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  1. boxwrench added a post in a topic Over heating on Rotax 670   

    I agree with the airfow comments.  If you look at that big muffler sticking out the bottom of the cowling the top half is actually deflecting air up into the bottom cowling.  I would try a temorary piece of aluminum attatched to the bottom cowling to bottom of muffler and add a lip around the rest of thr bottom cowling opening.  You can put huge radiators on it but if the air does not flow through them they will still not cool the water/antifreeze.
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  2. boxwrench added a post in a topic Throttle Body Injection on 2 Bangers!   

    I have had several quicksilver ultralights with the 503 on them.  I was running dual bings on one of them and switched it out for a single bing and you could feel the power loss by going to a single.  Both carb setups had the right needles and jetting and running same egts.  I know this is on a draggy ultralight that has a cruise speed of 40 mph.  I don't know for sure but have been told by many people the dual carb on the 503 was good for over 5 hp.  Also working on a T-bird (582 with dual bings) and switching from the big silent airbox to the k&n style airfilter and had to get new needle jets, main jets and needles and they said I would gain 5 hp just by doing this change.
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  3. boxwrench added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    soob drivers, need pics
    I am starting to work on my airdale again and was wondering if the guys running soobs could post some pics of the engine installation.  I have the stratus conversion mounted on plane but nothing hooked up.  I would like to see where you are mounting coils, routing fuel and water lines.  Also if you are running a cabin heater how it is set up.  One last thing is there a remote mount for the oil filter my filter is up tight on firewall.  Thanks, Mark
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  4. boxwrench added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    metalized wings
    I read on here someone said something about metalized wings. Found this one on craigslist and it says it has metalized wings. I might get ahold of him to see what he actually did or how he did it.
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  5. boxwrench added a topic in Fat Avids, Avid Plus and Airdale   

    Airdale build
    Since there is not an airdale section yet I will be posting my build in this thread, with plenty of pictures. Here are a few pics to get started. This is the condition I bought it in, the only thing I have done is get it home and remove the wings. I like the huge baggage area, adjustable seats, more leg room, bigger instrument panel and the stratus subaru. My hope is that I will have it ready to fly by spring.

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  6. boxwrench added a post in a topic another avid +   

    I got the leading edge cutout from you on sat. Thanks again for it.
    I dont know what the GW of the airdale wing is or what wing it is but from what I have seen it is supposed to be 1400lbs. I have been calling Bret at Airdale for a week and still no call back from him so I will be calling kitfox on monday to see what comes with the wing kit from them.

    Thanks for the pics of the ribs. The wing has about 2.5" of twist as far as I can tell.It seems like alot to me. The inboard edge of the wing is flat on a saw horse and I took a pic of the outboard end. Take a look and see what you think.

    I am starting a new thread with pics of the build as I go. Thanks

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  7. boxwrench added a post in a topic another avid +   

    I will get some pics in the next few days, I think I will start a new thread for it so I can keep people updated on it. If there is any certain thing you want a pic of just ask. I forgot about the stiffner in the spar until you reminded me about that and it does have the 1" wing struts and the heavy adjustable rod end. The rod end must be 3/4" od on the threads, I think they call it the magnum rod end. Will get pics of that also.

    will take a look at it when I get it. If I stay with these wings I will install it the right way according to your template.

    I looked at taking the twist out of the wing but it has the aluminum on the top of the wing over a foot back from the leading edge and it is hysoled to every rib, so I dont think it is feasable to try and rework these wings. I am just thinking that with that much twist it will slow me down alot. The other option I have is sell these and build a set that I want. Any takers for a set of wings??? I have been calling Brett at airdale but no answer or call back yet on the price of a wing kit. Any suggestions as to what to do with the wings, maybe get a kitfox 7 wing kit for it or a eurofox wing would be nice.

    Thanks, Mark
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  8. boxwrench added a post in a topic another avid +   

    Upon further researching this plane it is actually the Airdale. I was getting confused looking at all the pics on here of the avid+'s and seeing the gear attach are and push pull cables for the flaperons being diff. Well hopefully that is a good sign as it has alot more leg room to the rudder pedals as my model C does. I pulled some measurements and found it is onlt 1" wider at the shoulder are and 4" wider at the instrument panel than my model C. But the bubble doors seem to be wider than the C and these doors have opening windows, a big plus.

    What do you guys think of the washout in the wings, mine appear to have quite a lot of twist. I am more going for speed for this bird as opposed to super stol capabilities, western MN is pretty flat. How much faster is the speed wing vs stol wing, anybody have any speeds to compare.

    I do have the speed wing and the LE kit appears to be mounted lower on my wing than in the pic you put on here. I dont think that will matter much as I will be tearing the wing down for recover and change it then. The LE kit was an after thought as it is glued on top of the original fabric. It appears as he glued it on with poly tac not hysol so it should be somewhat easy to remove. The wings do NOT have the steel drag tubes or plywood gussets in either and from what I have read on here than should be done for the 1400lb gross.

    Thanks again, Mark
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  9. boxwrench added a post in a topic another avid +   

    Ed, did you fly the airplane with and without them. Is it suppose to help speed or stol performance. I was wanting to check and make sure they are installed correctly. I called kitfox and he said it was not designed for the avid only the kitfox so he would not tell me anything about it. How is the progress coming on the ribblet desing? If you could send me a template that would be great. Let me know if you want something for it or shipping.

    Mark Borgerson
    10045 20th st sw
    Montevideo, MN 56265
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  10. boxwrench added a post in a topic another avid +   

    Well we made it back to MN with it still in one piece (2711 miles round trip). The fuselage is in good condition, a little fabric work and it will be ready for paint. The wings on the other hand are another story. They were built previously and flown on another plane. It appears he put the extensions and the plastic leading edge on and was in the process of getting ready to paint. I will be pulling all fabric off wing to recover for a few reasons. First off the overall cover on the wings are not that good. Second he put what appears to be glazing putty on the fabric to smooth off where the leading edge kit stops abd it is chipping off. Third I have no idea what drag tubes are installed in the wing and I would like to go to the 1320 gross wieght. On the plus it does have the thick spars on the wings. So with all that said said does anybody have any input as to the leading edge kit that is installed. It is plastic with an I-beam type construction in between factory leading edge and the plastic leading edge, running the length of the wing. Thanks, Mark
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  11. boxwrench added a post in a topic another avid +   

    Yup Ed it is THE John Larson so I dont think I have to worry to much about something not being done right on it. I am heading out this morning, about 3am, to go get it and will have more info on it then. I am sure I will have plenty of questions about it when I get back. One question I do have is how long is the standard speed wing vs the extended speed wing. The spar on this one measures 13'. Thanks guys, Mark
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  12. boxwrench added a topic in Fat Avids, Avid Plus and Airdale   

    another avid +
    Just bought myself an unfinished avid plus. It is the one listed on barnstormers in Idaho. Hope to go get it this weekend although not looking forward to the 2600 mile round trip. I suppose i should introduce myself first. My name is mark and I am an a&p ia and run my own maintenance shop in west central MN. I currenty have an avid c that i fly and have for sale. It has been a fun machine but was looking for something with a little more room, hopefully this fits the bill. The avid+ has a new subaru stratus on it with the speed wing. It is all through fabric and ready for paint and instrument panel. Oh and the guy that deigned the avid+ ,Jonh Larson, is the guy that has build it to the stage it is at. Any input on it would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
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