AFlyer added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Checking out an Avid
    Hi there,
    I am interested in an Avid which I found on Internet. I plan to check it out sometime soon. I am mechanically inclined, but I have never built an aircraft, and have never flown an Avid. I plan to bring a pilot friend with me, but he hasn't flown an Avid either, nor is he a builder. The aircraft looks good on photo, and is flying. Is there any particular areas we should pay attention to?
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
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  11. AFlyer added a post in a topic Nearly a giveaway   

    That's a great deal. I am seriously interested. Originally I was planning to buy next year when I get my license, but this is almost too good a deal to pass by. I just send you a message.
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  12. AFlyer added a post in a topic Flight testing   

    Having fun reading this thread. Really cool.
    I am a fellow Californian down south in San Diego. Still new to flying, learning my light sport license now. I have my eyes on Avid, and hope I will get out there. Thanks for the interesting thread.
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  13. AFlyer added a post in a topic Hello from San Diego   

    That's great. I will definitely come here to ask for introductions once I have an airplane to fly.
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  14. AFlyer added a post in a topic Hello from San Diego   

    Hi Mike, thanks a lot for the ideas. I'd love to explore these place once I get my license and a nice little airplane. A lot of great ideas you have mentioned. By the way, I have lived in Wisconsin for a few years. So flying to Oshkosh is definitely one thing on my todo list.
    I have also been looking around and found a nice site called "shortfield". It has a map that has many out of nowhere airports. Unfortunately, almost all of those in California are blank with no information or pilot reports. I hope some one has done something like that for California. There must a lot of guys here who want to explore these places and exchange ideas.
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  15. AFlyer added a post in a topic Hello from San Diego   

    That's cool. I will for sure ask him and everyone here for ideas once I have my airplane to play with. Thanks.
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