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  1. Jacobwragsdale added a post in a topic Belly pan   

    Fantastic this does help !! Looks like I will have to get a few small squares of fabric to cover what was supposed to be already covered and just fab a simple belly pan 
    Ps On a side note 1avidflyer we need to talk about your choice of coffee LOL
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  2. Jacobwragsdale added a post in a topic Belly pan   

    The cowl i have seems to have triangle tabs on the side's where the cowl stops short and covering stops short. almost like the belly pan should cover this( ill try to find a picture )  
    I Think The belly pan should cover this but Im not sure 
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  3. Jacobwragsdale added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    Belly pan
    I bought a partially completed Avid Mark IV and am in need of a belly pan.  It wasn't included in the sale.  Any idea where i might find one or at least the drawings so I can make one?
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