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  1. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Metal leading edge?   

    It was used on both of my MK IV heavy hauler wings.  JImChuk
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  2. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic motor mount?   

    Leni is right, Kitfox has 5 mount points. (from top of firewall down)   2 on top, 2 in the middle, and 1 at the bottom.  Avid has 6, 2 at the top, and 4 across the middle of the firewall.   Also, if I remember right, the bottom mount on the Kitfox is 1/4" further out or in then the others.  Also, unless you have the streached Avid fuselage, you will have serious issues with the heavy weight of the Subaru out front where a much lighter engine was originally figured to be.  Then you will have to put a bunch of weight in the tail to get the W&B to work out.  It will end up being a two place aircraft if one is a small kid... :-)  And it you did use a Subaru on the Avid, I believe you are supposed to put an additional mounting point down at the bottom of the fire wall for the motor mount.  Don't you have a nice light 582 for that plane?  If you really want the Subaru engine, I have one I will sell you with an NSI gearbox on it.  Even has a Kitfox 4 mount bolted to it.... JImChuk
    PS  sorry if I got carried away with my answer.  The internet was down all day, and I'm just getting back on line............
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  3. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Spec House Project   

    Wow, that is some interesting dirt you have around there.  Straight sidewalls on the dig.  Looks like you dug it with the skidsteer??  Nice the way you have the bottom so nice and flat as well.  So much easier to work the forms and such.  All poured out also.   I love the smell of concrete in the morning.  (wish I had $100 for every load I emptied)  You are going to have a fun fall.  Stay busy and beat the winter??  Looks good.  JImChuk
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  4. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic fwf value?   

    To start with, the engine should be torn down and inspected and have new seals installed, being that it has sat as long as it has.  Second item is what gearbox is on it.  Both items will effect the price.  If it's been gone through, and has a C box, $3500 should not be out of line at all, in reality, actually maybe a bit low.  A new blue head is about double that, but then it's a new blue head, not a 25 year old gray head.  Also, it all depends on what the market is like.  More people wanting to go to 4 strokes and  away from 2 strokes.  JImChuk
    Was just talking price on engine, noticed afterwards, you said fwf.  I suppose you mean mount and radiators, ect??
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  5. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic c-box   

    A B box looks like the second picture, although an A box looks almost the same except where you see bolt heads holding it together and on to the engine, you will see studs and nuts.  C box and E box look similar, but the E box has a built in electric start.  JImChuk

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  6. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Buying?   

    Pictures, pictures.... JImChuk
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  7. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Bing 54 ?   

    I get my parts from ACS, but to each his own.....:-)  JImChuk
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  8. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Rotax tach question!   

    I never saw a rotax tach with a switch on the back.  Points ignition only fires one spark per revolution, Rotax/Ducati 2 stroke ignition fires two sparks per revolution.  Is this a new install, or did it just start to happen?  JImChuk
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  9. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Annual Condition Inspection (Engine and Airframe Separate?)   

    Here it is.  JImChuk                                                                             
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  10. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes.  I have the Kitfox 1 with the round cowl, and the Avid Flyer, and it's way easier to see over the nose on the Avid, whether in flight or on the ground.  That vision thing is probably my biggest issue with the round cowl.  I believe Kitfox had thoughts of using a radial engine that didn't pan out around the time the round cowl started as well.  JImChuk
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  11. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 questions   

    Another early Kitfox cowl.  That is, before they went to the round cowl.  I really don't know why they stuck with the round cowl all these years, it's way harder to see over then it needs to be, and in my opinion, the early cowl looked better. To bad you are so far away, if you want to part anything out, it's a long way for shipping.  I know of someone who  needs a flaperon.   JImChuk
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  12. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Bush gear topic reopened   

    Made a bit of a mock up today, to see what kind of travel one would get.  I was surprised how much the wheel would move up and down with way less travel on the shock absorber leg.  You can see the lines I made on the conduit that comes out of the copper tube, moving the axel up 6" only move the shock leg 2 1/2".  10" on the wheel moved the shock leg 4".  In the pictures, the top of the copper tube is screwed on where the gear leg would attach on the longeron, the axel shaft fastens about 1" off center of the fuselage.  I probably wont build such a thing, but maybe some one more gifted than me in the welding department might get an idea and go for it.  What to use for the spring/shock absorber?  Bungees would be nice, for weight, but harder to make than springs I'm guessing.  You're still left with what do you do about the shock absorbshun.  Any ideas?  Remember, you have to be able to hook down low on the shock leg for the rear brace leg, and the spring and shock movement happen below that brace.  Does than make sense?  Look at how the Berlinger gear works in the video in my last post.    Anyway,  any thoughts?  JImChuk
    PS  I think the nice thing about this design is it puts the force where it's always been, right up into the gear leg attachment points, and I don't think it stresses anything else really.  The axle leg does pull down on the seat truss where it attaches to it, but only about 1/4 or less of the force on the wheel going up on the other side of the shock leg which becomes  a fulcrum as the axel leg becomes a teter toter in a sense.  

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  13. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Standard door latches   

    That type of latch was used on pre MK IV Avids.  Surprised it's on the MK IV.  Looks good thought.  JImChuk
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  14. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic data plate   

    Like I said on the other site, the DAR is the guy who will issue the airworthness certificate.  He knows what he will sign off on and how to get it. If you intend to fly this aircraft legally once it's completed, you WILL need the services of a DAR.  When do you intend to bring him into the mix? After you made a big mistake or before, when he can warn you to not go that route?   No matter what though, the aircraft can get registered as having been built from parts if the paper trail is not complete back through the previous owners.   I just went and looked for the posts TJay had of his Kitfox 1 registration, there was not a complete paper trail on that plane either.  No paper in fact.  Maybe he will chime in here.  On the other topic in this thread, a data plate is just a piece of metal affixed to the rear of the fuselage.  On my MK IV the builder actually used a blank piece of aluminum and added the wording.  And that plane has been inspected by the FAA (actual FAA official) at least twice.  You can buy a ready made one from any of the aircraft parts catalogs though like this.  http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pspages/nameplate.php?clickkey=5284   JImChuk
    PS  Just thinking more about this, and wondered if any of the previous owners started the registration process?  Was an N # ever issued for the plane?  
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  15. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Hunting with your Avid/KF series   

    The last picture is the best in showing the positives of the Avid Flyer.  Like the other ones as well.  JImChuk
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