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  1. Brodstol added a post in a topic LEAF Shipping Cost   

    Just a follow up, I put in another order yesterday before I got the invoice for the original order and it too was shipping UPS. I talked with customer service and they changed it to USPS so I think I'll be using the USPS option for now on. It'll be interesting to see what the shipping charge will be. 
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  2. Brodstol added a post in a topic Remote mounting the 582 muffler   

    The powdercoat looks nice!
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  3. Brodstol added a post in a topic LEAF Shipping Cost   

    Yeah maybe I need to use USPS option next time. I personally don't like talking on the phone so I prefer online ordering. They need to communicate better on their website the shipping options i.e. CPS or practically any other online retailer. What frustrates me the most is that I know they could've shipping my package cheaper but opted to go the convenient, easy route with UPS.
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  4. Brodstol added a post in a topic LEAF Shipping Cost   

    Just checked California Power Sports and now this is more like it...

    Leading Edge has the best prices it seems from CPS and Lockwood at least for my 582 goodies but I think I'm losing out on any savings and then some if I have to pay premium UPS shipping costs.
    Sorry for the rant, it just really shocked me when I got the invoice with my shipment today.
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  5. Brodstol added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    LEAF Shipping Cost
    So I ordered some gaskets and small parts from Leading Edge Airfoils which weighed less than two pounds which was shipped in a box the size of a shoe box. I was charged $25 for shipping and handling using UPS! What's worse is that they don't give any quote/estimate of how much shipping will cost. Anybody find a way around this? They give USPS as an option but I didn't choose it since it seemed like there'd be hidden fees in using something other than their "preferred" shipper. I love their website and selection but man I'll have to look elsewhere if this is unavoidable.
    For reference here's what they say on the website:
    DELIVERY (STANDARD GROUND): Most orders are shipped UPS Ground and require a street address and a daytime phone number, unless it is more economical to ship USPS. Delivery of items in stock normally takes three to five business days. Shipping costs for orders are calculated using actual UPS shipping charges, plus a $3.00 handling fee per order. An additional $10.50 fee applies to propellers and oversized shipments. Please note the maximum weight per package for UPS destinations is 150 lbs. Maximum size is 165" length and girth combined (once down and once around the package). Oversize designations are given for packages with combined length and girth exceeding 84" (and less than 30 lbs.) and also 108" (and less than 70 lbs.). There are additional charges for Oversize packages. UPS also charges a $10.50 handling fee for packages measuring over 60" in length. Propellers typically incur the $10.50handling fee.
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  6. Brodstol added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

    This'll be fun! Just taking a shot in the dark at 555 lbs. Good luck everyone!
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  7. Brodstol added a post in a topic CONTRIBUTIONS TO KEEP SITE GOING   

    I sent a little something through Paypal, thanks Leni!
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  8. Brodstol added a post in a topic Mass balance Counterweights for KF1   

    So I called Kitfox today and they said they don't have any Model 1-4 parts in stock and that everything is special order. The new style counterweights are $160 for a set. So it looks like I'll be doing some modifying to make them work, no biggie.
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  9. Brodstol added a post in a topic Mass balance Counterweights for KF1   

    Yeah I'm planning on doing that, I'll let you know what they say.
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  10. Brodstol added a topic in Kitfox I   

    Mass balance Counterweights for KF1
    I posted on Team Kitfox and didn't get a response. I found someone selling a mass balance counterweight set. However it looks like it's designed for the symmetrical flaperon and would need to be reworked to fit my flat bottom flaperons. Would this be advisable? Any idea how expensive they'd be from Kitfox directly? When I looked at the SB it was $90 in 1990's dollars.
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  11. Brodstol added a post in a topic Kitfox 2 exhaust system   

    What was wrong with the old one? Zadwit, did you buy that KF2 over in Eastern WA? I live in Wenatchee and am working on getting my new KF1 project off the ground. HIt me up sometime, us newbies gotta stick together.
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  12. Brodstol added a post in a topic mushrooms   

    I like that camera angle, I'll have to try it once I get up in the air
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  13. Brodstol added a post in a topic 582 blue head or grey head?????   

    Here's what Rotax Rick has to say about the Blue vs Grey I'm in the process of rebuilding a grey 582. You can essentially make all the blue head mods on a grey head i.e. ceramic rotary shaft seal, thermostat, etc. I'm still going stock on my grey head just knowing that I'll need to leave time for adequate warm up and no "shock" cooling while in flight to prevent seizure. Also the rotary shaft seal can still be the original rubber seals you'll just need to run Dex Cool which is phosphate and silicate free to prevent the seals from eroding.
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  14. Brodstol added a post in a topic WTB LH Kitfox Landing Gear   

    Still weighing my options, thanks
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  15. Brodstol added a post in a topic WTB LH Kitfox Landing Gear   

    No problem, I'm in no big hurry. Praying the treatments go well.
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