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  1. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Avid Airdale with Harley engine on barnstormers   

    I think you are barking up the wrong tree looking for a different set of wings.  I do have a set however that need the rib tails repaired.  These airplanes are not that complicated.  Speedwings have flown these planes ok with a lot less wing area then what you have.  Here are some actual numbers that I would like to see you produce.  Actual location of the CG in inches.  Actual washout in the wings, (use a 4' level and tape measure to see how much difference there is between the most inboard rib front to back and the most outboard rib front to back)  Check both sides for that matter to make sure the wings aren't way out of rig with each other.  Actual diameter of the prop.  And for that matter, Is the prop turning in the correct direction.  Don't laugh at that one, there were posts about this plane about a year ago, and the warp drive prop that was on there then was backwards.   The warp drive label should be on the back side of the blade.  In other words, you should be able to see it from the cockpit.  What is the ratio of the reduction drive?   Lastly, this back and forth on the computer is nice, but I think sometimes an actual conversation with immediate back and forth is more helpful to arrive at a solution.  
    PS  here is the old thread where the prop is on backwards.  www.avidfoxflyers.com/index.php?/topic/5671-airdale/#comment-50957
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  2. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Need Kitfox 4 912 rotax firewall pictures   

    Thanks Paul, you tried and I appreciate that.  Couple of guys on the "other site"  put up a few pics for me, so I think I'll muddle through.  One just went under the starter, which I'm guessing is standard, the other put a small notch in the bump out where the starter was.  I probably should make up a temporary one that misses the starter, and see if my feet hit it when I work the pedals.  That's really all that maters I would say.  JImChuk
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  3. 1avidflyer added a topic in Kitfox IV   

    Need Kitfox 4 912 rotax firewall pictures
    Hi all, I'm back working on my Kitfox 4 rebuild again.  I hung the engine so I could figure how to make the firewall so it wouldn't hit anything that has to be there.  Where I'm seeing an issue is where the firewall will get close to the starter on the bump out for the rudder pedals.  If someone could show a picture of theirs from the side showing how close the firewall gets to the starter that would help me out.  Or for that matter, the angle and distance out of the top of the bump out in relation to the top section of the firewall.  I have the Kitfox style mount that uses the four arms that bolt to the sides of the engine.  Thanks,  JImChuk
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  4. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Avid Airdale with Harley engine on barnstormers   

    Well before I went flying this evening I did some checking.  I pulled a string down the cord of the wing, (front to back) and when the sting was just touching the bottom of the trailing edge, I had the same dimention front and back on the horizontal stabilizer.  That is to say, the bottom front and back of the wing and the horizontal stabilizer are parallel  with one another.  I have the STOL/ Heavy Hauler style ribs, so it is not a flat bottom, but undercamnbered.  If I was you, that is something I would check out as well.  If the front of the stabilizer is to high, the tail will want to come up, but not the nose of the plane.  I have the standard wash out in my Heavy Hauler wings, about 1 1/4" if I remember right.  I'll ask again, and these are some numbers you should know without hardly thinking about it.  What is you empty CG in flying attitude?  What is redline supposed to be for this engine set up?  And some handy info, to know would also be: how much static thrust are you making at full throttle.  At 300 lbs and above, the plane should fly as far as power goes.   JImChuk
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  5. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Avid Airdale with Harley engine on barnstormers   

    What was the static rpm before you adjusted the prop?   Not arguing with your assessment, but I still wonder why my Jabiru powered Avid flys fine with the prop perpendicular to the wing and yours doesn't.  Wonder also how the horizontal stabilizer lined up with the wing on each plane.  Maybe I'll put a straightedge on it when I go to the hangar after I finish typing this message.  Also, did you ever say what your CG numbers are?  JImChuk
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  6. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Bringing a Kitfox 1 back to life   

    PM me your address and I'll send you some of those O rings for the tops of the carbs.  I bought a hundred pack from Mcmaster Carr, and will never use all of them.  JImChuk
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  7. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic 582 unexplainable stoppage   

    Thanks Nick for looking.  I didn't remember there being a plug for that hole.  Maybe would make sense though.   But I guess Rotax expected the engine to run plugs up.  It is a perfect place for something to fall into though
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  8. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Grass strip help....bumpy.   

    Well I've never lived in the south, but my mother was born and raised about 20 miles south of Mena,  Arkansas.  The grader actually worked pretty good, although it takes a good sized tractor to pull it.  The blade is 9' wide.  I built it when I extended my runway about 4 years ago.  JImChuk

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  9. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic 582 unexplainable stoppage   

    That's not a GPL starter then, they go off at 90 degrees to the crankshaft.  Here is the hole I'm referring to.  Probably should have a rubber plug in it or something, but it would be open by the starter gear anyway.  JImChuk

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  10. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Losing weight from the turtle deck   

    Avids didn't usually have the windows in the turtle deck.  I can't turn that far around to see out the back anyway so it doesn't matter.  JImChuk
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  11. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Talk to me Goose   

    Sent you a PM.  JImChuk
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  12. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic 582 unexplainable stoppage   

    I'm talking about the opposite end of the engine.  I believe there is a hole back there where you can see the flywheel.  Something falling in there could jam things perhaps.  Maybe I'll remember to look at my engine when I go back to the hangar after supper.  I'll get a pic then if my memory is correct.  JImChuk
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  13. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic What model is it?   

