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  1. marshawk added a post in a topic live to fly   

    Hi Rick, glad to see you made it on to this forum,you will get alot of help and ideas ,there are a couple of other guys installing the Yamaha engine  so your in good company. If you need a hand to post up the pics just ask. 
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  2. marshawk added a post in a topic Master Pilot Award   

    That sounds like a cool award and a cool friend,congrats
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  3. marshawk added a post in a topic Subaru E81 head needed   

    I do have some heads for a ea 81, not sure what year there off of but I can take a picture if you can't find anything closer to you
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  4. marshawk added a post in a topic Cooling off in the Clouds   

    Awesome video ,felt like was along for the ride,so cool
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  5. marshawk added a post in a topic HANGER FULL- KITFOX FUSELAGES & PARTS   

    Best of luck to you Ed,do some research on the canibus oil, have read cases of it curing all types of cancer, of course the pharacies dont want you to know that, stay strong.
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  6. marshawk added a post in a topic Just joined the Fat Avid Club   

    Hey Chris ,the Avid is looking good, I ended up adding the 18" extensions to the wing, I did have some binding in the flaperons on my avid + but it was due to crud and water that got into the flaperon pivot area, once we clean them up and got them moving freely I didn't  have any problems in flight. I only got 3 hours on it though in the spring and probably wont get any more testing on it till later this fall.
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  7. marshawk added a post in a topic YAMAHA Genesis (RX-1) install in Kitfox 5   

    There is probably a few different ways to build the motor mount ,we ended up bringing the tail up to level the plane and had a bench on wheels the exact high we needed to sit the RX1 on. When we had all the right angle and measurements from the firewall we installed the larger  main  mount to the motor and then tacked on each of the smaller pieces from the firewall to the main mount, There wasn't much room left from the back of the RX1 to the firewall on my avid but your kitfox may have more room depending on your cowling,
    Good luck on it
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  8. marshawk added a post in a topic Hunting with your Avid/KF series   

    Awesome pictures ,looks like a priceless trip with you and your daughter, very cool
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  9. marshawk added a post in a topic IRMA COMING !!!   

    Good luck to you guys down there ,we been burning up and on evacuation alert pretty much all summer from fires and need rain hopefully we can take some of that out of that monster, be safe
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  10. marshawk added a post in a topic Avid wing tank repair   

    The bottom on  of the baffles and completly seperated from tank and theres a small leak in the tank that im goimg to have to find and seal up,thanks Jim,I"ll check them out
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  11. marshawk added a topic in Avid and Kitfox parts Suppliers   

    Avid wing tank repair
     Does someone know what is used in the avid tanks to bond the baffles to the inside of the  tank, it looks like a white or yellow epoxy maybe. I had a tank gas cap stop venting and the tank expanded enough to seperate the inner baffles off the tank,
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  12. marshawk added a post in a topic Gas tank leaking   

    Does anyone happen to know  what was used on the inside of the wing tanks to seal the fiber glass  baffles in place,it looks like a white or cream color epoxy or something similar.My Gas cap stop venting and my wing tank balloon out from being in the sun and seperated the baffles off the bottom of the tank. I cut some openings in the bottom of the tanks and found alot of chunks of the goop on the inside of the tanks.
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  13. marshawk added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 More pics   

    Very nice work,looks like you will be buzzing around soon
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  14. marshawk added a post in a topic First flight!!!   

    Congrats on the first flight, looks awesome
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  15. marshawk added a post in a topic Ski flying pics   

    Very nice,Looks like Hans plane he flies that little bird to alot of places. He has been up here Ski flying with us a few years ago
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