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  1. akflyer added a post in a topic Happy Thanksgiving Avidfoxflyer   

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  2. akflyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    Yes I did look at the pics.  I can't speak about the Jab engine, others here have talked about that.  Looks to me like a C model with MK IV upgrades.  At least the doors are C model doors but it looks to have the speed wing and MKIV cowling and rudder.  I would for sure get it checked out by someone that knows Avids and have an instructor or competent Avid pilot take it for a spin before buying.  The only speed wing I have flown was an extended one and I loved it. 

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  3. akflyer added a post in a topic The life of a Pilot   

    All too true!
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  4. akflyer added a post in a topic want to install HKS700E int Kitfox IV   

    I would make you one if you were closer.  Without an engine to mock up though I would not be to excited to try and fab something that may not be quite right.

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  5. akflyer added a post in a topic Replacing windshield   

    I don't know if I would let anything petroleum based touch the lexan.  One drop of blue Loctite shattered my door in about 5 minutes.  I use plexus or pledge to clean my windows.

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  6. akflyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    insurance?  oh yeah, I forgot, you folks down south can actually afford it.  The premiums I was quoted made me shit my pants then I laughed.  I am not going to pay for a new plane every 5 yrs in premiums..

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  7. akflyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    feel free to shoot me the pics as well and I will look them over.

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  8. akflyer added a post in a topic Mk4 Gross weight   

    I see the baggage door behind the seat.  I think I counted enough ribs to make it a HH but not sure, the eyes are crappy and my glasses are at home
    If the turbulence gets too bad pull the power back and slow her down a bit. 

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  9. akflyer added a post in a topic "beefing up / modifying" structures a BAD idea???   

    When a known failure point is under my ass you can bet I am going to beef it up.  These planes have evolved over the years and yes, one must think about the affects of changes to other areas of the structures.  We are in the world of experimentals and as such, we get to play around in areas that certified guys don't without tons of paperwork etc.  Lots of people build boats who are not marine architects etc.  

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  10. akflyer added a post in a topic Checking out an Avid   

    If you have an instructor willing to teach in your plane it makes the most sense to buy your own plane to learn in.  Why pay rental fee that you will never get back.  The instructor probably will require dual brakes and will have to fly your plane solo for XX hours before he can instruct in said plane unless he already has time in that make and model I think.  I could be wrong, but I know that has been an issue for some in the past.  Either way, I think it was 3-5 hrs the instructor needed when I checked into it for a float rating. 
    As Jim said each looks at a plane differently.  Some may never consider putting a gorilla tape patch on a plane.. I don't have an issue with it   There is a difference between safe to fly and being anally perfect.  Growing up flying here in AK I have seen and flown a lot of really tired beat up planes that most lower 48 pilots would never dream of getting into so my views are a bit skewed.  Bottom line is, I would see if there is an EAA guy in the area that would check it out for you if you cant find another Avid driver close.  I know some damn good AP around here that don't want anything to do with the experimentals because they are just too busy to take the time to learn what is acceptable for an EPX versus the certified they have been dealing with for 40 yrs.  Not that they are scared to work on or fly them, they just don't fully understand us being able to do mods etc without a stack of STC's and red tape they are used to having to deal with. 

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  11. akflyer added a post in a topic Carb Heat Box Failure   

    Glad you got her down safe!  All too often its the little things that get you.  broken exhaust baffles got me in the pacer during a hard climb out with no reserve airspeed.. my outcome was not as nice as yours.
    Thanks for the heads up, much appreciated!

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  12. akflyer added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    I kept my mouth shut yesterday after reading the original post.  Made me think of a buddy of mine who owned the local Arctic cat shop.  When Skidoo came out with the single ply track he talked mad shit about it and how it would fly apart etc.  I got tired of listening to his rants and stopped hanging around the shop.  I told him I don't want to come in here and listen to a rant on what a pile of shit Skidoo and Polaris is, I want you to tell me why AC is better than the competitors.  Low and behold, the next year AC came out with the a single ply track and it was the best thing since sliced bread to him.  Years of him running his mouth about how bad the competition was instead of showcasing the product he sold led to the down fall of his business and loss of the dealership as NO ONE, even his very best of friends wanted to go into the shop and listen to him rant about the other guys, me included. 
    My advise falls in along side most of the guys here.  Keep the technical data coming about your product, keep us updated on real world numbers not what you think works out on paper.  I deal with fixing engineering fuck ups on a daily basis and have to come up with real world solutions that work and result in a code compliant product.  I would love to see the same from you.  Testimonies from actual users of your engine redrive combo, real world numbers on flying hours with said combo.  I don't care one damn bit about paper numbers, they mean absolutely shit, the proof is in the pudding.

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  13. akflyer added a post in a topic Need some gear measurements   

    Thanks for that info.  The gear project stalled out due to various personal issues, but I will run the numbers and see what I come up with.  I am with you on the need to be able to get the tail in the air especially when on skis.  Right now even with full down elevator I cant get the tail off the ground till about 30 MPH.  On skis that sucks ass in a big way!  It also acts like a big anchor flying off the sand beaches.  A larger wider tail wheel is a band aide not a fix. 

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  14. akflyer added a post in a topic Matco Fat Tailwheel trashed   

    The only time I have ever had tailwheel shimmy is when something got loose or the castor angle was too far out of whack.  The spring mounting bolts on the fuse got loose and created a good shimmy on me but that's about it.  I have run with and without springs, compression springs, loose chains, tight chains etc.  Pay attention to the different sized springs and which side you put them on.  using a geared engine you would put them on the opposite side of what you would a conventional engine.
    I do get the tail off the ground ASAP with full down elevator to get the drag cleaned up and accelerate faster.  I also almost never wheel land, I drag it in more often than not 1 point  

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  15. akflyer added a post in a topic lights   

    I would say worst case, you could use a couple relays and have the controller run the relays.  Not sure how they will hold up top constant use but you can get a prewired relay for the lights for around 8 bucks off amazon.  I had originally wired the lights on my side x side direct to the switch but had a flickering issue.  I used the relay and now they don't flicker or trip out on me.  The biggest thing to remember is the load on the stator.. its only 170 watts tops so bear that in mind when sizing your lights. 

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