    Ya, I would think you got a deal.  Even more so in a way being where you are.  There are more bits and pieces floating around in the USA.  Looks like two sets of wings, and the grove gear is worth what you paid for it if it will clean up.  Typed this and then saw your reply, probably no serial # on the fuselage.  Don't think Avid put them on.  JImChuk
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  14. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic 582 unexplainable stoppage   

    Is it possible that something fell into the PTO end of the engine while you were working?  Seems to me I remember a hole there where you can see the flywheel through.  I'll have to look at one of my 582s.  Something else to consider at any rate.  JImChuk
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  15. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Talk to me Goose   

    The A model is 36" wide at the top of the seat.  Did you close the doors when you both sat in the plane?  That is just a static port on the back of the VSI and the altimeter.  Connecting them to a static port may give a more stable reading, but not a whole lot.  You can T them into the ASI static port line as well.  A friend of mine had an A model Avid, and he was a big guy.  He made a joy stick with an offset in it so it was more in the middle, and he flew with his feet on the outside rudder pedals and sat in the center of the plane.  I do have a couple of 582s available yet as well.  Both were inspected, had new seals and such installed last summer.  One has never ran, the other has 160 hrs.  JImChuk
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  16. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Insurance prices   

    I suppose somewhat.  Don't know what they consider low TW time where they would bump  up the price though.  I say give them a call.  (knowledge is power :-)     JImChuk
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  17. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Insurance prices   

    500 K liability, $417 for the year.  Falcon was up to $636 after being $366 for years.  JImChuk
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  18. 1avidflyer added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Insurance prices
    This topic comes up often, and I'll tell what I can about it.  I've always had Falcon and a year ago, the price almost doubled for no good reason.  I had no new claims or accidents or anything, and I heard that many others had their prices go up almost double as well.  I was going to have to renew soon, so I checked out Avemco finally as they are always sending advertisements in the mail, and just now got a policy with them.  For the same coverage, it is 35% less then Falcon.  Wasn't to hard to jump ship at that rate.  Maybe this will help someone else.  It seems it pays to shop around sometimes.  JImChuk
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  19. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Grass strip help....bumpy.   

    If by bumpy, you mean lots of small depressions where maybe the sod isn't as thick, maybe you should add some more black dirt and pull a drag up and down it so you are just filling those low spots.  Would the field be smooth if the grass had all grown in even?  The other way it could get bumpy is if you had moved quite a bit of dirt in some places, and not so much in others.  In time the ground will settle, and the thicker filled areas will settle more and will go down further then the lesser filled areas.  That will lead to more ups and downs.  I've had to deal with both situations on my strip.  If its more of the latter, then add more black dirt and use a drag that will knock off the humps, and fill in the low spots at the same time.  I have a roller that I pull up and down the strip every once and a while, but if the ground is hard, it won't do a whole lot.   I hated to start tearing up the strip also, but I was tired of the bumps as well.  Here is what I used.  The drag is made from an old truck frame, and is 26' long from hitch to wheels.  I pulled it with my tractor and raised it with the hydraulic hitch for height adjustment.  The roller is an old 5' high water tank filled with sand.  Not finding a picture of the roller just now, but I've thought about making another one with a 2' or 2.5' diameter X 8' long sonotube filled with concrete.  It would need some rebar in it as well, and I would use car or truck spindles on the ends to attach the hitch to the roller.  JImChuk

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  20. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Bungees   

    I don't see anything weird about that.....  In fact I resemble that remark.  JImChuk 
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  21. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic First Flight   

    And if at all possible find a grass strip.  You very well may come in crossed up a bit, of course in the Cub you are looking through the center of the prop, and subconsciously you may want to do the same thing with the Kitfox.  The round tapered cowl will work against you in the same way.  Put an aiming point on the windshield that you can line up when you look way down the field when you are taxing straight.  Use that aim point for landing at first and it will probably help you.  If you touch down crossed up on grass, you may slide and straighten out, on pavement, you are off to the races, (and the starting line is off in the weeds somewhere).  A quick glance at the ball will tell you that you are crossed up as well, but you have to look away from the runway to see it.  Have fun, and be careful!  JImChuk
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  22. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Kitfox 1 aka "Foxy Brown"   

    They are about the same size as the stringers in the wings that hold the ribs from moving sideways.  They are on each side and the bottom.  This is a 3, but the 1 should be the same.  JImChuk

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  23. 1avidflyer added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Hi pitched IVO prop blades on a 582???
    Just wondering if anyone has used the IVO high pitched blades on a 582.  They are 68" three blade on a 3-1 gearbox.   IVO said they will be okey, and I'm just wanting to double check here.  Standard blades can be set from  18" to 50" of pitch, high pitch ones are from 35" to 70" of pitch.  JImChuk
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  24. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Cloquet MN Flyin 2019   

    I didn't make it either.  Some how I missed the conditional inspection for the plane, and my AnP helped me out this afternoon.  I did end up flying for a bit over an hour this evening though....  
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  25. 1avidflyer added a post in a topic Questions on my wings and plywood   

    I'm having a hard time seeing for sure what is what on the ribs.  Are they graying from exposure to weather?  If it was more the false ribs that were poor, it's fairly easy to make up a bunch of new ones of them with a router table, and some 1/8" thick aircraft plywood.  Looks like some one did a poor job on the fiberglass, can you peal off everything that's loose, and then maybe sand off the rest of the junk with a belt sander with out going through the original tank, and then redo the fiberglass?  JImChuk
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