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    Thank you for all the suggestions. I have heard the two pieces of aluminum on either side. I have done tons of metal fabrication so I think this I will beef all of them up.

    This plane was actuall #6 from Avid in 1983 and was used a oshgosh for a demo to see the plane. It had tricycyle gear and tail dragger so I am trying to put it back in original configuration in a tricycle gear format with the original 2si motor.
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    Broken Flaperon pivot point
    I have a Avid Model A I just bought. It is acually #6 from Avid and was built by the creators of this plane. Anyway I just bought it and in transport two of the flaperon poviot points at the end of the wing rib broke. Does anyone know the quick and proper way to fix these. It has new fabric on the wings so I would prefer not to have to recover the whole wing.

    See attached picture


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