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  1. dav8or added a post in a topic Throttle control for 582   

    Does anyone have or has anyone flown an Avid or Kitfox with a throttle quadrant instead of a push/pull cable?
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  2. dav8or added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Throttle control for 582
    I would like to simplify the throttle control setup in my Avid with a 582 oil injected. Currently it is setup with a vernier/push pull cable in the panel that connects to the end of a throttle arm type arrangement on top of the engine. From that arm a single pull cable is connected with a cable combiner to the carbs and oil injection. My Avid does not have the cable quadrant setup welded to the fuselage frame in the cockpit under the panel. I would really like to eliminate the throttle arm that is bolted to the top of the engine. The factory type combiner under the panel would be great but for my plane but that would seem to be a major project involving welding in the cockpit area. Does anyone have any other setups or ideas that I might try?
    Sorry, I should have taken pictures but everything is disassembled right now with the engine off and engine mount removed to paint. I did not think of this change until I started to reassemble everything.
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  3. dav8or added a post in a topic 582 Crankshaft Rebuild?   

    It was suggested that I pressurize the rotary valve shaft cavity and try to determine which seals are leaking. I did that but no real sign of leaking. It only dropped 1 psi after sitting for a little over 2 hours and part of that loss is probably due to checking the pressure. I also tried turning the crankshaft by hand several times to see if that caused a leak. No difference. I will try pulling a vacuum on the cavity to see if I find any leaks with that. I want to determine what is causing my oil loss before I decide to do a crank rebuild or waste money on anything else that might not be needed. It was not an air bubble. My bleeding process is pretty detailed when filling.
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  4. dav8or added a post in a topic 582 Crankshaft Rebuild?   

    Thanks! I didn't realize he did that. I have one more possibility to check before I commit to having crankshaft work done.
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  5. dav8or added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    582 Crankshaft Rebuild?
    Is it possible to rebuild a 582 crankshaft? Is there anyone that does that successfully and at a reasonable price? It sucks to buy a $1500 crankshaft to replace 2 seals that have failed while everything else is running and working great.
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  6. dav8or added a post in a topic What oil for rotary valve?   

    I tried SAE 30 oil in the rotary valve reservoir with the same problem. It was definitely burning the oil.
    I have now pulled the 582 off the Avid. I was going to put my piston/cylinders on another 582 that was sitting in the hangar with piston issues but nixed that plan when I pulled those cylinders off and found a lot of play in the rod bearings at the crankshaft.
    Is there any alternative to buying a new crankshaft just to replace the inner seals? Is there anyone that can rebuild this crankshaft successfully and at a reasonable cost? It kind of sucks to have to go through $2000 worth of parts for a rebuild just to replace 2 seals.
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  7. dav8or added a post in a topic Avid speedwing.... Impressions from those that have flown one?   

    Just now saw this post reopened. I was flying regular until a year and a half ago when I started a repair. As I was just about finished with the repair we got hit with Hurricane Harvey and with the plane up on blocks inside the hangar the main gear was still completely submerged in the flooding. With that I decided to get my postponed brake conversion project done. It took me a year because I didn't have a lot of spare time for it. I replaced axles, hubs, wheels, brakes, tires, tubes, brake pedal assembly, master cylinders and ran hydraulic lines. I just recently finished it and had 6 take offs and landings before I have grounded it again due to an internal crank seal leak. I am going to try swapping my cylinders onto the case of another 582 I had sitting in the hangar. Hopefully that solves my problem. I will be weighing and checking the CG after I get the engine reinstalled. It always felt a little nose heavy especially in the landing flare.
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  8. dav8or added a post in a topic What oil for rotary valve?   

    The oil loss is erratic. I filled the reservoir above the full line this afternoon then Made 2 take offs and landings. With taxiing and runup that was about a half hour of run time with no oil loss in the reservoir. Then I flew to the neighboring airport made 2 more landings and returned to home airport for just under 1 hour of run time. After that the reservoir was down at least 1/2 inch. It is not air in the system. It has not been drained and refilled recently. I will be tearing down the motor soon to take a look and decide what to do from there.
    It's too bad. The engine performance is great right now. My home airport has a 600' pattern altitude and it gets there quick
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  9. dav8or added a post in a topic What oil for rotary valve?   

    Thanks for the interesting articles. I would have to fabricate and order some parts to run the CPS test. He was checking for air leaks into the combustion chamber. Would the same test work for the oil leak? Maybe it would need to hold vacuum longer? If changing to 30w oil doesn't change anything I might try to set up for the CPS test.
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  10. dav8or added a post in a topic What oil for rotary valve?   

    I just read that somewhere. I am thinking about changing the oil to 30w to see if it makes a difference. I guess if I see a change in smoke from the exhaust that might confirm the leak as well.
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  11. dav8or added a post in a topic What oil for rotary valve?   

    A leak down test on the crankcase? Wouldn't that require plugs for the intakes and exhaust ports? How would I know what air pressure those seals should be good for? If air goes past the seals there will be air bubbles in the rotary valve reservoir.
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  12. dav8or added a post in a topic What oil for rotary valve?   

    Those seals were replaced a couple years ago. No issues with those. I am thinking I might have an issue with the crankshaft seals and the oil being sucked into the crankcase.
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  13. dav8or added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    What oil for rotary valve?
    What oil have people used successfully for their rotary valve reservoir. I have been using the same synthetic 2-stroke TC oil that I use for the fuel. My Avid has not flown in over a year and a half due to some repairs and then more repairs/replacements after the main gear was underwater during Hurricane Harvey. I think I may have rotary valve oil leaking past the internal crank seals now. I have done several ground runs and the oil level has dropped in the reservoir after each run. There are no external signs of an oil leak. I was wondering if a slightly thicker oil could be used to slow the leak. The engine is running great and I hate to send it for a complete overhaul for just a seal leaking. I am going to try a few more ground runs to see if the oil level will stabilize.
    Thanks, Dan
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  14. dav8or added a post in a topic Hatrack Avid Flyer   

    it there anything under the vinyl to make it rigid?
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  15. dav8or added a post in a topic Hatrack Avid Flyer   

    Thanks! Those are great pictures of your door brackets and gives me a new idea to try for mine. I believe the gas struts I have are a little shorter but I think they should still work as long as I get the brackets positioned correctly.
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