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  1. FoxDB added a post in a topic Another dumb question   

    Kitfox 1, 13600 @ 300fpm Arctic Sparrow mixture control
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  2. FoxDB added a post in a topic Bad fuel line warning   

    I believe your tygon tubing is Vinyl Tubing because I have seen the same thing. I now use Urethane tubing from snowmobile shop (blue stuff). Caution never use Urethane tubing in a coolant line the hot coolant degrades it quickly I have seen 2 cases of failure 1 lead to a forced landing!
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  3. FoxDB added a post in a topic Takeoff and Landing styles   

    Well all comments were very good. Now to change the subject slightly. I watched a demo years ago of a super cub doing cross controlled one wheel landings and switching from one wheel to the other. I had to try it which I did first in a C150 just had to keep the nose wheel from touching. I later did it in my Kitfox 1 which was easier. I was showing off (now you know where this is headed) with a rider one day doing this. I herd a scraping noise. The right droop wing tip lost a little fiberglass. DON'T Try this at home. Hey these are toys aren't they!
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  4. FoxDB added a post in a topic Hurst Airheart 150 brake calipers   

    I had them on my model 1 before I built my bush gear. The only problem I had was a shacking of the puck when it was worn a bit. The only other problem is puck replacement availability.
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  5. FoxDB added a post in a topic Blocking off the Oil Injector 582   

    First off with help from my neighbor (who builds exhaust systems and parts for Rotax Rick) I converted a 670 for my Kitfox. We did not use oil injection. You also need to plug the injection nipples. We just put a dab of solder in each they can also be pinched off.
    The engineer issue is close to my heart. I worked as a tooling and equipment designer at Thiokol for 31 years. The operations folks saw me as an engineer. Thou I was was not degreed I worked as an engineer. The biggest issue was being able to understand what was really needed. Yes people are human. But bad mouthing usually comes from not understanding each others point of view.
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  6. FoxDB added a post in a topic New gear   

    At least there is a horizontal tube between the cabane mounts. This should help save your longerons.
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  7. FoxDB added a post in a topic Stator problem again?!?   

    Hey Joey for what it is worth a Friend and neighbor of mine has the snowmobile stator rewound to have 2 ignition circuits as the 582 does but uses snowmobile CDIs, Triggers and coils. The spark is much hotter and it starts easier. He just put one on a 720 (Big Bored 670). The problem is alot of radio interference and alot of shielding is required. Just a thought as Snowmobile Parts are cheaper.
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  8. FoxDB added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    Jetting a Rotax 670
    I am installing a Rotax 670 in my Kitfox 1. It currently has the Arttic Sparrow Mixture control system installed that I was using on the 582. I would like to use it on the 670 but manuals say a different needle jet and needle are to be used. I could change the needle jet but it would be very difficult to change the needle as it is soldered in to allthread. Has anyone tried this and could advise me?
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  9. FoxDB added a post in a topic Provision 8 Case Dimensions   

    I don't like to ask someone for information so I can do myself that which is part of how they make a living. So does anyone on this list have this information and is willing to share?
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  10. FoxDB added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Provision 8 Case Dimensions
    Does anyone have a Drawing of the provision 8 case dimensions I could use to machine a 583 or 670 case to accept a "C" Gearbox?
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  11. FoxDB added a post in a topic Avid Flyer Venturi Installation   

    I installed one on my mod 1 Kitfox with an AH and it has worked well. I don,t see a need for DG as GPS works very well for that.
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  12. FoxDB added a post in a topic Jabiru 2200   

    Herman Pahls from the Kitfox list switched from a 532 to a 2200 Jab on his Kitfox model 1 and was disappointed. Switched to a 582 and was much happier. Short field takeoff was the problem due to lower thrust from the smaller prop.
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  13. FoxDB added a post in a topic landing gear position   

    I just remembered the rest of the story. I also went with a taller gear and that increases the moment when braking due to the to the increased arm from ground to vertical CG.
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  14. FoxDB added a post in a topic landing gear position   

    I moved it forward because I did want to improve ability to hard brake with out nose over. However I did not nose over with the old gear.
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  15. FoxDB added a post in a topic landing gear position   

    I am guessing it is a Tailwheel airplane. I would not expect much change but I moved my gear ~2" forward on my KF1.
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