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  1. skysailor added a post in a topic Another engine out from an oil injection failure   

    Oh Come On! Just look at the stats of problems related to oil injection versus pilot error. What is this, the first in how many years there is a case of the oil injection system being at fault and then it turns out to be the fault of the installer....? This is not an indictment of oil's an endorsement!!! Cheers All, Mike
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  2. skysailor added a post in a topic my mod C   

    Finished up with this part of my project. Some marine penetrating epoxy took care of my concerns regarding the wood components. When I got to the metal tubing components (new tubing welded in to repair the tail wheel section) I used some two-part white epoxy primer and just brushed it on...four coats...and after a week of curing it looks factory new.
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  3. skysailor added a post in a topic my mod C   

    Thanks for the info. Wondering if spar varnish is compatible with the PolyFiber chemicals? I think I will need to use an epoxy on the wood so as to hold up to the PolyTak? The previous covering was the old dope system and I will be using PolyFiber-Stitts process to recover.

    Some flying club friends helped me replace the ribs. Had to replace two of the tail ribs. Did so by cutting the cap strip forward of the rear spar and removing the rear part of the damaged ribs & cap strips. Using the short ribs intended for installation at the rear of the fuel tank we trimmed the cap strips so as to butt to the point where the old ones were cut. Then epoxied the tail ribs to the spar and cap strips to the ribs forward of the spar. We used my flaperon to line up the hanger points for accuracy.

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  4. skysailor added a post in a topic my mod C   

    I have just started the process of recovering my Avid C HH and am looking at your photos of the wing prep. Can you tell me what the gray substance (Paint/epoxy/??) is on the rib caps and the sides of the ribs with the flaperon hangers? I pulled the old covering off and the rib caps on mine are not treated with anything except glue. I do plan to rib stitch which was not done on the original covering. Also I have had to replace two of the flaperon hanger ribs with new one and wonder what I need to do to them prior to covering. Appreciate your advice, Cheers, Mike

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  5. skysailor added a post in a topic If you could have anything done to your 582   

    Alternatively, I have the HacMan mixture control sold by Green Sky Adventures and it works great for controlling the mixture for altitude and seasonal changes (from the cockpit). You can make it up yourself for about $30 bucks or so in parts and materials. Good luck and cheers!
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  6. skysailor added a post in a topic Weight and balance and more taxi testing   

    Nice looking Avid!!  I am in the process of a recovering of my Avid C HH and your Avid is now my inspiration.  Nice and clean looking.
    Cheers, Mike
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  7. skysailor added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    In Memoriam - Ted Toth - A friend and fellow pilot.
    Sadly, a good friend and fellow pilot lost his life 2 days ago while doing what
    he loved best--flying. He was an accomplished pilot, CFI-II, ultralight
    instructor and corporate jet pilot. He crashed into water 100 feet from shore
    in his Rotax 582 powered Maxair Drifter float plane after losing power on
    take-off at 60 feet agl. Luckily, his 17 year old daughter, who was aboard as a
    passenger, survived the incident with minor injury. The accident occurred at
    Lake Anna in Virginia. He was a talented, fun, family man and will be greatly
    missed by his family and friends.
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  8. skysailor added a post in a topic F7A   

    Here is a copy from my files...not the best quality but I think you can make out the words etc.  I hope so anyway.  Cheers, Mike

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  9. skysailor added a post in a topic Fuel Lines   

    I believe both Lockwood and Leading Edge Air Foils (LEAF) carry that blue fuel line.  It is sold under the Bing brand name and is advertised as alcohol resistant/proof fuel line.  I only buy things from CPS that I can't get through any other supplier.  I have had issues with the owner of CPS.
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  10. skysailor added a post in a topic Rotax Aircraft Forum   

    YIKES!!!!!! :
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  11. skysailor added a post in a topic Rotax Aircraft Forum   

    You have good flying weather where you are???  Cool...very cool.  Still wait for it to arrive here!!
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  12. skysailor added a post in a topic Request pic of compression spring set up   

    Here is a picture of my setup if it is of any help to you.  Cheers, Mike

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  13. skysailor added a post in a topic Weighing question   

    My understanding is that if you are doing a "weight & balance" (W&B) the aircraft must be in a "level" position according to specific directions provided by the designer.  Keeping in mind that when you weigh one wheel (tail, nose or main) you must keep all the other gear at the same elevation to eliminate any error.  So, if you are going to use the tail wheel weight in a calculation such as W&B then you must level the aircraft so that you measure the proper distribution of weight.  If all you are doing is tracking the weight at the tail then putting a scale under it will allow you to read within a certain margin of error any gross changes in tail weight.  But to be accurate it should always be in the very same orientation with regard to its elevation versus the elevation of the other gear.   
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  14. skysailor added a post in a topic Avid Flyers/Rotax 582's doing Aerobatics?   

    Hey!  Thanks for the link...seen it before ..but it's always fun to watch!!  
    As far as the performance #s on my C HH...I will need to start watching and measuring what the heck is going on when I take off, land, stall, etc...
    All kidding aside, I don't have real specific numbers on all that but I can tell you that when I cruise at 60 mph indicated I have had fuel flow indications of 3.5 GPH on my Rotax 582 Grayhead.  That is with a HacMan system installed where I can adjust my mixture for best EGT.  I don't have enough hours on everything yet to provide what I would call conclusive numbers.  But...I will start paying close attention and measuring take off distances etc so we can compare notes.  BTW I have VG's on my wings and on the lower surface of my horizontal stabilizer as well as gap sealing tape on the elevator and rudder gaps so take that into consideration when I provide numbers.  Hopefully those mods will show some they come!!
    Cheers, Mike
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  15. skysailor added a post in a topic Avid Flyers/Rotax 582's doing Aerobatics?   

    That's sort of what I thought.  Don't think I will chance it personally but am curious to see/hear about others who have.  Thanks for the reply!
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