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  1. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Reregistering in order to get repairmans cert?   

    Build a "new" plane from parts.
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  2. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Avid STOL airfoil -some calculations   

    The pictures that Doug posted are inserted and scaled in my cad drawing. The problem though is a picture taken with an uncalibrated camera and lens will have distortion and will affect the accuracy of the measurements taken off the picture. The drawings that Doug posted are very interesting and show the differences between the airfoils but I wouldn't trust them to recreate wing ribs.
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  3. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Avid STOL airfoil -some calculations   

    Does anyone know which airfoil is used on the Kitfox STi wing? I found this picture posted on another forum where it shows a normal Kitfox rib in front of a STi rib. It would be interesting to see how the STi airfoil compares to the Avid undercambered wing. I'm guessing the undercambered wing would have more lift at slow speeds but much greater drag at high speeds.

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  4. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Avid STOL airfoil -some calculations   

    I don't remember where I found it, but I downloaded a copy of Harry Riblett's book, GA Airfoils. This book has the coordinate points for the GA30U-612 airfoil that is used on the Kitfox.
    Here are the points in an excel doc and a disorganized cad drawing with those points plotted out. I thought I had a drawing with the Avid undercambered and speed airfoils, as well as the riblett airfoil all plotted out in a cad drawing, but I am not able to find it. 
    Riblet Airfoil Plot Points.xlsx
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  5. cr125r847 added a post in a topic AI and robots   

    The robots are getting really advanced but you have to be careful with the AI technology.
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  6. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Avid C HH wing build 101   

    As far as i can tell, the tanks are made out of normal polyester resin.  They make fuel resistant polyester resin that should work very well to repair the holes in your tanks.
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  7. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Walmart Aircraft Air conditioner   

    It has 2X cooling power. Might be too cold for an Avid 
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  8. cr125r847 added a post in a topic What connector for radio cable?   

    You could use male and female 50 ohm BNC connectors. Just make sure they are listed to work with the type of cable that your antenna cable is made from.
    Here is a connector that works for RG 142 coax cable
    You will also need a crimp tool like this
    A little heat shrink tubing also helps to provide a strain relief and makes the connector look professional.
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  9. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Snowplay   

    Fred, Trent Palmer just stole your idea using the exact same setup! I hope you have the patent pending so you can collect your royalties.
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  10. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Questions on my wings and plywood   

    I'll try to get some pictures of my project up tomorrow, but I just finished removing the ribs from my wings and pulling fiberglass off the tanks that the builder applied. In my case, the builder did not sand the tanks and the top fiberglass pulled up easily but the fiberglass was adhered very well to the spars and bottoms of the tanks.
    Pulling the ribs off is fairly easy but plan on them not being usable and making a whole new set. The Hysol epoxy softens with a heat gun and I used a sharp chisel to remove the epoxy while being careful not to damage the spars.
    I am not able to see your photos right now but if you're worried about the insides of your tanks, there is a website where someone cut and removed the tops of the tanks and coated the insides with epoxy. They then re-fiberglassed the tank tops back on. I'll see if I can find a link to that site.
    Here is the link to that site:
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  11. cr125r847 added a post in a topic What model is it?   

    It has the offset vertical stabilizer. Didn't all model IV's come with the straight tail?
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  12. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Need an Aluminum Expert   

    I found a source for 2.5" diameter 0.083" wall tubing and they would be happy to sell you 13' 6" lengths. Unfortunately, they charge $4,432 for an 8' length
    I was thinking maybe they have the decimal in the wrong place, but all of their prices are that high. They cater to the aerospace industry, so maybe that's the going rate for their customers.
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  13. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Need an Aluminum Expert   

    You guys made me curious what the markings on the spars mean. Some of the markings on my spars are not legible. I tried piecing as much of the writing together and here is what I came up with:
    ALCOA 6061-T6 WW-T-700/6 AMS-4082 ASTM-B210
    The 6061-T6 is the alloy and temper
    WW-T-700/6, AMS-4082, and ASTM-B210 are standards that cover aluminum drawn seamless tubing
    I agree with Jim that the extruded tubing would probably be fine, but the factory used drawn seamless tubing and the cost difference is not that significant. I wouldn't take the chance on the cheaper tubing.
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  14. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Need an Aluminum Expert   

    I am also looking for tubing to extend my spars. From what I have found, the tubing is available as extruded or drawn. Both types are extruded, but the drawn is pulled through a die which increases the strength and makes the tubing more uniform and straight. I will be going with the drawn tubing for my extensions.
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  15. cr125r847 added a post in a topic Anyone running a Viking/Honda 110hp engine in a Kitfox or Avid?   

    A guy in the EAA chapter I was in had a Viking 110 in a Sonex that he was building. He was really excited about the engine and was saying the Viking 130 has even more power with similar weight. As Ronin commented though, I think the disadvantage is weight. Isn't the 912 bare engine weight closer to 130 lbs?
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