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  1. Kekkuli added a post in a topic Some unedited two stroke music   

    Impressive scenery, nice video clips. Not so many emergency landing spots there. A bit intimidating emergency-wise...
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  2. Kekkuli added a post in a topic Mk IV wing-fold time   

    Do you have a special trailer to tow you a/c? I've got Avid Mk IV with a trailer made for it. The wingfold is not the biggest job, it's the load/unload and securing the a/c to the trailer. And as Av8r3400 stated, the trailer will be quite large object to tow. Altought I towed the a/c around 1000 km when I initially bought it, I'm not convinced that travelling on top of trailer is good for the plane in long run, e.g. tail weel spring has quite hard job... I second that getting some hangar space at the airport.... That's what I do with my bird.

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  3. Kekkuli added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Randolp's system with ceconite
    Hello everybody,

    I've got my exported Avid Flyer registered and almost ready to fly (just in process to send paperworks forward)...

    I succeeded to spill some petrol to the wing surface. I quickly wiped it away but the paint seemed
    to be more pale afterwards. Later I realized that the paint was partly removed from the area.

    Should Randolph's painted ceconite be so sensitive to spilled petrol or is it only that stuff they sell here in
    Finland as a petrol (having ethanol, ethers & stuff like that in it...) that makes it so effective solvent?

    Do you have similar experiences about this?

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  4. Kekkuli added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Painting of the A/C
    Does anybody have experience using some other brand paint on the top of Randolph colored buturate? It seems there isn't resale in Finland for those Randolph paint products.

    In this problem, I have to paint over old foreign register markings and paint Finnish register markings instead. Unfortunately can of original color paint that came with the planr was not enough for the job.
    So if anybody knows what else can be used without worrying consequencies (ie. possible reaction between old and new paint...)

    The original surface is heat shrinked fabric (is that dacron or ceconite) painted with Randolph buturate dope...
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  5. Kekkuli added a post in a topic Fuel gauge   

    Spruce sells kind of connector pipe that goes through rubber bushing. No nuts or any other means to secure that in the place. If the thing leaks, fuel flows on your lap.... I kind a
    don't like the idea. I'll ask from kitfoxaircraft next... Thanks.
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  6. Kekkuli added a post in a topic Fuel gauge   

    I see. Everything is so controlled here in Finland. I have registered my avid to flied with PPL (cheap way to keep the license). It is possible to register it
    later to be ultralight...

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  7. Kekkuli added a post in a topic Fuel gauge   

    So I did understand you correctly. No doubt it works but I'm pretty sure that Finnish CAA wouldn't accept that kind of system.
    I think they (CAA) requires a level or amount indication of each gasoline tank!

    Thanks anyhow.

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  8. Kekkuli added a post in a topic Fuel gauge   

    Hello Michel,

    I didn't quite get it. Do I understand this correctly if I say that you are suggesting of counting fuel consumption thus getting fuel level in tanks by calculating how much is used in certain time?
    If so, I think this wouldn't work in real life where you don't necessarily start every time with full tanks!

    I propably missed something in here.

    If I decide to go with the sight gauge option, how to connect a line to the gasoline tank made of fiberglass?

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  9. Kekkuli added a post in a topic Fuel gauge   

    That's exactly how it has been originally done in my plane. The problem is that fiberglass has become wery dirty & dark and is quite impossible to see fuel level through it. I also thought whether sanding do the trick but I don't know if the surface turns in to be "scratched" (and make the wall of tank thinner)!

    Finnish CAA has quite strict about this. Anybody installed sight gauge to fiberglass inboard edge of the wing?

    Also if I have understood correctly some Piper Cubs etc. have used mechanical fuel gauge (Spruce id 05-16700) but I have no idea if they have had a tank made of metal (aluminum etc.).
    I wonder if sealing of the thing can be done properly with fiberglass wall...

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  10. Kekkuli added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Fuel gauge
    Hello guys,

    What kind of solutions you've got for fuel metering in your Avids?

    Here in Finland it is required to have fuel indication of both (wing) tanks if they have a separate feed...

    I have a Avid Flyer with tanks made from fiberglas (one in each wing root).

    I tought first to add a sight gauge but how to build tank fitting (and be sure that it won't leak ).

    From Spruce I found something called fuel flow elbow and a rubber fitting for it (so that having a hole and that rubber fitting placed in it
    and that fuel flow elbow to it?)? I think I'm missing something here... Sounds a little err... not too secure...

    Any help much appreciated,

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  11. Kekkuli added a post in a topic Avid flyer rigging bungee suspension   

    Ok. I'll try that. Thanks.
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  12. Kekkuli added a post in a topic Avid flyer rigging bungee suspension   

    Thank you, very much.

    I just noticed that I ordered 1/2" bungee from Spruce instead of that 3/8"... I wonder if it fits and if so, would 6 loops per side be enough?

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  13. Kekkuli added a post in a topic Avid flyer rigging bungee suspension   

    That would be great.
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  14. Kekkuli added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Avid flyer rigging bungee suspension
    Hello All,

    I've got my Avid Flyer maintenance finally started. Now I wonder about how people actually set the bungee cord to the plane?
    I bought 1/2" bungee cord. It seems to be quite sturdy thing.....

    I read a thread from this site telling about required number of loops to get appropriate suspension to the landing gear. That was good thread but how do you
    fasten bungees to the landing gear? In my plane (original setting?) some kind of clamps (looks aluminium?) has been used to squeeze cords together to form a loop in the ends of the cord.
    Where to get those clamps or any suggestion to do the job by using other technique?

    Any suggestion?

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  15. Kekkuli added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Landing gear bungee / shock cord
    It seems that the shock cord used for her landing gear shows signs of age. Just looking it, tt seems to be just
    long cord of bungee wrapped around.

    Do you use ready made shock rings (e.g. from Spruce) or just buy bungee cord somewhere?
    If ready made rings, what size would fit best?

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