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  1. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Anyone running a Viking/Honda 110hp engine in a Kitfox or Avid?   

    A guy in the EAA chapter I was in had a Viking 110 in a Sonex that he was building. He was really excited about the engine and was saying the Viking 130 has even more power with similar weight. As Ronin commented though, I think the disadvantage is weight. Isn't the 912 bare engine weight closer to 130 lbs?
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  2. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Latest project. Kitfox 3   

    By the way, the planes are looking great!
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  3. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Latest project. Kitfox 3   

    Ok, the next problem is how are you going to decide which one to fly?
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  4. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Westach Amp gauge   

    The diagram shows the correct way to wire it. I was thinking you were intending to measure the return current through the fuselage to the battery, and that is why the ground wire was connected to the shunt.
    Whatever you do, make sure you protect that positive battery lead. Unfused wires make great arc welders.
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  5. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Westach Amp gauge   

    Looks like something I would do, but I wouldn't post a picture of it for the world to see 
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  6. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Westach Amp gauge   

    Yep. There is no voltage drop across the shunt the way the it is wired. Your fuselage ground should go to the shunt terminal on the right and the battery negative should be connected to the shunt terminal on the left.
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  7. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Wingtip damage repair   

    If you zoom in on the first picture, you can see the cable going through the top of the rib tail. It looks like the aluminum tube in the trailing part of the wing tip bent up and in. He might be able to bend the tube back down but if it bent in as well, there will be less tension on the wire and the whole wing trailing edge will be floppy. He will definitely need to check that before flying again.
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  8. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Wingtip damage repair   

    Here is a picture of the inside of my wingtip. There is also a builders manual in the files section that might help.
    You might be able to bend the tip down and reshrink the fabric, like TJay said.

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  9. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Easy Seat Removal   

    Drum roll...

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  10. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Sorry, another RFI about mk4   

    His push pull tube guides look just like my Model C's guides. I believe the factory used pieces of polyethylene plastic for bushings and a soldering iron to melt the ends to keep the bushing from sliding out. My Model C is also missing some of the bushings. I was thinking about cutting chunks of shampoo bottle and slipping it in with the push pull tube in place.
    My Bandit has the larger diameter guides like what dholly shows in his pictures. I didn't realize the bushings were made out of threaded PVC pipe though.
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  11. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Splicing spars to extend wings   

    Birddog, that's exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for the info!
    I have a wing with a bent spar that I can use for the splices but I didn't have the details on how big the splice needed to be. Now I need to see if I can find a local source for some .083 tubing for the spar extensions and I will be set.
    One more question - Did you increase the wingspan to the standard Avid span or did you go with the longer Kitfox wingspan?
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  12. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Perfoming oil injection delete on Rotax 582?   

    Two things I initially took from this video: this guy has ADD, and an oil injector pump failure sent a rod through his block. 
    After 10 minutes or so of babbling, he explains the cause of the engine failure. The engine was previously starved of oil from someone not purging the air out of the oil pump. Like I have heard others say, these engines are murdered...
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  13. cr125r847 added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Splicing spars to extend wings
    I highjacked another thread a while back and thought it would be best to start a new thread to ask for input. The plane I am working on has an aerobatic speedwing that I would like to extend to either the standard Avid length, or possibly the longer Kitfox wingspan.
    I have discussed this a little with Jim and he had a good idea to use the I beam stiffeners that are available from Just Aircraft as internal splices. I think this would probably work well but I am also thinking about using pieces of old heavy hauler spar that I already have to make internal splice sleeves. What I am thinking is to cut a notch in the length of the spar splice piece so it will slightly collapse and fit inside the spar and then rivet through the spar and the wing extension into the splice sleeve.I remember seeing in an Avid builders manual they did something like this from the factory, I believe on the Magnum and Catalina spars. Does anyone have any details on this like the length and thickness of the spar splice sleeve and the number and spacing of the rivets?
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  14. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Kitfox 4 on Craigslist   

    It is amazing how many are unfinished or neglected and no longer airworthy. There are a lot of good projects turning up and the nice thing is they usually sell fairly cheap.
    By the way, this Craigslist post was deleted so hopefully the Kitfox is going to a good home.
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  15. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Wanted: your broken/dead old ICOM IC-A20 handheld radio   

    Good to hear you tore into it! Now you're on the path to remorse after you spend a day unsuccessfully trying to repair a $0.60 part 
    Honestly though, good luck fixing it. Hopefully you are able to make it work.
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