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  1. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Thanks Mike, I'm fileing all this good stuff for when I can get my ship righted. It's taking me a little time to sort things out right now, but I'll be back swinging ASAP. You guys are the best and I am very appreciative. Thanks so much for your interest. Be well .. Jim
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  2. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Trackwelder, it's really funny how certain things really grow in importance over the years. Guess what, just wrecked my truck, no tools. Life goes on but sometimes it seems to be a little 'much'. Take care good man ... Jim
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  3. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Thanks Mikesk, I can't believe the info I get off this site. Mike I'm caught between rocks and hard places right now, but I would really like to get back to you. I was just involved in a trafic accident and haven't been as normal as I would prefer. Thanks so much for your reply, hope I'll be a little more normal soon. Good tidings to you guy. Would like to correspond in more detail on this. Thanks ... Jim
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  4. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Matco 8" wide dual fork TW installed   

    Joey, that was some of the most spectaclar big sky scenery I have ever witness. I as tried to get my motorcycle ridding buddy to make a run up there but on several different occasions he talked me into sailing out into the Bahamas. Had many wild adventures and 'boo coo' fun. We acted as our own crew (bare boat), he was the captain (licensed) and I was the mechanic and 1st mate. Really got into some hairy incidents with the Bahamian customs, police, and good old mother nature. Made a night crossing (usually due to the Gulf Stream) which gave us good landfall somewhere around mid two late afternon with about seven to eight of us aboard. We had a roster so who did the cooking and the dishwashing and guess who's last name started with an "A"? Yours truly which ment that I had to sail and keep a 60000 lb Morgan twin masted sloop ('stay on those whiches, trim the Genoa, look to the 'missin mast', whatch the wind, trim the sail tufts - loooved to sail, scuba dive [have two open water certifications] and very often get carried away when airplanes and boats come up.

    Where were we - oh yeah, when I get my shop back in order I'm comming out to see some of you guys so don,t be mean when I began solicitiing invitations.Don't care what uou drive, where you live, what you eat or how many kids you have. Used to take trips on my Kawasaki, had duffle bags and a rear seat back , raided the convience stores and had a blast. Me and some of my EAA chapter buddies (I was co-chair sometimes and seeing you film Joey made me what tho get stocked up- my AVID MK VI loaded with some jeans and emergency gear and head to some fly-ins and mountain scenery with a light weight tent and pop some pork&beans. I've watched your video and some day, good buddy, you going to teach me some editing Not 'Gone With the Wind' but just a few little tricks. I love to show people the abolute wonders of flyin [some people call it flyinG(had it since about four years, stared at the rudder pedals and looved it) - nailing pieces of wood together banging on them with pieces of rock [had to bang on the rusty nails to rtraightened them with rocks (no hammer). For quite a while just couldn't figure out why my airplnes (didn,t wouldn't, sail through the air like birds and to glide in the air like the noisy things over which I was always suffering neck injuries try to keep in sight long after they hsd srunk to the size of less that a dot.
    Be well Joey, you seem lie nice gus and my best to you relatives ... Jim

    BTW am i getting priced out of the market? Seems that I noticed diferent wings an planformes of the supper looking KITFXOXES' and AVIDS? My GOd watch over you and yours ... Jim
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  5. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Matco 8" wide dual fork TW installed   

    Joey, got your videos. Outstanding, am going to watch them again. Saved the web sites, they're great. Thanks loads man ... Jim
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  6. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Matco 8" wide dual fork TW installed   

    C5E, forgot to tell you your photos of your ship are clear and concise. I may have just found a lead on a tailwheel mounting spring, gotta check it out. Belongs to the guy I sold my Pegasus Super Sport to (really great flying 'trike'.) Whish I could get him to the airport and trim his wing so I could take her for a few flights. He decided to rig her up himself, left of the washout tubes, and proceeded to wrestle her back to the strip with full left muscle power on the control bar. I had made the statement that the bird was incapable of controlled flight under these circumstances, but he brought her back (he's a really big guy and works out constantly.) Said he thought he could have held her for another 15 min. but admitted he, personally, was totally out of gas. Been trying to get him to bring her back up to the strip, let me trim the wings and take a few test flights. Think he might have gotten his 'wannabe' scared just a tad. Don't blame him.
    Cheers to all, smooth air - blue skies ... Jim
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  7. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Trackwelder, I'm seriously dumbfounded by your experience! If that had of been me I just might be one brother short of a full set. As I've written, I'm pretty much banished from my own kin as I write this. From vibes I get I don't think anyone wants to get within striking distance of me, presently. Our father passed on a few months ago and I just wanted to make a fair and respectable offer for his tools (as you know I received the devil's hand with my tools being absconded with also). There must be something about tools or tainted water that has driven mankind totally crazy. Be well good man ... Jim
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  8. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    C5E, you're a straight up dude. Email me anytime, I'll get right back ASAP. I've followed your posts and have been impressed. I certainly unerstand about the tires. We fly much smaller tires down in my neck of the woods as a general rule. I was building a Burt Rutan design years ago (much cheaper then but it cost me a wife) and I had a pretty good indoctrination into glass layups. I'm thinking I'll probably go with wheel pants at some point. Not so good for tundra tires anyway. The burglary thing had me stumping mad for quite a while, but I would imagine most of those guys are doing time on my tax dollar about now. My tools and a few other things are no doubt scattered over the continental US by now.
    BTW, another mod I plan to make involves the stiffness of my trim cable. According to what I've read, I should have about 41 degrees of travel measured at the trim tab. I'm half that or less. Too long on the cable with not enough secure points, and too many bends with too little radius in some of them. My idea is a straight run from the trim handle to the empenage, then a bellcrank right angle pivot to the trim tab. Another item on the 'to do' list. Be well good man ... Jim
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  9. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    AKF, ain't it strange that everyone seems to get along reasonably well until SCARCE AND DIVISIBLE resources bring the whole rotten house tumbling down? I would have paid my 'gonads' to each and every one of my family just to BUY dad's tools. They carry their assundery tangible goods to other people to get them serviced/repaired. First time I've been attacked by hornets who want real blood in a while. To be fair, everyone wasn't involved. Just the two I suspected would be.
    Oh well, live and learn, I'll find my own tools, have found a small amount already. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute more than just idle words. Be well, and thanks again ... Jim
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  10. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Matco 8" wide dual fork TW installed   

