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  1. Tree top pilot added a post in a topic Why is this here??   

    Some scrap metal I have collected in NC and SC over some 20+ years. What's in the pan was from last outing on French Broad river...good hobby. Usually run a small highbanker with a small Honda pump.

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  2. Tree top pilot added a post in a topic Jabiru Props   

    Frank makes my props...has a good standing with a lot of folks and a vast knowledge of the trade. Give him a call
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  3. Tree top pilot added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Might be a fun thing to have
    Been on B-Stmrs for a while .. looks nice
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  4. Tree top pilot added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    question about uncert lite fabric
    I have to recover some of my tail surfaces and have found a stash of fabric in a duffel bag in my parts bay. Its a bit wrinkled...OK a lot. You think it would be safe to use? I am not sure if it will iron smooth...guess have to try and see. Last batch I got in was folded from ACS....but not balled up in a gunnysack like this. Hate to just throw out 4 yards of 1.7......Thanks in advance
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  5. Tree top pilot added a post in a topic Old set of KF wings   

    OK it was late and I know there are 2 boxes full of parts that go with the wings. I seen a bundle of cables in a bag marked wings in one box. The linkages that drop to the mixer are not there. Thinking I can pick all up for 1500 - maybe less. It was late when all was looked over. This guy had lots of airplane stuff going on at one time from what I seen. Maybe getting things not KF.
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  6. Tree top pilot added a topic in 4-strokes   

    radial awesomeness
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  7. Tree top pilot added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Old set of KF wings
    I have a chance to get a deal into a set of KF3 wings..{abandoned project} least that is what I was told. The issue I have with them is that the spars seems to have been sanded with a less aggressive sanding for rib bonding. Closest I could duplicate to compare was 320 grit on a scrap piece of aluminum. I would like to get them for a spare set or for a future project. Would you go ahead and pick them up? They are in very nice condition...never covered and is still in a storage building. Have been fitted to a fuselage somewhere...but comes with everything that relates to the wings...even flaperon cables. They are not far from me and I really want to get this deal. Just concerned....maybe overthinking again. The covering should lock everything in tight. Work on them is very nice to say the least...hate to undo anything on them.
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  8. Tree top pilot added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Question about polyfiber 420 epoxy
    I have called them and sent e-mails to get an answer if the 420 epoxy has to be top coated to make it UV proof in the cabin area. They have not even offered a reply much less a chance to make me buy more stuff. I know most automotive epoxies will break down in sunlight pretty fast without something to seal it.  Does anyone have any tubing that is just epoxied and holding up well in the cabin area? I want to leave out anything that isn't really I like the white finish. Thanks in advance
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  9. Tree top pilot added a post in a topic MTOW mod question   

    Well here is a picture of the lift strut attach point. The fuse is upside down. I could only weld a strap about 1" away from the bolt as the strut goes over top and bottom of this cluster. This tube is 3/4" x .035". Wing attach tubes are 3/4 x.035 front and 7/8 x .035 rear...had to replace that one. Keep in mind my MTOW is less than 600lds.

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  10. Tree top pilot added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    MTOW mod question
    Wasn't there a post{ I cant locate it} about a strap of molly welded to the underside of the lift strut carry through tube to help in increasing limits? Would like to see if there is info on that subject...pretty sure its here somewhere....a simple addition for me at this point for safety sake. BTW my tube is 3/4 " x .035.
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  11. Tree top pilot added a post in a topic skyraider super   

    Nice! Would like to see the elevator and rudder in more detail. How many hinge points are on each surface? Does it have the spar stiffeners inside the wing spars out by the attach bracket? Must be nice to have a rocket ship.....
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  12. Tree top pilot added a post in a topic Wt and Balance help needed   

    Thanks for all the help....We will go back out to the hangar and set his plane up again and get every station documented, marked with plumb-barbara...his plumb has breasts. I have the spreadsheet and will follow EAA suggested method and compare the outcomes. This should be interesting compared to what we had to work with...not much.
    Ed...we both have undercamber wings....ribs are nearly identical to a point .
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  13. Tree top pilot added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Wt and Balance help needed
    My friend has a Skyraider single place similar to what I have been working at. We have not been able to locate any info on how to correctly balance these planes. He will fly way before I get to. So this is ALL the info we have. Not much good for us. Any help will be greatly appreciated. We have 17" tires so the negative moment is -8.5" from LE datum. We tend to think this is loaded ready for flight measurements for correct CG.

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  14. Tree top pilot added a post in a topic Working out issues with brackets   

    In the works as time and funds allow. Working with another engineer on FEA testing on flight loads and other scenarios that it will have to endure. Then when the 1rst one is built it will be loaded until it breaks something. Right now it looks like 15 ribs and no compression struts per wing. The ply ribs are too much work to make and heavy when sealed. We have found in a search "Kitplanes for Africa". Downloaded the PDF build manual and really like the spar reinforcement. Simple yet effective. Now there is when carbon fiber will excel layered with another material to withstand compressive loads. I just can't get the numbers with carbon spars to settle enough to trust them...too many variables. Still teetering on an extruded "I" beam spar. Still retaining the fold option as well. One thing is that titanium has fallen in price. That's another good weight saver. Took out my control stick{steel} and replaced with titanium .040 wall. lost 5 ozs in that alone. Grandfather always said- take care of the pennies and the dollars will mind themselves....wish I knew then what I know now. So as my work and health hold out...we will plunder onward with all these endless projects. Simple things like moving the attach point out on the spars help a lot....even 8 inches. Compressive loads go up but the wing seems to accept gust loading the computer. We are still looking at every piece of info we can to cherry pick areas for improvement. Already a pile of metal to the recyclers. Lots of tests.
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  15. Tree top pilot added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Working out issues with brackets
    Trying to help a friend.....has led to a long and expensive project for both of us. Nearing completion of a rock solid set of dies to make parts....lots to plan ahead for here. Next up is a die set for aluminum ribs. 1000 bar of pressure using rubber press pad over solid positive die. Will require compression struts or extra ribs....more testing on that later. Looking into lighter, stronger wings without carbon spars. this will save a lot of rib associated problems and flaperon issues over time. The "sticks" in the pink foam are my tungstens for the tig machine...keeps sharp ones handy. Last but not least...some of my welding porn.

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