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    I bought a 7 mm wide and 5 m long USB endoscope with LED lighting at the front of the camera via eBay from some company in HongKong and I got it two weeks later via ordinary mail to Sweden. I have  also ordered some crimp tools for coax wires and D-sub pins and it has worked great. I have always received the goods and been surprised of the prices. The payment were made via PayPal. 
    The endoscope was very easy to use, after the CD software was installed, all I had to do was to plug it to the computer and start using it. The software stared automatically on the computer when the USB was plugged in. The intention is to use it to inspect the inside of a broken longeron for corrosion. The plan is first to clean the longeron with the type of steel brush that is used for rifles with an extra extension, push the camera inside, take pictures every 4 inches and take notes on a paper in parallel. Then I can study the pictures thoroughly afterwards and depending on the results, possibly inspect some places closer a second time. 
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