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  1. Jaws136 added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Wanted. Mk4 582 mount, rad, cowl.
    Anyone have anything lying around...hopefully in my path heading up through Michigan, Minnesota, n. Dakota area.
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  2. Jaws136 added a post in a topic 11" matco dual fork worth it?   

    Nice, Randy. I dont even want to ask what improvement the t3 made. Lol. Well too late already ordered the 3 piece that bolts together 8". Im handy with a welder, is the weak spot obvious?? The t3 would probably make the "weak" spot of the fork magically disappear with some extra cushion too.
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  3. Jaws136 added a post in a topic 11" matco dual fork worth it?   

    Well looks like that is settled. Lol. How about any homebuild tailwheel assemblies? Or is that pretty tricky with angle, chain and release? It would be nice to see the shock variant homebuilt mains....heres a few pics ive seen floating around lately...maybe thats for another thread though

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  4. Jaws136 added a topic in Technical tasks   

    11" matco dual fork worth it?
    So if your planning on strictly all off airport  and off runway (bush) landings would the 11" dual fork be worth it on an Avid mk4?? Or overkill? Im planning on the 21" aero classics for mains on the grove gear. Anyone made their own bush version tw assembly??
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