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  1. japowell added a post in a topic Parting out Kitfox II   

    Do you still have the seat?  If so how much?
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  2. japowell added a post in a topic Avid MK4 braking effect   

    Just watched the video.  Seems to work okay. I bought mine from Black Max brakes.  Both master cylinders and levers are mounted together.  Roll your hand left for the left turn and roll your hand right for a right turn, pull both for full stop.   No switch,  all mechanical. I'm going to mount it on the right side of the seat just behind the throttle.  Simple. 
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  3. japowell added a post in a topic Avid MK4 braking effect   

    I have two master cylinders and two levers.  It is easy to either use differential braking or both at once.
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  4. japowell added a post in a topic Avid MK4 braking effect   

    Has anybody installed a hand brake system?  I bought one for my FSII and didn't use it, I thought I would put it in my Avid. There is a guy in Tenn. that has that system in his Kolb MK III and loves it.  The control levers are located beside the seat next to the throttle. 
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  5. japowell added a post in a topic Greeting from Ohio   

    I remember you.  I was wondering if you picked up that project.  Congrats, you wiil have a blast.  If you need any help getting all of your paper work together let me know and I'll show you how.  I would love to come down and take a look at your project.  I bought one from Indy but I got no drawings or manuals. Did you get drawings and a construction manual?  Give me a call and I'll stop by.
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  6. japowell added a post in a topic Fuselage Reinforcement   

    Jim I have been looking at everything I can online for beefing up the air frames on the Avid early models.  As you know, mine is an A model and has the aerobat extended wings.    I plan on doing all of the strengthening of my frame that you have.  Did you add larger carry thru tubes or did you just install gusset plates?  Also by and the extensions to the side of the cockpit to widen it, did it add width to the inside for seating or was that just for more shoulder room?
    I see a lot of gross weights posted for these little planes and I really don't know which one applies to mine.  I have the aerobat wings with the .083 wall tubing.  It has the 1" struts.  If I add all of the gussets and strengthening that you added, what would my gross weight possibly be?  
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  7. japowell added a topic in Avid and Kitfox parts Suppliers   

    Anybody know where I can purchase a set of flaperons for an Avid mod A aerobat extended wing.  Hinge mounts are 35.5" OC. 
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  8. japowell added a post in a topic Rebuild instead of new!!   

    Thanks Jim.  What is the weight difference between the 582 and the Subaru?
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  9. japowell added a post in a topic Rebuild instead of new!!   

    I got the tanks from Stacey at RMWWings. He also has the new gear legs.  I used the poly fiber on my Kolb Firestar II, pic below. I got the AW certs on it in July. Wife wants to fly so I picked up the Avid Model A. I hope  it will work out. Hopefully I can get the wings done before Thanksgiving and can start on the fuselage before Christmas.   I added a pic of the A also. I didn't get a complete kit.  Basically I got a fuselage that was never built and a set of aerobat wings that were a little rough. I have to build an elevator and a set of flaperons.  Should be fun.  I would like to use a Subaru engine, if it's not too heavy. 
    Lot of knowledge here and I'm try to soak up as much as I can.

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  10. japowell added a topic in Avid Model A   

    Rebuild instead of new!!
    Well, after reading and looking at everything I could find on the Aerobat wing, I decided to try and clean and reuse what I have.  I removed the wing tips and clean up the old as well as I could. Removed and replaced the stiffeners with new plywood with the quarter rounds, thanks Ak for the heat tip it made life easier.  I added three ribs @ 12" OC + the wing tip for a total length of 13'-4 1/2".  I am waiting on some trailing edge aluminum and my cap strip so I ca close the wing up.  What are the flying characteristics of the extended aerobat wing?  Will it be somewhat docile or will it bear a bear to fly?
    I installed a new poly wing tank. Piece of cake.  Gonna put one in each wing plus a header tank or the panel mounted tank.  If I go with the panel mounted tank, what effect will it have on my w & b?  I want to run the Subaru engine. 
    I am covering with poly fiber cloth.  I noticed that they have a white primer with uv protection.  Does this take the place of the poly brush and poly spray?  

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  11. japowell added a post in a topic How to remove stiffeners   

    Thanks again AK.  Heated the tubing up pretty good and started working it with a piece of wood.  It took a couple of tries and it finally broke loose.  Had to clean the tube good afterwards, but it worked.  Thanks again.
    Now I am getting ready to extend the wing and make a long wing aerobat wing.  I am only extending it 3'.  Will I have problems with that or is that the correct length? 
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  12. japowell added a post in a topic How to remove stiffeners   

    Thank AK I'll try that tomorrow.  
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  13. japowell added a topic in Avid Model A   

    How to remove stiffeners
    Fellows, I am trying to get the spar stiffeners out of the wings and I can't find anything that will loosen the glue.  What is the trick to this?  Also, the one stiffener I can see looks like regular plywood.  It looks to be a 3 ply.  Also, they didn't center the stiffeners on the strut fitting.  Should it be?  Thanks for the help.
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  14. japowell added a post in a topic Building New Wings   

    Thanks guys for the info.  I cut out 6 new ribs last night.  My ribs are on 12 centers so I'll be adding 2 per wing plus the butt rib.  I will also add a longer wing spar stiffener that Suberavid suggested.  At the moment everything is in the hanger but I am trying to get the shop reorganized so I can bring it over for the winter, then I'llget somepics.
    Thanks again for the help.
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  15. japowell added a post in a topic Building New Wings   

    How much does the flight characteristics change? What are the advantages of doing the extension?  I'am building new flaperons also, so it doesn't matter if I go 2 or three ribs.  What will each give me?
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