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  1. akflyer added a post in a topic 6" matco main wheels   

    What tires are you putting on them?  I have spacers for them as well if your going to be running bushwheels.  If your just running a normal tire you wont need the spacers.  150 bucks shipped without the spacers??  Let me know what you thinking.

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  2. akflyer added a post in a topic 1st flt Avid - impressions   

    No need to ask mr, use it and abuse it.  You can remind the students that if they would like to get lucky it would serve them well to stop stepping on the ladies toes while dancing.  Besides that. being that nervous is going to lead to premature ground loops.. No man wants that!

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  3. akflyer added a post in a topic Bush Trimming Alaska Style   

    Looks to me like jeff does pretty well rolling over bushes with the 26".. with video proof to boot! 

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  4. akflyer added a post in a topic Rear view camera   

    I think at that point in the pattern I would be more worried about looking ahead than behind.  LOL.  A couple round mirrors on the jury strut would do just as much for a quick glance as another distraction in the cockpit.  Tower should be the ones worried about traffic separation if its that busy.  Good reporting goes a long ways at in towered airports.  It is hard enough to pick out traffic with your own eyes when your scanning the sky looking for them, I don't see a back up cam having good enough resolution to really help you out.  I could be dead wrong though!

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  5. akflyer added a post in a topic How much do 26/27/29/31 inch tires slow you down   

    When I went from 22" nanco tires to 30" airstreaks and there was not a huge difference in cruise.  Maybe 5 MPH or so.  There was a HUGE difference in climb!  Like I was lucky to be able to get 500 FPM solo on a good day. 
    Unless you are running a 912 or something with lots of power in it I say use the smallest tire you can safely use for your mission.  I went to the 21" aero classic "tundra tire" and for 99% of the flying I do they work great.  If I truly wanted to play in the bigger rocky rivers I would go with the 26" bushwheels.  I think a lot of guys get hung up thinking that big tires will make the plane a great off airport bird.  It is the guy with the stick in his hand that makes the airplane capable, big tires alone don't do it.
    That being said.  Big tires can save lives and airplanes in certain off airport emergency landings.  I know of quite a few that ended up upside down and balled up that had they been on bigger tires they would have walked away with an airplane still in flyable condition.
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  6. akflyer added a post in a topic 1st flt Avid - impressions   

    What can I say.. Gotta put it in terms a man will understand.

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  7. akflyer added a post in a topic It Passed   

    He has a 670 Leni killer in it.  Test flights next week when I get home!

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  8. akflyer added a post in a topic Advice with Rotax 2 Stroke training   

    Get the video "deep inside your rotax"  http://homebuilthelp.com/New_Rotaxengine.htm
    I think you will get just as much or more out of this as you will out of the rotax class.  You wont get a certificate of completion but you will have something you can review over and over if you need it.  Or better get, get the video and watch it then attend the class and get your certificate.  The class will make much more sense once you have watched the video and you have a really good idea of what the hell your looking at and what they are talking about.

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  9. akflyer added a post in a topic 1st flt Avid - impressions   

