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  1. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Avid 1581 is getting close   

    I've got huge respect for builders like you who get things done.  There are two kinds of people in the world it seems, those who get things done and those who don't.  I fall into the latter class. 
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  2. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Who’s experimented with spinners?   

    That looks suspiciously like a 4 stroke on that pallet mister.  
    For my private check ride I had about a hundred year old guy from the FAA as my examiner.  This was in the days before the feds contracted that work out to "super CFI" types.  We spent almost 2 hours just on the oral exam.  One of his questions that sticks in my mind went something like: "You are on a long cross country and someone damages your spinner while you are taking lunch. Can you remove the spinner and continue on your way home and then repair it?"  
    I said yes, I thought you could.  He then said WRONG and then showed me in the Piper Warrior operations manual mandatory equipment list that the spinner was listed.  It is required as a part of the cooling system. 
    Now, of course we are experimental so that's just not going to happen the same way but as others have pointed out, the spinner CAN BE part of the cooling system to direct flow through the cylinders.  Try it both ways. 
    By the way.  That check ride with him was almost all training.  He knew I could fly the airplane because he knew my instructor so we spent about an hour and a half doing commercial maneuvers, short approaches, cross wind landings, emergency descent technique through a hole in the overcast and other fun stuff.  He's gone West long ago but I'll always be grateful for the time I spent with him that day. 
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  3. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Tig welding steel?   

    The backside is oxidizing.  You can use a twin regulator/flowmeter to back purge welds like that.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uoxKZtqXrA   If you dig around on Jody's site you'll find MUCH simpler purge chambers he's built.   I got a separate bottle of argon just for back purge on stainless.  
    Now, having said all that they used to pay me to mig and stick weld but I major suck at Tig.  For starters, I don't have a decent table to work from.  Every time I set up a weld it's just kind of half assed you know?  I need more practice. 
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  4. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Avid 1581 is getting close   

    Great job of course.  Terrific looking.  I ditto the same question as Fred on the USB outlets. Belite makes some but they seem awfully expensive for what they are.  I'm pretty sure that ignition noise can be filtered out with some combination of bypass caps.  
    I also have never used those motorsports gas cans.  Dumb question maybe but do they come with some sort of snorkel to guide the gas into the hole.  
    Everybody needs two airplanes right?  I need to get rid of two to make room for the Rans.  
    Again, happy for you man.  Way to go. 
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  5. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Headset?   

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could buy an airplane and be done spending for awhile?  I've got tires & tubes, a better tailwheel and a propeller to buy.  Yikes!  
    Your DC headset is worth putting an ANR module in. 
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  6. Emory Bored added a post in a topic FAA Guidance for Experimentals   

    They must be rejects from ATF enforcement or something.  Completely WRONG!  The quality of federal employees is at an all time low.  Maybe I should apply!  
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  7. Emory Bored added a post in a topic MKIV Baggage area Arm for W&B   

    I think you should measure.  Level it up and snap lines on the floor and do the complete deal soup to nuts.  It's kinda fun actually. 
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  8. Emory Bored added a post in a topic ANR Hedset - is it worth it?   

    The weakness of the more economical headsets is in their wiring itself.  To a much lesser extent the overall construction.  The wires just seem to break at the plugs, at the grommets where they enter the cups or sometimes in the middle.  I used to cut off the knob on a ball cap to accommodate the hard rubber headband cushion but I think a guy might get creative about something cushier there too.  I never did do the ANR conversion but I've got 6 Softcomm sets in a box in the garage that would be excellent candidates.  They came with an airplane I bought once.  I'll probably convert one pair for the backseat of my S-7
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  9. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Our Website is Live   

    Good work.  Contractors most often put very little effort into that sort of thing but I think it will pay.  Though we've given up for now, a few months back we had decided to move 60 miles down the road into more open country and build.  In the end we never could find a piece of ground that wasn't covered with outlandish CCRs so we gave it up.  In looking for a builder we finally found one after cruising neighborhoods and peeking in windows.  They were retiring and taking no new work.  Others I could tell from a lifetime in electrical construction didn't measure up plumb you know?  The photos in our gallery would prompt negotiations thats for sure.  
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  10. Emory Bored added a post in a topic It’s Alive!!!   

    That really is a fine looking airplane.  What is that raised lump on the port cowl?
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  11. Emory Bored added a post in a topic ANR Hedset - is it worth it?   

