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  1. Columbus added a post in a topic The Marine Aviator   

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  2. Columbus added a post in a topic Foot notes and side notes   

    FOUND IT! 
    I know that was stupid , I just could NOT put my finger on it. Pretty obvious once I saw it though. I appreciate all the help
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  3. Columbus added a post in a topic Foot notes and side notes   

    Go to profile, edit profile...don’t see a signature line. I know this is dorky...thanks for understanding
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  4. Columbus added a topic in Forum How-to's   

    Foot notes and side notes
    How does one ad a foot note to the profile? I’ve tinkered around for an hour and just can’t seem to figure it out.
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  5. Columbus added a post in a topic Pre-buy inspection in Grey Eagle, MN   

    Well...funny thing about this’s mine now! Sorry Chris.....ok, not really!  I would have been leery too with that sorta distance. For me it was a 4° road trip one way and well worth it. I will not disclose what I paid for it was considerably less than asking.
    For the most part- she’s a solid little plane that seems to handle exceedingly well (I am brand damn new so talent that with a HUGE grain of salt). The coolant was GREEN....yeah, swapped that out. A great friend and mentor is building a heater for me. It had the FW manifold for the one off the starboard radiator however, there was no ducting for the radiator or air tube...cold ride to say the least for my pilot friend. 
    I plan to sort out the little issues over the winter and my CFI for SP is also a CFI for TW. I’m looking forward to many years in her
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  6. Columbus added a post in a topic Avid wide/ tall gear install from mark IV on c model   

    Machinist - what was the final outcome on this? I don’t seem to find a completion post
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  7. Columbus added a post in a topic SuFu howdy!   

    When I started this mission a few months ago, the man most instrumental in getting me going (Micheal Robbins) said, “you need to define your mission and then decide on a ship from there.”
    Well- at the time the mission was to get into the air. That has morphed a little. I started and, continue to fly Challengers (CHII specifically) and while I can land mine in a couple of hounded feet and take off in less...they’re not really meant to do that in scrub or river bank. Hence- the recently acquired Avid HH. I’ve had a few TD lessons (one from my CFI and a couple from friends in TC and a PA11....Fun!) yet, I am REALLY looking forward to this AVID. 
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  8. Columbus added a post in a topic SuFu howdy!   

    ha- I think it was Lincoln who wrote “don’t beleive everything you read on the internet! Pocahontas- love it !!! LOL 
    So far, I’ve spent quite a bit of time just reading the posts. Really like the forum. I have been utterly amazed at the open welcomeness (is that a real word?) in the flying community. Yes, I’ve gotten some good natured ribbing here and there yet, for the most part it’s been truly great! 
    Well- other than some of my GA friends asking when I’ll get a “real” plane...hell, why would I do that when I can have two “toy” planes!
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  9. Columbus added a post in a topic Going to be in OSH April 2018   

    As luck would have it- there is a distinct possibility that I’ll be in the area. My Mother and Sisters in laws live there and I am pretty sure we’re suppose to be there for somebody’s birthday. Would love to listen to the lies!
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  10. Columbus added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    SuFu howdy!
    Not wanting to be rude, I’ll introduce myself. 
    New flyer. Got the bug in 1979 in HS and the life occured! About a year ago my FABTASTIC wife, knowing of my wants, suggested I get after I DID. I will admit that she was  ore than a little miffed when she came back from vacation and found a GT400 in the garage! That moved up to a Challenger II and now has a HH as a hanger mate. 
    I look forward to the continuous learning curve that comes with flying and will dig around in the back ground reading and learning as things develop. 
    Y’all take care
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