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  1. smilemikey added a post in a topic Ribs and spar material   

    Where can I get a sit of those wings?
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  2. smilemikey added a post in a topic Howdy all   

    Thanks, yes they have to be completely rebuilt or replace if I come across a good sit. 
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  3. smilemikey added a post in a topic Howdy all   

    The engine is a Rotax 503.  I think the wing is a cross between the speed and HH wings, they have the plan for the hh but us the ribs for a speed wing.   Here what we have done so fur.

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  4. smilemikey added a topic in Introduce yourself   

    Howdy all
    Howdy all,  I got my model A Avid in April which is all so the first time I ever heard of an Avid Flyer.  I all so lost they it when I got home and my middle kid saw it and told me that it was her airplane, So she is claiming it as her 18th birthday gift.  So we have a couple years to get it done.  I would like the input from those that know more than me.  Ok to the Avid what I know is that it is an A model sn- 181 that was built and flown an unknown number of years then the covering was removed sometime be for2010 at which point it set outside in middle Florida till I got it this year  It has some of the upgrades like the longer flat bottom wing and the newer rudder I think.  I have taken it all the down to the frame which I fix. I'm going to powder coated all the metal parts and start putting her back together.  Do not know what to do about the wings yet, but will figure that out after we get the frame protected from rusting in the Georgia weather.  I'm sure I have said too much and not an enough at the same time so as any question just ask.  
    Thank you all.
    p.s. will take some updated pic and add sometime this week.

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  5. smilemikey added a post in a topic Cutting off the motor mount   

    I'm too scared to cut mine off. Would love to be able to run a 4 stroke engine. 
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  6. smilemikey added a post in a topic Flaperon Control Break   

    Not knowing the whole story, I can see how the loss of or added drag for the flaperon letting go could cause a loose of control.  I had an RC do something like that to me once. 
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