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  1. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Avid Trailer   

    Whenever I've had to tote mine anywhere I borrow my buddy's race car trailer. It has a big air dam up front that really helps. Drug it from southern Washington to southern Oregon with no issues.

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  2. Elkonastick added a post in a topic removal of adhesive from fabric   

    I'm with Paul, Goof Off. I used it to remove decal residue off a Expedition we bought that was a former city P.D. rig. It comes in regular and "pro" strength. Of course I used it on car paint with no damage, I'd try a small spot first.
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  3. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Avid Trailer   

    Nice job! I like that idea. I use an old racecar trailer now. It has the air dam up front which helps quite a bit in deflecting most of the blast and dirt up and over.

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  4. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Touch up paint   

    I built hundreds of models as a kid, mostly WW2 planes and ships. I went to Walmart and they don't even sell models! What the heck?! Wife suggested Michael's and I'll be damned, they had models and Testers paint.
    I never even thought of fingernail polish. I Cerakote as a business and was considering using some air cure but the Testers will touch up the little chips just fine.
    Thanks everyone!
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  5. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Touch up paint   

    Thank you gentlemen! 
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  6. Elkonastick added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Touch up paint
    Hi all,
    I have a few little spots I'd like to touch up, chipped paint on gear, tiny spot flaked off of flaperon rib tails, etc. Logs state paint is aerothane. I only need a small bottle of each of the three colors. Hate to buy. Quart of each at $70+. What would be off the shelf comparable? I was considering Testers model paint. Lots of colors I could get it matched pretty close. The chips are on the steel gear mount/legs and the plywood flaperon rib tails. Can anyone see any issues using the model enamel? Or is there a paint you would recommend? I bought the plane used and didn't get any left over paint from original paint job. I'm just wanting to prevent spots of rust or water intrusion into the plywood.
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  7. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Yamaha Engine Mounts and FWF components for Avid!   

    Following. I have the stratus ea81 in my Mkiv now but the Yamaha looks very appealing. Anyone know the all in weight difference between the two?
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  8. Elkonastick added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Hangar size
    Hey all. I'm in the process of building a hangar at a local small airfield. What I'd like to have and what I can afford are two different things. I've kind of come to a decision on a 36' x 36' with 12' eve height. I plan on sharing it with a buddy that has a legal eagle now but he's looking at a LSA, Kitfox, Avid or similar high wing down the road. I'm in a 45' x 40' now along with the legal eagle, my Avid MkIV and a Rans S7, plenty of room for all three. Unfortunately it's at another airport that is farther away than I'd like to be, plus I'm renting it. Anyone in a 36 x 36 or close? Moving planes around and pulling measurements I think 36x36 is big enough for two, I think. 
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  9. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Tire comparison 8.00-8.50's   

    Great comparison pic!
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  10. Elkonastick added a post in a topic to vent or not to vent?   

    Thank you gentlemen! Current bottle is pretty hokie and unvented. I have a coolant system bottle for big street bikes coming.
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  11. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Hunting with your Avid, August 2018   

    Living the dream right there!
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  12. Elkonastick added a topic in Technical tasks   

    to vent or not to vent?
    So I'm going to replace my coolant overflow bottle tomorrow, it's on a Soob EA81. What's on it now is some kind of water sippy bottle, like they give you in the hospital. See pic. The bottle I'm going to use has several access points for the tube. Bottom, side, top. My thinking is run tube from system in the bottom, that way suction point will always be submerged vs running in from top with pickup tube ran to bottom of bottle. Then top point run vent tube out through bottom of cowl. The current sippy bottle on it now is not vented, by design? Am I missing something? I've seen it done both ways, vented and not vented. The bottle I plan on using is a generic automotive bottle and has option of being vented or not. I seen a pic online somewhere of the same bottle I'll be using installed on a plane with a soob engine but didn't pay attention to how it was plumbed and of course now I cant find it. I got a feeling I'm WAY over thinking this. But better to ask stupid questions than risk seizing up a motor. Thanks guys, I come here everyday and learn something every time.

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  13. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Tire comparison 8.00-8.50's   

    I'll weigh the 8.00's and get back to you. The 8.50's are just under 10#'s each.
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  14. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Tire comparison 8.00-8.50's   

    nlappos, I bet you're right, lack of tread. Difference is amazing.
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  15. Elkonastick added a post in a topic Tire comparison 8.00-8.50's   

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