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  1. EDMO added a post in a topic Removing Hysol   

    Just to clarify my post about sanding the Hysol high spots with 100 grit - Although Kitfox says to sand out scratches on the spars with 100 grit, that is to be followed by finer sanding and polishing.  I didn't mean for you to sand close enough to scratch the spars - just to take off the high spots of Hysol.  Also, tightening fabric with a moving iron at 250F is not like holding the heat gun in one spot directly on the spars at that temperature.   EDMO
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  2. EDMO added a post in a topic Some good fun!!!   

    I think Leni may have the right attitude if you want to remain under the radar - Paint it like 10,000 others!  To the public, they are all Piper Cubs!  EDMO
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  3. EDMO added a post in a topic poor braking action   

    From what I have read, the inserts only give you about 10% more braking pressure - probably not worth the expense in your case.  I believe that 2.5:1 is the MC leverage that Matco showed on their drawings - check that out.  George at Matco is very helpful and you should try calling him if the better Pedal/MC ratio don't fix the problems.  EDMO
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  4. EDMO added a post in a topic Airdale's Bush Gear   

    TJay,  Just my way of thinking, but I believe that each spring should support 1/2 of the loaded weight of the plane somewhere near the top or first inch of travel of the spring.  Maybe that is how they calculated the springs, even tho they didn't have enough travel?  I don't know what kind of leverage forces are involved there.  1600#/inch sounds like serious overkill to me.
    I would think that you might be able to find some stronger springs with more travel before bottoming out?  I would think that some spring company (maybe McMaster-Carr?) would let you list your specs, and guide you to the spring that meets your needs?  EDMO
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  5. EDMO added a post in a topic Flaperons not lined up   

    "a good A&P" must be one familiar with tube & fabric planes, preferably Kit-Planes - lots of them only know about factory spam cans.  Another Avid/Fox builder might be as good or better than an A&P.  Take your time to evaluate it - it may not be as hard to fix as you think.  Good Luck,  EDMO
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  6. EDMO added a post in a topic Flaperons not lined up   

    Several builders have worried about the wingtips or flaperons not being the same when folded - This is not nearly as important as how everything matches when the wings are unfolded in the flying position.  A minor difference of only 1 degree at the rear spar pivot point can make as much as 2.5" difference at the wing tips when they are folded.   I think that the Magnum with Finch tips needs a little difference to keep the tips from touching when folded?
    (.017" per degree x inches of length)   .017"x144"=2.448"   EDMO
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  7. EDMO added a post in a topic Solid Lexan Turtle Deck   

    Me too!  Still kicking my ass for not buying a nosedragger Kitfox 5 or Avid kit back in '97 - Would have cost less and have more value than my scratch-built, and lots more flying hours on it since then - But it has been fun trying to build my own, while flying other planes!  EDMO
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  8. EDMO added a post in a topic Airdale's Bush Gear   

    Leni posted a chart of the springs on here giving the specs for all of them - it should be on the chart.  I think I bought that one too for my nosegear.  But, I just checked it and didnt see that spring # listed.  I think it may be 325#/inch?   At least, that is what I put on a card sometime ago.   EDMO
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  9. EDMO added a post in a topic Airdale's Bush Gear   

    TJay,  Did you use the 390#/inch springs that Leni used?  If so, it sounds like maybe time to try some rubber or Polyurethane donuts to compare - after you fix the toe-out.  EDMO
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  10. EDMO added a post in a topic Solid Lexan Turtle Deck   

    Guess I may be one of the "cheap builders" - That seems like it is still a high price to pay for something you can quickly make?  A piece of 4'x4' Lexan and a couple of 1" aluminum angles bought locally and a few bolts or rivets wont cost you over $60, or so, or you could just bend the Lexan and not need the angles, bolts or rivets.  EDMO
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  11. EDMO added a post in a topic MKIV Bent elevator control   

    Guess that I too, should have been more specific - Kitfox uses 1/4-28 threads with 3/16 crossbolt.  I may have the numbers for it, or even a spare, but you should be able to find them in Spruce catalog.  I really like the extra strap that was shown on the Catalina.  Good Show!  EDMO
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  12. EDMO added a post in a topic Why is this here??   