    I hope some day I can meet up with some of you fellows. Your a prime bunch of humanity. I never thought of the track being off, another possible complication for sure. As soon as I can get turned loose, (told you about our part-time guest from next door cleaning me out in the dead of night), I'm going over this bird with a fine tooth comb. Have built new shop facilities but don't even have work benches at this time. Just a big old empty building! I have compression springs on my SCOTT and feel like there's just something missing from the formula. Guys it really and truly helps to have had the interest you great examples of the best there is to offer have shown. I don't believe I've had a bad sugestion of possible causes among the whole lot of you. I feel like you guys really know your stuff.
    I'm burning the candle at both ends presently. I've owned this present property for several ions now and still haven't gotten moved! Been sleeping on a sectional sofa and eating sandwiches and opening cans. It will all work out but I'd rather be flying. If anyone ever says a disparageing word about what kind of people AVID flyers are, I'll take care of business big-time, remembering how each and every one of you has treated this complete stranger whom you've never met and possibly never will. My very best to you and your's ... Jim
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  11. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Brake fittings   

    'akflyer' you've been right there whenever I've had a question or problem. You don't know how much I appreciate any tidbit of advice I can get and you give it by the pound. You've given me more detective work and it is very much appreciated. Be well ... Jim

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  12. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Matco 8" wide dual fork TW installed   

    'C5' you're a real resource. Every time I mention a mod (as in the tailwheel strut length), I get verbally mauled. Makes sense to me that a little wheelbase increase should give a little better track and landing attitude on touchdown. As I mentioned previously, I'm using a SCOTT steerable. My buddies (one of them is the original builder), keep telling me to just learn to handle the little beast. I have lots of tail dragging time but this little guy with the EA81 is trying to eat my lunch. I've torn down one fence and ground looped three times, one purposefully. These are the same guys that are telling me I don't really need the brakes - just drive and act your age (three yrs old next week).
    I truly do thank you 'C5', I like your style fellow. You're explanations along with the well-lite photos are first rate ... Jim
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  13. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Go Kart to Matco Brakes   

    Hey dude, I'll take the 20x7's if you don't want them, we'll have to figure out what the shipping is. I'm down here outside Birmingham, Alabama. Thanks tons for the info and photo of the master cylinder mount point. This is very very interesting and looks as if it makes logical sense. I've wondered if maybe I haven't had the mechnical advantage I needed for better pressure to the calipers. Very interesting. I don't even know if I'm running MATCO's or not - but I'm going to do a little detective work. The concept sure looks better than my present geometry.
    You guys are a gold mine. You, in particular (as well as others) have responded with timely and treasured advice. 'May you run long' dude. My best ... Jim


    BTW, I've stated before that I have quite a few irons in the fire. I've ordered some stuff but haven't had time to do much in the way of modification/fabricating. On top of this, some of our bretheren from way down south figured out that I had way too many tools. They equalized this inequity big time, one midnight moon. Ain't life a big box of chocolates? I now have the privilege of ostensibly restocking my entire garage. Tried to buy my presently deceased father's many tools, THAT WENT OVER LIKE LED ZEPPELIN ON A BAD CONCERT NIGHT! I'm really tottering on banishment from the clan (no joke). You guys keep cheering me up - I need it ... Jim

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  14. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Brake fittings   

    Got blown out on my reply. I TOO HATE MY BRAKES. Got a MKIV Heavy Hauler with an EA81 and it takes me forty acres to manuever the thing. I was told by the builder that it's never had any brakes (I suspect this is an understatement) and I should only be using the SCOTT steerable for handling the pointy end. I'm thinking of visiting a salvage yard and looking for a good pair of FREIGHTLINER assemblys. Another idea was to attach five foot handles to each master cylinder.
    Any help or ideas would be appreciated. BTW has anyone ever thought of TWO calipers on one backing plate?
    Open to all, not open to 747 mod suggestions. Be well ... Jim
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  15. ybfcsqs added a post in a topic Matco 8" wide dual fork TW installed   

    Hey guys, gonna check out AIRDALE on the spring situation. I've gaot an AVID Heavy Hauler with a NSI Subaru EA81 engine. Gets touchy on takeoff. Original length fuselage and standard gear. Have custom built trailer and would like to increase my tailwheel length for a little more stability on takeoff and landing. Have Scott steerable tailwheel with original strut length and mounting. Would like to increase the length but keep the Scott. Nothing major desired here just a little more tailwheel strut length. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks .. Jim
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