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  1. dav8or added a post in a topic What oil for rotary valve?   

    Thanks for the interesting articles. I would have to fabricate and order some parts to run the CPS test. He was checking for air leaks into the combustion chamber. Would the same test work for the oil leak? Maybe it would need to hold vacuum longer? If changing to 30w oil doesn't change anything I might try to set up for the CPS test.
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  2. dav8or added a post in a topic What oil for rotary valve?   

    I just read that somewhere. I am thinking about changing the oil to 30w to see if it makes a difference. I guess if I see a change in smoke from the exhaust that might confirm the leak as well.
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  3. dav8or added a post in a topic What oil for rotary valve?   

    A leak down test on the crankcase? Wouldn't that require plugs for the intakes and exhaust ports? How would I know what air pressure those seals should be good for? If air goes past the seals there will be air bubbles in the rotary valve reservoir.
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  4. dav8or added a post in a topic What oil for rotary valve?   

    Those seals were replaced a couple years ago. No issues with those. I am thinking I might have an issue with the crankshaft seals and the oil being sucked into the crankcase.
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  5. dav8or added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    What oil for rotary valve?
    What oil have people used successfully for their rotary valve reservoir. I have been using the same synthetic 2-stroke TC oil that I use for the fuel. My Avid has not flown in over a year and a half due to some repairs and then more repairs/replacements after the main gear was underwater during Hurricane Harvey. I think I may have rotary valve oil leaking past the internal crank seals now. I have done several ground runs and the oil level has dropped in the reservoir after each run. There are no external signs of an oil leak. I was wondering if a slightly thicker oil could be used to slow the leak. The engine is running great and I hate to send it for a complete overhaul for just a seal leaking. I am going to try a few more ground runs to see if the oil level will stabilize.
    Thanks, Dan
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  6. dav8or added a post in a topic Hatrack Avid Flyer   

    it there anything under the vinyl to make it rigid?
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  7. dav8or added a post in a topic Hatrack Avid Flyer   

    Thanks! Those are great pictures of your door brackets and gives me a new idea to try for mine. I believe the gas struts I have are a little shorter but I think they should still work as long as I get the brackets positioned correctly.
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  8. dav8or added a post in a topic Bungee questions   

    Fred, I also have another question if you don't mind. I have been thinking about this since I will probably be eliminating the safety cables from my gear. Did you test your secondary bungee with the main bungee off to see how far the gear moves before the bungee holds it? I thought that the cables were a safety in case one of the main bungees actually break which would allow the gear to collapse without the cables. I was wondering if a slightly stretchy nylon line of the appropriate length rigged like you have your second bungee would be adequate as a safety without causing damage if a main bungee should separate. It doesn't look like the bungee mounts on the gear will move very far apart from each other until the gear has traveled up quite a bit.
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  9. dav8or added a post in a topic Camber   

    NM, I just thought about this and it was a stupid question. Rubber hoses avoid metal to metal contact when load is quickly removed from the gear.
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  10. dav8or added a post in a topic Hatrack Avid Flyer   

    I have been trying to find a good way to fabricate the strut mounts for the door. I plan to rivet them on as well.
    I suspect the extra weight he carried in the sailcloth cargo bag is part of the reason my hangar mate was always faster than me.
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  11. dav8or added a post in a topic Camber   

    Are the rubber hoses supposed to be there? It seems like they would prevent the new shock cord from shifting and settling until all loops have the same amount of tention.
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  12. dav8or added a post in a topic Hatrack Avid Flyer   

    I like that. I have a one piece thin plywood deck that I made several years ago with the triangular hole for access to my ELT. Currently my ELT antenna is mounted just below the hole on a custom ground plane which rules out me trying to use that space for storage. Mine is a pain to remove/replace and I had thought about hinging it in the middle but now I may try to make one similar to yours although I have mine open at the top because I had planned to make a cargo bag out of sail cloth like my past hangar mate had in his Avid. I may stick with the plywood for now though unless I can find a better location for the ELT antenna.
    I would love to see a close up of the door struts and how they are mounted. That is another project I wanted to do. I already have the gas struts for it.
    Thanks, Dan
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  13. dav8or added a post in a topic Bungee questions   

    It looks like you have 7 wraps of cord on the pilot's side gear and only 6 wraps on the passenger side. Am I seeing that incorrectly or maybe there is a reason?
    I am ordering the shock cord right now to replace my bungees because I found a couple of spots that were chafed. The bungees I am removing have only a single black fleck so I am assuming they are the marine or some other non-aircraft part. Now I wonder how much it will change the handling with the new bungees when I get them on. I am also seriously considering leaving the cables off after reading all the discussion on them. I have flown around 200 hours on my Avid with no issues but why risk that kind of damage if I happen to have a hard landing.
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  14. dav8or added a post in a topic Nylaflow Poly-flow fittings problems   

    I cut and re-welded the master cylinder mounting tabs on the pedals to get better leverage and I can now hold the plane at 4500rpm without creeping. I think it will get better as the pads bed in on the rotors. I am happy to have brakes that work finally.
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  15. dav8or added a post in a topic Wingtip damage repair   

    I got a couple more pictures. Weather has not given me a break here to get anything out of the hangar so I pulled forward as much as I could.
    I am going to try a small iron one more time before I start cutting. I am also going to set a 4' or 6' level across the tails of the ribs on both wings to compare and determine if it is bent upwards because it is still pretty hard to tell.
    i also happen to have a pair of Kitfox fiberglass droop tips. I wonder how that would affect the performance of my Avid Speedwing. They look like they would fit although it would reduce span by a few inches.

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