    One dozer driver dug up a 22 POUND solid Gold nugget while I was up there - About drove everyone nuts!  EDMO
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  13. EDMO added a post in a topic MKIV Bent elevator control   

    Or check on equivalent Aurora part - They are usually cheaper and have same specs.  EDMO
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  14. EDMO added a post in a topic We Got The Pinks   

    Great News TJay,  Cant wait to see it / you in the air over the E-fields of Iowa soon.  Oh, I'm sorry that you got some of the snow I had ordered to keep Jim happy on skis - I will try to be more specific the next time I order it.  ;<)  EDMO
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  15. EDMO added a post in a topic MKIV Bent elevator control   

    No wonder that these are bending & breaking, with tiny 10-32 threads!  Kitfox uses 1/4-28 threads which are much stronger.  You can buy those too.  EDMO
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  16. EDMO added a post in a topic BeLite Floats   

    No other info in the article except that they plan on making floats.  I wonder what the price will be, since the basic plane kit is $12K.  I agree with what you said.  EDMO
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  17. EDMO added a topic in Avid and Kitfox parts Suppliers   

    BeLite Floats
    Interesting article in June 2018 Kitplanes mag about the new 2-place BeLite CHIPPER Kitplane - Also mentioned that they are planning to make floats for the 1232 GW bird - Bet that they will be the lightest floats yet?   EDMO
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  18. EDMO added a post in a topic Curious fawns   

    That's a cute little dinosaur descendant photo of the Hummingbird.  My College Geology teacher, who was also a Palentologist (SP?) and got to name the latest dinosaur found in Alaska, said that there was about a 100 Trillion to 1 chance of us ever being here.  Maybe she was right?  It's too much for my tiny brain to figure out.  I just wonder why the dinosaurs came first for hundreds of millions of years, if we are supposed to be "The Chosen Ones"?  Maybe the Dinosaur Farts were needed to produce the Ozone layer to protect us from the Sun?    EDMO 
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  19. EDMO added a post in a topic 26” bushwheel ?   

    Jamie,  I remember Randy's post and photo, but I don't think he described the process he used - My memory is not good now, but sometimes it is right.   EDMO
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  20. EDMO added a post in a topic Better Avid Gear   

    IMO,  You would probably break the four attachment bolts before damaging the steel 1.25 axles - They have been used on heavier planes than yours.  Not much difference in the 1.25 and the 1.5 axle strengths.   I don't know about aluminum, if that is what Matco makes, but I think the weakest part would be the attachment plate on the axle.    EDMO
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  21. EDMO added a post in a topic Selling aircraft/widow's liability   

    An older lady lived in the house across the street, next to about 100 acres of vacant forest land, from the house I had just bought in 2005 - I had big dumptrucks bringing rock for the foundation of a circle drive I was going to put concrete on.  She told the older couple who lived next door to me that the trucks caused a tree to fall, (about 200 feet from her house and the street), in the forest.  I figured then that I might get a lawsuit for that or anything else she could blame on me, like a crack in her foundation.  Fortunately, it never came, but I never trusted her after that.  You never know how a lawyer will try to make money!   But, as Joey said, and what I have heard from others: "There have been no successful lawsuits against the seller of an Experimental plane."  
    I wish someone would copy and post the EAA Liability Disclaimer Clause on here.  EDMO
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  22. EDMO added a post in a topic Spring Loaded Avid Nosegear attachment 4 Sale   

    Yes, ChrisB got it for a friend to put on a (Genisis?).  EDMO
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  23. EDMO added a post in a topic Selling aircraft/widow's liability   

    I hope you can convince her that the liability clause will protect her, but that no part of the plane needs to be cut or destroyed - She only needs to check the "Salvage" on the registration and send that to the FAA, making it no longer a registered plane, and then selling all the parts, (even to one person), for less money than she would have gotten for a registered plane.  EDMO
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  24. EDMO added a post in a topic Removing Hysol   

    I believe my Kitfox manuals say to sand any scratches on the spars with 100 grit sandpaper - I believe that sanding was also recommended in the places where you apply Hysol, followed by an alcohol wipe?  I would have to check the manuals for the exact instructions.  You probably only need to sand the high spots of the Hysol, and try the tanks for fit before gluing them in.  My 12 gallon Kitfox tanks only replaced one rib for each tank because Kitfox ribs are about 17 1/2" apart.  EDMO
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  25. EDMO added a post in a topic Removing Hysol   

    Totally unofficial - But best I know is to keep it under 250F.  You can use a sander and not have to heat it - It don't have to be perfectly clean because the Hysol or Silicone will bond to the old too - I would rather use the Silicone caulk since it is easier to remove tanks later on.   EDMO
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