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  1. AFlyer added a post in a topic Nearly a giveaway   

    That's a great deal. I am seriously interested. Originally I was planning to buy next year when I get my license, but this is almost too good a deal to pass by. I just send you a message.
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  2. AFlyer added a post in a topic Flight testing   

    Having fun reading this thread. Really cool.
    I am a fellow Californian down south in San Diego. Still new to flying, learning my light sport license now. I have my eyes on Avid, and hope I will get out there. Thanks for the interesting thread.
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  3. AFlyer added a post in a topic Hello from San Diego   

    That's great. I will definitely come here to ask for introductions once I have an airplane to fly.
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  4. AFlyer added a post in a topic Hello from San Diego   

    Hi Mike, thanks a lot for the ideas. I'd love to explore these place once I get my license and a nice little airplane. A lot of great ideas you have mentioned. By the way, I have lived in Wisconsin for a few years. So flying to Oshkosh is definitely one thing on my todo list.
    I have also been looking around and found a nice site called "shortfield". It has a map that has many out of nowhere airports. Unfortunately, almost all of those in California are blank with no information or pilot reports. I hope some one has done something like that for California. There must a lot of guys here who want to explore these places and exchange ideas.
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  5. AFlyer added a post in a topic Hello from San Diego   

    That's cool. I will for sure ask him and everyone here for ideas once I have my airplane to play with. Thanks.
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  6. AFlyer added a post in a topic Hello from San Diego   

    Thanks, Brett. I hope there will still be people who likes "old school" in the future. Other friends I talked to are dreaming about the turboprop bullets. :-)
    I like going to places and have some good time. I read that you can land any place that BLM owns. There are some websites about various wild places one can land, but nothing about California. Maybe we are too crowded/developed here.
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  7. AFlyer added a post in a topic Hello from San Diego   

    That kitfox looks cool, and the sound of the engine is sweet. 
    I know a lot of good airplanes are far away from San Diego, which is in the corner of the map (I need to be careful not to invade Mexico accidentally). That's why I have decided to work for a certificate first. With a certificate in hand, my range of choices would be a lot wider, because I can fly an airplane home myself after I get it. I know that is not a great idea to fly a real long distance on an airplane that I barely know. But with some good planning no rush in schedule, I can manage the calculated risk. I could also drag along some older pilot friends for the trip.
    Anyway, at the rate I am doing it, my LSA certificate is probably a year away from now. Let's worry about it when time comes, and I am sure things will go alright. 
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  8. AFlyer added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    Hello from San Diego
    Hi there,
    I am from San Diego, and I am new to flying.
    For some strange reason, I am always fascinated by the taildraggers for a longest time. So when I started to learn flying recently, I took a path less taken. I wanted a place where I can have my lessons on a taildragger (instead of a Cessna 152). After some research, I found one that is less than one hour from where I live, and now I am starting my lessons on a Champ (with no electricity). That's really cool! And my instructor is an wonderful gentleman who is in his late 80s (!!!) and he is as sharp as ever. Talking about classic old school!
    My plan is to get to my light sports certificate in the next year. And I am looking at getting a Avid / Kitfox to fly around. I have been reading about airplanes for years. It took a lot of time for me to analyze the mission I want to do, I am fairly convinced that it needs to be a taildragger. Avid / Kitfox seems to fit that perfectly.
    That's it for now. I will see you guys from time to time. If you happen to know anyone who has an Avid / Kitfox for sell, I would definitely love to know about it.
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