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    I like the suggestions that have been coming in. 
    It has been a whirlwind week or two, but I managed to snag a little time and administer some TLC to the old girl. We took it down to the wash rack and gently brushed her delicate skin with some soft brushes and clean water. Brought her back to the hangar and proceeded to vacuum every nook and cranny and give a good look over. The sound insulation tacked to the firewall has totally turned to dust and necessitated several passes with the shop vac. Same with the engine cowl seals. Most of the fuel lines have hardened and shrunk, but we expected to replace them anyway. The family has located his build manuals and photos which I'm anxious to get and pore over.
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    LOL! You posted while I was replying to EDMO. Now you have piled the guilt on me!
    As sad a situation as it may seem to you, the donors were considering parting the plane out to eliminate future liability. She may not fly again, but at least she's not being torn to pieces.
    Our other aircraft include a Piper Cherokee 260, Grumman Yankee, Cessna 310 (U-3B), King Air, a LongEZ (in parts), and two Cessna 172; one with a Continental (Thielart) diesel motor mounted and the other in rebuild.

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    Thank you, EDMO. I know how you feel about it not flying again, but she'll be more useful for the greater good as an instructional aid. In addition to our A&P program, we also hold a Light Sport Repairman course every summer and trying to line up an LSA for students to work on can be frustrating. Having our own aircraft to use for instruction takes a LOT of stress off me.
    It would be nice to install our 912ULS for use in the Rotax Service/Maintenance courses we hold the week prior to LSARM classes, but if that happens it will be farther down the line.
    While I'm here I should add a little more info about me and the plane:
    - My name is Keith and I'm the instructional assistant for our AMT program. I did 28 years in Naval aviation, retired and said I never wanted to see another airplane for as long as I lived. Six years later I got my A&P and by shear luck ended up here doing a job I absolutely love!
    - Avid Flyer C, SN 663, Rotax 582LC. The data plate SN for the engine has six digits, but my research thus far says it is supposed to be seven. Going to have to look into that.
    - Not sure if a 3-bladed Warp Drive prop is considered a mod, but I was happy to find one installed! 
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    Blue Ridge Community College
    Hello from Virginia! We're a small community college with an A&P program and a gentleman called a few weeks ago asking if we would be interested in an Avid Flyer. Honestly, my reaction wasn't exactly overly exuberant since storage is already at a premium with five aircraft tied out on the line and numerous fuselages, wings, and other large parts crammed in any available space. He went on to say the aircraft was complete and flying right up to the day his wife's grandfather pushed it into the downstairs family room approximately 17 years ago. That's nice, but still...then he said it came with a trailer and I was all ears!
    We made plans to meet the next day to take a look at what he had and I have to say I was excited! I have been brainstorming with our public relations and other folks for ways to advertise our program and draw more young folks into the aviation field and this seemed to be the perfect platform! My plans are to paint it white with blue stripes and our college logo and then take it to high schools and aviation events in order to increase our presence.
    Attached are a couple pictures that you may enjoy. Believe it or not, after sitting in a field outdoors for over 15 years all I had to do was put tires on the trailer and run new wires to the lights before loading the plane and bringing it back to the hangar. We washed it today and started making a list of items to replace. Although our intentions are to bring it up to airworthy standards, it will be used strictly as an instructional aid and never fly again. 

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