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  1. EAA1044Youthbuild added a post in a topic Replacing header tank   

    I agree that the fuel is a bit skimpy. The problem is that it is registered at 850 lbs gross. The elevation at our airpark is 6657'. Empty weight is 472 lbs. We have played with different W&B scenarios with fuel quantity and header tank location. Good education for the kids. All this comes down to pretty much dictating that this is a plane that stays close to home and is just a local fun flyer. 
    Bottom line is we will probably go with 5 gallons in each wing and a 5 gallon header behind the firewall. Not ideal but it gives us 2 hours to play and and hour reserve. Vent the header back up to the inside of one wing tank to alleviate problems. 
    Thanks for your help. Our next project plane will have the ability to carry a pilot, student, reasonable fuel and performance for our density altitude. 
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  2. EAA1044Youthbuild added a topic in Kitfox I   

    Replacing header tank
    During our rebuild of our EAA chapter's Kitfox 1 we are looking for options to replace the large header tank between the firewall and instrument panel that it came with. We are fabricating new fuel tanks for each wing. About 6 gallons each. The original kit had only one wing tank so a smaller header would be fine. 
    We have read and discussed the various header tank venting scenarios and engine stoppage and were wondering what our options are. How did the factory change the fuel system on later models?
    EAA Chapter 1044 
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  3. EAA1044Youthbuild added a post in a topic Tail offset for engine rotation   

    Thank you all for the input and suggestions. We have decided to go with a straight tail to accommodate any engine in the future. This part of the restoration was a great exercise for the kids. They got into AC 43.13 to learn the proper way to fabricate gussets for the tubes that were cut. A chapter member then showed them how to weld. Now, on to fuel tank fabrication.....
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  4. EAA1044Youthbuild added a topic in Kitfox I   

    Tail offset for engine rotation
    Our EAA chapter has a donated Kitfox 1 that local kids are rebuilding under our supervision. It is a major renovation down to the airframe. The owner who gifted it to us had a Rotax 582UL installed. He said the original kit was for an engine that turned the opposite direction and suggested that we change the tail offset to accommodate the change. He as been flying it with lots of rudder at takeoff and a trim tab to help in cruise. 
    Has anyone encountered this before and have any suggestions other than just cutting the tubes and changing the offset equally to the other side and rewelding? 
    VP EAA Chapter 1044 Overgaard AZ. 
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