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  1. 500helicrazy added a post in a topic Propellers   

    Where are you located? 
    I have a 72" 2-blade warp on my Model IV Kitfox, 80hp 912, and I'm only getting 1050 fpm climb at 5500 rpm solo with half fuel, and 90 mph at 5000 rpm. Wondering if the Ivo will do better. Would like to pick it up and put an IFA retrofit, as I hear nothing but good performance from them on a setup likemine. 
    Jared in NC 
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  2. 500helicrazy added a post in a topic 912, Late Kitfox Weights and ??? Parts   

    I'm confused, did the regulators and filters ever get sold or shipped? If not, I will send you a check tomorrow for the filters and 912 regulator, as I think mine went out the other day....
    Jared in NC 
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