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    Hey guys, sorry it’s been a crazy past few days...My 8-10 year goal is to own two airplanes (guess we will see how realistic that actually is lol) We have an 11 year old that should be headed to college in 6-7 years, and ultimately I would like something comfortable and fast for cross country, be able to visit him for the weekend, just be able to travel with my wife, or travel as a family. I have always loved Mooney’s, and I feel like an m20f or similar would really fit that desire. I would like something smaller in the near future, something for airport hopping or popping around the state, something that just my son and I or my wife and I can enjoy, something with the ability for short field work. I feel as though a kitfox or avid would best fit that desire. Something that I can be more a part of. I am very interested in an rx1 or apex engine and what is involved with fitting one.
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    I couldn’t agree more, being the man and husband that my wife needs takes constant effort on my part! I meant that the focus of time and money this past year was preparing for our wedding. I did marry the best possible woman for me, who is very understanding and supportive of my hobbies and interests. (I tried to enter the marriage with as many toys as possible, but just couldn’t quite sneak an airplane in before the big day! Helps that I have been talking about it since we started dating though! Lol) 
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    Wait! Are you saying I may not be the only one?! And I thought I was special...lol
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    Southeast Wisconsin
    Good morning everyone, Mike here. (Was just starting to feel creepy lurking without introducing myself). I’m a little northwest of Milwaukee. No plane or even license yet, but working on getting things organized and hopefully starting on at least the license soon. (Married 13 weeks now, and that took up the majority of my time this past year). I am very interested in either an avid or a kitfox for my first plane (wife told me she was on board with that idea), and just wanted to say that I really appreciate the site and the knowledge contained within. Thanks for letting me lurk...
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