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  1. marshawk added a post in a topic Converting to a 912   

    Looks good Randy, my soob mount had the same problem with the downward thrust, never did get it flying straight always had that tail low attitude and always needed back pressure on the stick. It will feel like a different plain for sure now that you corrected the thrust line like Leni says
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  2. marshawk added a post in a topic YAMAHA RX-1 (140 HP) install in Kitfox 5   

    Looks great, a lot of good ideas that you are adding to your build ,looks like you will be testing it on some skis very soon
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  3. marshawk added a post in a topic News about Ed (EDMO)   

    Get well Ed,get back here soon as you can
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  4. marshawk added a post in a topic Progress on the extended wings   

    Yes , Looks awesome ,nice work ,did you swap out the soob for the rotax?
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  5. marshawk added a post in a topic Attn: Canadian forum members   

    Im on the west coast as well, sorry,you probably are trying  the kitfox site as well
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  6. marshawk added a post in a topic Wingtip Stall Fences   

    The  weight is 755 Lbs, I cant remember what my cg was but you were right about it being forward, I finally added 10 lbs of weight to the tail wheel bolts today and it made a huge difference, pretty much can let go of the stick and it flys pretty well level and the deploying the flaps is quite a but less nose down now as well. Thanks again Chris for the advice
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  7. marshawk added a post in a topic Wingtip Stall Fences   

    Chris,It will be interesting to see how you make out on the stiffeners, I can only deploy the flaperons about 1/2 of the full travel ,otherwise I run out of elevator,I haven't notice any binding with that amount. I have the model C elevator so hopefully next project will be enlarging it with trim tab. I had the plane loaded with 26 gal of fuel and 2 people and didn't notice any extra binding so far
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  8. marshawk added a post in a topic Wingtip Stall Fences   

    Hi Randy , no problems at all with wing flex and the flaperons. The only problem I have with the flaperons is them freezing up when water seeps into the hinge area. I throw on some lock de-icer and then some silcone lubricant and it solves the problem. I think a person could extrend a really long recipricating saw blade to cut the old one out  but with all the rivet in the spars not sure how I could get the new one in. Do you know if the old inserts were usually epoxied in place or just a tight fit?
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  9. marshawk added a post in a topic Wingtip Stall Fences   

    Thanks Ed,I will keep working on it ,in the mean time its flying fine with the new wings and I know of one other aircraft flying with the same setup,just wont be packing out any moose
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  10. marshawk added a post in a topic Exciting day   

    Congratulations and all the best in whatever you choose to do
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  11. marshawk added a post in a topic Wingtip Stall Fences   

    Im sure its to late to removing existing plywood wing inserts and replace with a longer one now that the wings are cover and painted. .I am wishing I had done this when I did my wing extensions but never thought about it. Did think about extending the struts but wasn't sure about having all the rivet holes from the old location in the spar so in the end just left it alone ,
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  12. marshawk added a post in a topic Subaru EA81   

    Hi Randy, Willy is off on his heli ski guiding adventure for another week or so, he has got a few more hours on his bush caddy and seems to have all the bugs worked out.He is looking for a bit bigger prop to get a little more cruise out of it but other than that we should be getting a lot more ski flying in ,got a huge amount of snow this year
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  13. marshawk added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    At -20c my RX1 engine couldn't seem to spin over fast enough to fire  once it warmed up to -12 or so it started no problem, I only seem to get the shake problem restarting the engine after it has been warmed up, usually a quick shot on the throttle gets it past the low idle shake and it runs smooth but a clutch would diffenently help on the cold starts
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  14. marshawk added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    Been flying my Avid+ on skis with the RX1 engine and she launches out of a foot of snow like its ass is on fire ,lol. So far very happy with the conversion, We have about 3 feet of snow this year almost like the good old days ,I will try and get a video one of these days.

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  15. marshawk added a post in a topic My mk4   

    Hi Jim, I haven't flown it since april, its been a crazy year with wild fires and work so I am trying to  remember the rpm numbers, The pitch is right around 12 degrees, i'm not sure what you mean by the prop hub degree, the hub is 1 degree down from level flight line if thats what you mean,static was 9000 rpm and think I was cruising at 6500 rpm, Empty weight for the fat avid was 755 lb ,  I havent flown it since we re-jetted the carbs so not sure if the numbers will change much, it was running lean.., Cheers
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