    I say your flaps are fine for now.  Until you really get a feel for your bird, the flap down 15 at full stick deflection will never allow you to get into a control reversal situation.  Where the drag of the down flap overcomes the roll input of the up flaperon and you bingo, the nose rapidly swings the opposite direction and you crap your pants.
    These planes were designed and set up a bit conservative by Dean.  The thought and dream was for a guy to build a plane in his garage and learn to fly in his creation.  Keeping this in mind, he kind of tried to keep it idiot proof and tame.  What happens when you build something idiot proof.. well WE DO!  yes, we make a better idiot  .
    So the design has evolved from a knock around the local area slow flying forgiving airplane to us wanting the cheapest plane we can get our hands on and seeing just how far we can push it.  In pushing it we have figured how to add at least 100 pounds to the empty weight, figured out ways to make the same wing area haul more weight and then we decide we want to make this slow draggy airplane go faster, and slower!
    This is the exciting and wonderful world of experimental aircraft.  Where men act like little boys and see how much they can modify a toy and make it do more than it was designed to do. To top it off, it seems to give us great pleasure to do so and we as humans can never seem to just be satisfied with what we have.
    All that being said.. The more flap input you have the more up elevator you need or the larger you need to make the elevator.  If the stick is not in your lap on landing then your leaving some short field performance on the table.  This begs the question... if you have 6000 feet of pavement on the runway do you really need to be landing on the numbers then taxing for a 1/2 mile to turn off..
    As I have said before, before you start tweaking on the plane (other than adjust the rod end to make the wings fly level or adjust CG to make it handle better) put gas through the tanks.  Lots of it.  Make so many turns around the pattern that you can do it without looking at the instruments.  you feel it in your butt and you hear it in your ears with the tone of the engine.  Don't start by trying to focus on making every landing perfectly on the numbers, focus on getting it safely on the ground.  Do not be afraid to use power to arrest sink rate.  Elevator controls speed, power controls sink rate when you are trying to fly precision approaches. (that is kind of an oxymoron in a 600 pound plane but I think you know what I am getting at).  Some destructors will slap your hand if you touch the throttle after you have pulled the power.  This may be good for initial training to make sure you know how to keep the runway within reach in case of a power failure but at this point, we are not in 1st grade anymore, we are the bright and shining know it all 7th graders with something to prove in a new school.
    so here we go.  You are looking down the runway on final.  Is your chosen landing spot staying stationary? sweet!  no, its creeping up the screen, add power.  its slipping down the screen?  pull power.  here we go, nice and steady, your right leg starting to shake a little bit, sweat beading up on your brow, the seat sucked so far up your butt you can take your seatbelt off and stay put in a -10 g wing ripping outside maneuver.  Breathe,  shit, don't forget to do that.  relax, the stick between your legs is just that, its not an ax handle, its not going to fly out of your hand or try to run away from you, relax your grip a bit and enjoy it damnit.  hold what you got with little inputs, little blip on the power here and there, little movement on the stick, your trying to make the moment last, your moms not gonna walk in the room so you don't have to finish so damn quick.
    Keep in your mind that these are high drag airplanes.  Excess speed is going to go away really fast when you pull the power and pull the stick back.  Hold your approach angle and when you start seeing the shadow on the ground reaching up to meet your tires getting smaller and smaller out of the corner of your eye start slowly easing back on the stick.  Add more power if it starts to feel a little sluggish.  keep that going as you see that huge shadow get smaller and smaller until it just kisses your tires and you get that little bump and squeak as the tires grab mother earth again.  YOU ARE NOT DONE YET!  pull the power out and stay ahead of the plane.  dance to the music and let your feet feel the rhythm.  it is amazing how good a white boy can dance when you just relax and let it happen instead of thinking about it.  You have trained for this, you have been doing it your whole life.  You have to stop thinking that there is only one way to do it perfect and just let it flow.  The punk kids sitting  on the side bleachers you think are making fun of you on the dance floor but guess what.  You have your lady on that floor and your smiling while they are just sitting there wanking it wishing they had the ballz to ask a girl to dance..
    She is your lady and she responds very well to your touch.  Take her out dancing and having a good time and you will be rewarded with great feelings and big smiles.  Also keep in mind that no one starts off doing a perfect elegant waltz.  You gotta just get out there and get jiggy with it and learn the waltz.

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  10. akflyer added a post in a topic 6" matco main wheels   

    I can shoot them to you when I get home.  you are talking about the ones for 3/4" axles right?
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  11. akflyer added a post in a topic 6" matco main wheels   

    do you just need the wheels or do you need the brake disks and calipers?  I have a full set that I wont be using anymore since I went to the larger axles but I wont be home to pull them out of the tires until the 8th of August.
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  12. akflyer added a post in a topic Camber   

    Are the rubber hoses on the gear legs where the bungee wraps around? 
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  13. akflyer added a post in a topic Need some compassion...   

    Sucks to see your bird bent up mr.  I am sure you will have her back in the air in no time.  Do you have any pics of the gear failure points?  This is a topic near and dear to me and I like to get all the info I can on it for the bigger better mouse trap I will build.
    I am sure with you video magic you can have the plane repaired and back in the air with just a quick snap of the fingers!

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  14. akflyer added a post in a topic Scouting new Sheep Hunting Spot   

    Me has a very good idea of where you are but I will never tell.  I am too darn fat to be climbing mountains!  You have your work cut out for you mr.  As always, awesome pics Randy!!

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  15. akflyer added a post in a topic Avid Meetin Germany 2018   

    Very cool!  Its all about getting together with friends. 

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