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  1. SkySteve added a post in a topic Gap Seals   

    Here are some photos of my gap seals. I used a Duct Tape product that is clear and made for outdoor use. Very tough and pliable. Heat, cold, sun, etc do not affect it. I also used the full up and tape, then full down and tape method. It does make a difference.

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  2. SkySteve added a post in a topic Engine Swap   

    When I installed my Tiny Tach I had a similar problem. I called the factory(?) importer(?) and was told to an additional length of wire where it was wound around the spark plug wire and wind the extra length around an additional spark plug wire. That solved the problem.

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  3. SkySteve added a post in a topic Steve are ya lost buddy   

    Hey, is everybody here also on the Kitfox Matronics list?  I don't see much activity here so haven't been around for awhile.  I've been testing my Fox during the last week getting ready for it's first flight since my rebuild.  Looks like I'm getting close to the actual first flight, but its snowing again today.  The weather report says it will be snowing until next Monday, today is Thursday.  Eskflyer, I see you have a Kitfox Model 2.  Do you have the bubble doors?  I would like to put some on my Model I but haven't figured out how to, yet.  Any advice?
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  4. SkySteve added a post in a topic Kitfox Bubble Doors   

    I was afraid of that.  The new doors are now complete without any width added.  I may try to bend them a little and later on fabricate some new ones.
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  5. SkySteve added a topic in Kitfox I   

    Kitfox Bubble Doors
    I've completed a rebuild on a Kitfox Model I . . . that is, everything but the doors.  I can't find any kind of bubble door for the Model I.  Any one have ANY ideas.  I tried Murl Williams "wide body" kit, but it didn't fit. 
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