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  1. dav8or added a post in a topic Installing new axles   

    Hi dholly,
    The pictures are a great help. I should have mentioned that I am using the Matco axles because I have an early C model which does not have any type of mounting plate for brakes at the end of the axle mounting tube. The Matco axles have a plate to mount the caliper bracket to and a plate for the inner bearing to seat against which is already set for perfect alignment of the caliper to my early W62 wheel/brake setup. I don't think I can move them in quite as close as yours due to the brake caliper plate mounting hardware but I may try to rotate my calipers down a bit and get them in as close as I can. I will try to get some pictures next time I am down at the airport.
    Oh yeah, I am not planning for skis, not much use around the Houston area
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  2. dav8or added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Installing new axles
    I have had a few delays in my project mostly due to Hurricane Harvey recovery but I am finally ready to install my new axles in the gear legs of my Avid. I am using new Matco 3/4" axles as an upgrade from the old cable drum brakes to Matco disks. I am trying to determine where I should locate the calipers both in distance from the gear leg and also if there is a best clock position around the axles like ahead of the axle or behind the axle etc. I have marked what looks good to me on the axle for a cut off and the hole for the pin bolt to lock it in but though I should check before I actually commit to cutting the new axles.
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  3. dav8or added a post in a topic Matco W62 wheels on Avid 5/8" axles?   

    Went down to the airport and remeasured the axles. Not sure how I managed to measure incorrectly before but they are actually 3/4" axles. Felling much better about that now and my brake upgrade continues.
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  4. dav8or added a post in a topic Matco W62 wheels on Avid 5/8" axles?   

    Yes they are installed in a piece of tubing with the single bolt securing it. I expect them to be stuck in there pretty good after all these years but will manage to get them out somehow.
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  5. dav8or added a post in a topic Matco W62 wheels on Avid 5/8" axles?   

    They really are 5/8" and right now sealed ball bearings in unknown manufacturer 6"x6" welded tubeless wheels with Azusa mechanical drum brakes. I have checked them several times in the past with calipers. My Avid is based on a turf field and I land at paved, grass strips and off-airport. In my upgrade to Matco hydraulic brakes I have to replace the current axles with Matco 5/8" axles that have the mount for the Matco caliper plates. Now I am nervous about using the new Matco axles.
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  6. dav8or added a post in a topic Matco W62 wheels on Avid 5/8" axles?   

    Well that kinda sucks then. They did make it look like a factory part and the gear is the same design as the other Avid I have seen up close. I just looked through the build manual and found the line item that says ream to .75" for axle. Of course I did not see any entries in the log books showing any modifications to the gear and cannot imagine why anyone would have done that. Now I am not sure what to do. This Avid has almost 400 hours on it. I have flown almost 200 of those hours. I would think that It would be a nightmare to attempt cutting the 5/8" ID tubing out and welding in 3/4" ID in its place. I would be afraid that the gear alignment would not be maintained in the process and it handles great right now.
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  7. dav8or added a post in a topic Matco W62 wheels on Avid 5/8" axles?   

    A little more research shows that Azusa sells the 3/4" tapered bearing with a sleeve adapter down to 5/8".   Dan
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  8. dav8or added a post in a topic Matco W62 wheels on Avid 5/8" axles?   

    Think I just figured out how it was done. Looks like Azusa sells a sealed tapered roller bearing with the correct 1.781" OD and 5/8" ID that should fit the W62 wheel and the 5/8" axle.    Dan
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  9. dav8or added a post in a topic Matco W62 wheels on Avid 5/8" axles?   

    My early C model definitely has 5/8" axles. It looks like a factory made landing gear and I can't imagine anybody modifying it to a smaller size.
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  10. dav8or added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Matco W62 wheels on Avid 5/8" axles?
    I was wondering if anybody has Matco W62 wheels and brakes on the Avid 5/8" axles? If so do you know what bearings? Matco tech rep says that the W62 wheel will not work on 5/8" axle but I am pretty sure Ralph Moe's plane had the same wheels I am trying to use on mine. I am trying to upgrade to hydraulic brakes with parts I have collected and now seems to be a good time since my wheels were submerged during Harvey.
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  11. dav8or added a post in a topic Takeoff and Landing styles   

    There is a tailwheel instructor here in the Houston area that requires her students to to perform that maneuver down the runway in a Citabria. on one wheel then switch to the other.
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  12. dav8or added a post in a topic Takeoff and Landing styles   

    I am curious to know if anyone with the standard gear/wheels (not bush tires) ever do a full stall 3-point landing with the stick all the way back? If I do this with my C-model Speed Wing the tail hits before the mains and causes the mains to slam down. Ralph Moe's speed wing did the same thing.
    These days most of my landings are wheel landings but occasionally I need to get in a little shorter and fly it on in 3-point at slower speeds. I also usually approach high and do a healthy slip on short final just in case of engine failure.
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  13. dav8or added a post in a topic Access for fuel tank repair   

    The rear of the tank follows the diagonal wing brace at an angle from inboard rear to the next outboard rib then rectangular forward of that. It does have the airfoil shape over the top so it fits right under the cap strips. The welds look like they were done by a beginner with large sections that did not have penetration. The tank does not have any flanges. All edges are butt welds. I am keeping my fingers crossed that a sealant might fix the leak. I did notice that the fabric at the trailing edge cable of the "bat" wing is stitched along the edge. I am not sure how to do that but will have to figure it out I guess.
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  14. dav8or added a post in a topic Access for fuel tank repair   

    When I started pulling back the aluminum cover over the tank I found that the tank extends under the cap strips of both ribs. It would probably damage one or both ribs to remove so I have decided to just replace the covering and maybe try one of the sloshing sealers. If that doesn't work it will just have to remain inop until someone decides to rebuild the wing in the future.
    Does anyone have any pictures of the aluminum tanks that Avid used on the early models? I am curious to know if this might have been a custom one off tank that the builder had made or if this is what Avid actually shipped with kits.
    Thanks, Dan
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  15. dav8or added a post in a topic Access for fuel tank repair   

    The fabric is cut just behind and at the same angle as the tank. The tank is aluminum and painted yellow. It is under the cap strip on the inboard end of the wing and silicon-ed in around the edges. Looks like the foam was used to fill the cap strip gap maybe.
    I looked at the seams inside this afternoon and the welding was really inconsistent. A lot of places where they did not get good penetration. I attached one picture of an area that is suspect. It is actually the front inside corner. If that is the leak then it was running down the inside of the fabric from there to the trailing edge.

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