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  1. 6320012s added a post in a topic Suggestions for cleaning critters out of spars???   

    I would get a piece of 1/2 pvc, plug the end with epoxy putty and drill about 4   1/16 holes angled away from the plugged end.  Insert it full length and then use compressed air to sweep the junk back out the fuselage end as you withdraw the pipe.  Repeat until clean.  Could also use water if air is not vigorous enough.  Could also use a sewer jetter tip on the end of an air hose. 
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  2. 6320012s added a post in a topic Oratex covering   

    Since I'm not done yet to know how much scrap I ended up with, I don't know how much it takes to cover a kitfox, but I'm guessing your $6100 number is probably conservative.   I think the exchange rate has some impact on the price too.   But I wouldn't look at it that way.   I would look at it from the perspective of what is the best long term product.  Buy what you need for the wings and get those done..  If you have scraps big enough, do the tail feathers.  By then, you will have a pretty good idea on what you need for the rest of the fuselage, and your bank account will be pumped up again.  I would definitely use the oratex for the whole bird.  The only down side is that it is a bit tough to do fancy color schemes without resorting to painting the accent color.  But that is definitely not the end of the world.  I just don't have any experience with that yet.  As far as the sales job from Lars, he has been very helpful to me, and pretty much everything has been as advertized with the exception of getting everything I needed the first shot.  The factory screwed up and didn't send out the glue with the fabric.  Took another 3 weeks or so to get the glue.  Hope that helps.  
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  3. 6320012s added a post in a topic Oratex covering   

    Back to the Oratex, I am putting 600 on my kitfox wings and it is a pretty sweet system.  Definitely a huge time saver.  I think I have about $2000 in the material for the wings.   The 600 is definitely tougher than the ceconite I have on the rest of the plane, but not as tough as the 6000.  If I was to do the whole plane, I'd do the areas prone to rock damage with 6000 and the rest with 600.  The only issue I see with it is it is difficult to get it tight in areas with alumnium underneath.  I put aluminum lids on my fiberglass wing tanks, and I've had trouble getting it to shrink enough. I think I'm just not getting aggressive enough with the heat.  I'll be back to it in a few weeks and post some pictures. 
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  4. 6320012s added a post in a topic My new and first plane   

  5. 6320012s added a post in a topic My new and first plane   

    I don't know if you have flown it yet, but I see that your brakes are set up in the stock configuration.. ie. if your toe is on the opposite brake from your rudder input, as the opposing pedal comes into your foot, the brake gets depressed giving oposite braking to your rudder input.   This condition is a Ground Loop intensifier.    I corrected the problem by connecting the fixed end of the brake cylinder to the floor instead of the rudder cross tube.  As a result, the more rudder you give, the easier it is to add brake.  To get it all right requires a bit of fussing, but it reduces your chances of ground loop in the first 100 hrs by at least half and greatly improves control on hard surfaces.  Have fun!
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  6. 6320012s added a post in a topic Simonini Victor 2   

    110 hp at 114lbs and half the fuel burn of a 582 is pretty interesting to me!  I'd rather pack the extra pounds in the cockpit than in the engine.  Hence the question, has anyone heard anything about this motor? 
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  7. 6320012s added a topic in Rotax and other engines   

    Simonini Victor 2
    I just ran across this engine by accident.  Has anyone heard anything about them?  It looks to be a lot like Leni's 800 idea.  http://simoniniusa.com/?page=Engines&Engine=Victor-2
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  8. 6320012s added a post in a topic NEW FARBIC - NO PAINT?   

    Its been A while since I paid any attention to this thread.   So far I have one wing complete and the other one ready to cover.  Using the Oratex 600 was a piece of cake once I got the hang of shrinking it over aluminum.   (the aluminum on my leading edge sucked up much of the heat, requiring a more aggressive use of the iron)   I am guessing I have no more than 8 hrs covering the one wing, and it looks really good.  My Oratex cost for covering the wings was $3000, but I may have gotten more tape than I really needed since it comes in fixed length rolls.  Hope to get back to it in the next month.   Being the lighter of the two grades, the 600 is certainly not as tough as the 600, but it is still a lot tougher than the ceconite I had before.   I decided to use the 600 on the wings where there is less potential for rock damage.   If I was to do the whole plane, I would probably do 6000 on the belly and underside of tail and do the rest in 600.   For anyone who values his time and doesn't want the wife going on about the fumes, Oratex is great stuff.
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  9. 6320012s added a post in a topic PLASTIC STRUT FAIRINGS?   

    I haven't tried it yet, but my plan is to hysol a strip of 3/32 plywood to the trailing edge of the strut and wrap it in orotex.   Orotex is pretty easy to work with and tough as nails. It should also be a lot easier to fare out the root than the plastic  farings. 
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  10. 6320012s added a post in a topic Going Ivo IFA   

    Did you get the ultralight prop or the medium?
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  11. 6320012s added a post in a topic Looking for info on landing gear options   

    I'm a fan of the grove gear only because it puts the wheels wider and about 4" forward of the origninal.  Between the grove gear and fixing the brake pedal geometry, I can land on pavement with confidence.... However, too many agressive landings may have stressed the clamping bolts/nuts.  When doing the post mortem, it appeared the nuts stripped off the right clamp leaving the clamp nowhere to be found and a wild ride on touchdown.  When I get back in the air, it will be with 3/8 bolts instead of 5/16 with two nuts instead of one. 
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  12. 6320012s added a post in a topic NEW FARBIC - NO PAINT?   

    Thanks for the links.  Just spent a couple hours looking into it, and I think I'll be an Avidfox guinea pig.   It looks like putting the 600 on my new KF4 wings will save a ton of time and will be a better product than polyfiber.  Only problem is color.  I really don't want another coat of paint on the fuselage, but am not wild about painting the wings either.  My viable color options are cub yellow, a dark blue or white.   Am leaning toward white with blue flaperons to match current blue.  Already got rid of the orange tail feathers.   Maybe I'll just go with a circus clown approach and keep the wing covers on year round.
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  13. 6320012s added a post in a topic Lake Louise Trip   

    I'd love to see your gps track.  
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  14. 6320012s added a post in a topic Contemplating Frankenstein   

    Thanks for all the info.   I am getting symetrical flaperons and lift/jury struts along with the wings.  Leni, from what you are saying, sounds like my mixer is essentially a KF 4 mod. at least in function.   With any luck I'll have a couple weeks of ski flying yet this year.
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  15. 6320012s added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Contemplating Frankenstein
    Well, I just put money down on a set of KF 4 wings. Need covering and a few repairs.  Hopefully it is the quickest way to get back in the air....... However, they are going on a KF 3 Fuselage.  Any thoughts about the downside of this monster?  I understand the KF 4 tail feathers are larger, and the mixer is different.  I believe I have a KF4 mixer.. roughly, bu not sure what other consequences might be waiting to bite me in the butt.
    Since the prop was "delaminated" in my last mix up, I'll be biting on an IVO IFA.  What do you all expect my cruise will come in at?
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