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  1. Columbus added a post in a topic Well I'm back..... Video shows importance of pre flights   

    I ride old motorcycles known as a Shovelhead Harley, these are known for losing a boot to carb seal and sucking air in this turning the rear piston to sand! (Ask me how I know! C’mon...ask) I’m really glad to see you got back down the right way. I will be adding dropping the upper cowl and checking my carbs to the preflight- I’ve been just reaching in and wiggling - I’ll be changing that to more aggressive maneuvers 
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  2. Columbus added a post in a topic HOw to bend the gear   

    DAYUM! Think you for giving me more reasons to have sleepless nights! Very good to read that you were not hurt (other than aybe some pride) and for once again reinforcing the lessons my CFI kept pounding into my head, “Stabilized approach”....”STABILIZED approach”....dang it Columbus, “STABILIZED APPROACH”
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  3. Columbus added a post in a topic Selling aircraft/widow's liability   

    Not an A&P or even close however, I have over the years probably built over 100 motorcycles. When I  say built, I do mean BUILT. I have my own frame jig and at one time had a full machine shop with engine building capabilities. I have been taken to court twice by people who thought they had me (they were stupid or had momentary stupidity with less than stellar results and were quite certain they had a payday coming...One purchaser tried to jump a 9’ chopper over a Dodge Neon)
    ALL I did (on advice of an attorney) was to include on the BOS was to include, “This is an amateur built vehicle and doesn’t not conform to industry standards. There are no warranties either expressed or implied and purchaser accepts full responsibility for this vehicle” should sound somewhat familiar to anyone here.... for good reason.
    It won’t stop some @hole from suing yet it is HIGHLY effective in keeping them from winning.
    The bike is the last one I built- I rode her for 10years before I sold her to buy my Avid

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  4. Columbus added a post in a topic NSI Subaru E-81 (118 HP) for sale   

    Stand by....
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  5. Columbus added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Tailwheel tightening
    Morning Gang!
    Today’s question hails from the aft end of my plane....When my friend flew the plane down from Cambridge he noted that the tail wheel (Maule design) felt like it was rather easy to go into “cantering” mode rather than stay locked up. So I’ve researched how to rebuild it. My CFI the other day suggested I physically lock the tailwheel (no caste ring AT all) and I see the benefit to this. The 25¢ question is how to do this without ruining the assembly? I could just drill a hole a pass a bolt through it yet I feel like there has got to be a better way that I am just not seeing. I think I’ve read most of the forums comments about locking tailwheel sandy just haven’t found the answer..TIA
    PS- I’ve been HS taxiing in the plane... oooooooh, I like it, I like it a LOT! Can’t wait till Tom Mullally gets back from his dive for more lessons
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  6. Columbus added a post in a topic We Got The Pinks   

    Very exciting to see that plane of Tom’s come together while he’s been teaching me! I’m dying to see that bird in the air!
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  7. Columbus added a post in a topic Spring Loaded Avid Nosegear attachment 4 Sale   

    Hey Cap’n-
    Did Chris pick this up? If not...I’ll take it
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  8. Columbus added a post in a topic 582 alignment tool   

    I can’t speak for the 582 but the exhaust manifold trick work great on 503s!
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  9. Columbus added a post in a topic Broken Flaperon pivot point   

    While I agree, in a perfect world, I’d be stripping the fabric off, making aluminum side plates, hysol or JB weld them in place and use offset mechanical fasteners (which IS what I’ll do at some point) I’m thinking that making a lamination with perhaps .020 aluminum and adhesive with a couple of rivers should be an excellent stop-gap until that time. Thanks to all for inputs and help!
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  10. Columbus added a post in a topic Broken Flaperon pivot point   

    I love this place! You guys just saved me again!
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  11. Columbus added a post in a topic Left flaperion hinge failure.   

    That’d be awesome. I really DONT wanna have to recover the wings!
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  12. Columbus added a post in a topic Left flaperion hinge failure.   

    Exactly! My CFI has a KF4 (early model) with the wide hinge plates riveted to the upper and lower surfaces. No such material on the AVID hince my thought about making a lamination of aluminum on either side of the TE tips. 
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  13. Columbus added a post in a topic Left flaperion hinge failure.   

    Holy buckets! I am really glad to read this and know you’re ok!
    I would ask the forums help in understanding the reinforcement issue. I’ve checked and it would appear that my rib tips (AVID MKIV HH) are not reinforced but are simply the extension of the rib as originally designed. They are painted so I will be scrapping some paint, GENTLY, on my next trip outntonthe field. If I pm reading the SB correctly, that would look like the aluminum pieces are riveted to the top and bottom of then rib face...that about right? Could one just laminate some aluminum to the rib tip itself? Say JB WELD on a well prepped surface and the cross rivet it at odd intervals?
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  14. Columbus added a post in a topic GLUING RIBS   

    I just saw this...let me give it a whirl based on my limited knowledge....Yes. I write that with the thought that if done correctly it should be all those things. As a former machinist and somebody who makes a living in the medical industry, good work is rarely not all if done correctly.
    Let’s take the application of glues/epoxies/adhesives. Even application will yield the best adhesion and cleanest “look” as well. Excess glue globs are never a good idea. And can apply strain to an underlying or adjoining piece where it might not be stressed for and cause that piece to break.
    How’d I do?
    TIA for ALL I’ve learned so far and so much to go
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