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  1. fr3dcat added a post in a topic looking for a speedwing rib   

    Modifying the originals is not off the table by any means.  I am approaching this with caution because airfoils can be tricky. (i.e. pitching moment, center of lift, controllability).  There is plenty of experience out there with the existing speedwing and KF airfoils.  I was not aware of the files in the forms section.  They were of great help.
    So my question is how did the airplane fly with the undercamber heavy hauler rib modified with to mimick the Riblett with the flatter slightly curved bottom and leading edge extension?
    Did it change the pitch?  Stall speeds ok and controllability ok?
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  2. fr3dcat added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    looking for a speedwing rib
    I am looking building a set of speed wings for my Avid Mk IV s/n 1492.  In 94 I built my heavy hauler wings with the fiberglass tanks that came apart and contaminated my fuel, then I went to the poly tanks but there is a lot of unuseable fuel etc. etc.
    Does anybody have a speedwing rib I can trace or can somebody do a full wing trace?  My plan was to draw the airfoil on CAD and waterjet cut the rib centers, make a wing jig and glue up the cap strips.
    Anybody help?
    Tim Morris
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