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  1. akflyer added a post in a topic Fuel Line Routing   

    are you using a header behind the seat or under the dash?  
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  2. akflyer added a post in a topic 447 or 503 rotax comeback   

    I think the 63 hp could be promising.  503 specs and hp is pretty much minimum for our birds.  As with any "new" engine only after its been well tested and proven will most people hang one on their bird.
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  3. akflyer added a post in a topic Facet fuel pump   

    I have one for a back up on my Avid, I only use it when needed.  Twice when fuel filters were plugging off it saved my bacon by helping to keep enough fuel flowing to get back on the ground safely.  I keep a close eye on my fuel flow meter and if it gets below what is normal I kick the pump on.

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  4. akflyer added a post in a topic Facet fuel pump   

    Did you experience surging issues with your 670 at take off?  It seems the one in Bobs plane will hold 63-6350 for around 30 seconds or so then it starts surging, if I pull the throttle back to around 6100 it will go all day long.
    I am really impressed with the 670 at sea level but still have a few bugs to work out on it.

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  5. akflyer added a post in a topic Conumdrum..............   

    Not sure if Texas tail dragger still does the STC for the 150 taildragger or not.  It was a popular one that I know many have used.
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  6. akflyer added a post in a topic 912 installation in a Model C   

    here are some pics of the mount I made for a local AK guy who put a 912 on his MK IV Avid as well as the exhaust and radiator mount.  

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  7. akflyer added a post in a topic Done getting bit in the ASS by toe brakes   

    I have my toe brakes angles slightly forwards.  I have never had an issue of getting on the brakes unless I wanted to.  
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  8. akflyer added a post in a topic I need a Kitfox 4 wing rib   

    I am going to set up the CNC router when I get home to bang out a couple sets of these.  After flying the KF IV for Bob I think I might love this wing.  Plan is to rebuild the Avid and Coyote wing with this airfoil.

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  9. akflyer added a post in a topic Lycoming   

    My pacer has 160 HP 0320 on it and its been run on pump gas for YEARS.  You really don't have to worry about not being able to run pump gas till you hit 180 HP.

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  10. akflyer added a post in a topic Goats are crazy   

    would be nice if they stayed that low for ya!  No clue on the bird.  Helio maybe?
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  11. akflyer added a post in a topic ISO 582 mount for Avid   

    He is referring to the mount on the right in the picture that was posted that takes the rubber donuts 
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  12. akflyer added a post in a topic Washout... teach me!   

    As I have stated before, I am pretty sure that Dean did his best to build an idiot proof plane so we could build them in the garage then learn to fly in our creation.  While all that washout might help a new pilot from becoming a smoking hole in the ground, I truly believe that it also makes us leave a lot of performance on the table.  For someone that is a competent pilot and pays attention to flying the airplane first and foremost, I think taking A LOT of the washout out of the wing will make it a better performing bird.  If your one that likes to haphazardly fly and just kind of meander around the sky, leave it as is.

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  13. akflyer added a post in a topic hershey bar wings   

    On Randys wings he moved the strut attach point further out and I welded up new struts for him to make them longer.  He also increased the size of the spar stiffeners if I remember correctly.
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  14. akflyer added a post in a topic ISO 582 mount for Avid   

    Should be an easy mod on the mount that Snaps has then.  The 582 will get you more useful load than the VW for sure and it will be an entirely different airplane.
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  15. akflyer added a post in a topic Washout... teach me!   

    It depends on what you have in the wing now and what "spec" your bird was built to.  Over the years the amount of washout has gone from almost 2" to .5".  If it was me, I would be building with no more than .5" of washout if I could do it.  You are limited to how much you MAY be able to take out by the way the ribs are glued in, the tank fastened in and if you have adjustment on each side.  In the days of model airplanes we would twist the wing to put more or less in and hold it while we hit it with the heat gun to shrink the wrinkles in the covering.  The covering would then hold it in place.  
    I am going to attempt to take some of the washout from my Avid wing by making new struts from the rear lift struts from a PA-18 (streamlined tubing) and putting adjustment on both rear legs so I can crank out a bit of the twist.  I can do it by hand and pull some out so I think I can get away with treating it pretty much like a model airplane and hitting the fabric wrinkles with the heat gun.  If not, I will rebuild the wings and extend them and take out the 1.750" washout that is in it now.
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