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  1. pedro10012000 added a post in a topic Engine Failure yesterday   

    These guys also advertise a few alternative fuel detectors:
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  2. pedro10012000 added a post in a topic Prop selection Rotax 582 grayhead w B box 2.58:1   

    Maybe a cheap option to resurrect your existing prop; I think I heard of somebody machining a thin layer off the inner surface of the gsc front hub plate to allow for tighter grip (if it is bottoming out before fully clamping the blades into position).  
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  3. pedro10012000 added a post in a topic Sky Raider 1   

    Have you thought about alternative, lightweight covering materials .. oratex .. some discussion here (and an owner's claim of saving 40lb on an exp Super Cub). Maybe too expensive if you already have bought a covering system:
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  4. pedro10012000 added a post in a topic Wanted   

    By coincidence, this listing just appeared in NZ - including tires - NZ$900 is about US$720. Maybe he'd sell you just the metalwork.

    The cost of shipping (including the tires) to the US is likely to be under US$150 - shipping rates can be calculated here:
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