    Lightspeed Zulu 2. I am more or less profoundly deaf with expensive hearing aids.  They work very well with the Zulu 2 set.  I must admit though that the price was frightening.  If one is on a tighter budget there are other less expensive ones available.  I flew three 3.5hour legs one day with no discomfort at all.  That's saying something.  4 stroke engine.
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  12. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

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  13. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Luga Propellers   

    I'm just guessing Fred but I think that the 912ULS only transmits 95hp to the propeller.  
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  14. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Luga Propellers   

    Thanks. I choose thrust out of the hole I think.  Smooth is nice though.  Hard to tell.  At least with the Luga you can kind of afford to try both blade shapes on the same hub and whatnot. 
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  15. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

    I've always wondered about the delivery motives on those aircraft.  If I ran the effort to equip Stalin with some airplanes it would make sense to me first to send all my very best pilots into combat in Europe and the Pacific.  Then, wanting to save as much money and time as possible I would build a string of airports at distances apart from each other that closely aligned with the range of the aircraft being ferried to Russia, then I would take those pilots that weren't especially fit for combat and put them in the cockpits of airplanes that I didn't particularly want and send them to their dooms over the top.  I imagine that that scenario is probably a factor; not the factor. 
    A careful read of any one of dozens of histories of command decisions during WWII will suggest a peculiar cold efficiency to their methods.  Also, all of those airplanes were widow makers.  The only ones the pilots (several of whom I knew personally) really liked were the P-51 and the F-6.  Corsairs, P-40s and many others were horrible beasts. The P-38 early was a death trap until they figured out counter rotating props to eliminate the critical engine.
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  16. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Avid Flyer Mk IV Major Change and Upgrade   

    Agree.  Bad prop for the C and when used on the 912 they will tear up the sprag clutch too.  They sure are easy to repair and maintain though.  Lot's of thrust too.  Good prop on a belt drive PSRU. 
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  17. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Yamaha RX1 Engines   

  18. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    Maybe it's time to buy orange juice futures?
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  19. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Why He Likes Kitfox   

    That is indeed ultra fun.  I have a friend who was the technical producer for a local television station at one time.  I'm going to forward it on to him for a dream see.  
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  20. Emory Bored added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Why He Likes Kitfox
    This is a V-Log by a local guy here.  I've never met him but I think he's got an interesting perspective on bush flying and has made some videos to help us understand how to evaluate a landing spot.  I didn't buy a Kitfox as it turns out because I never could find one that met all my criterion at the same time.  They sure were in the mix until my Rans showed up.  My wife's famous bush pilot uncle always said; "buy a good airplane at a fair price and learn to fly it well".  So take a look here. 
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  21. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Kitfox 3 Bushplane Project.   

    Livin' the dream.  My wife and i spent a good part of last Summer looking at property to put a house and strip on.  We have over 320 days a year here when the sun shines at least part of the day.  What we don't have much of is water, and land that does have irrigation rights would gobble up the budget too quick.  So we remain in an HOA and rent a hangar.  Oh well.  It sure is nice to see somebody who's broken away from the world a bit.  Good on you. 
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  22. Emory Bored added a post in a topic kitfox vs Avid on landing roll out stability   

    Both very good videos for any taildragger pilot to know and understand. 
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  23. Emory Bored added a post in a topic kitfox vs Avid on landing roll out stability   

    That's a separate thread probably but a very good one to start or re-start. 
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  24. Emory Bored added a post in a topic Transponders and Airworthiness inspections   

    That ain't no mountain son.  In the southern sierra between Bishop and Ridgecrest there are three peaks over 14000 feet along side of the US 395 corridor. One of them is called Whitney.  I've drove past them but never flown in that neck of the woods.  My new to me airplane is down there.  The insurance company is making my hire a delivery pilot because I'm so rusty.  I say good.  Keeps me out of trouble. 
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  25. Emory Bored added a post in a topic kitfox vs Avid on landing roll out stability   

    I've flown 10 hours dual as a student in a Pitts S2A, all in the pattern, in winds calm to light and variable.  All told probably a 100 to 120 landings.  I found that the takeoff, just as the tail comes up, would kick my ass quicker than any of the landings that I made.  When I finally get my S7S home I'm going to placard it; "RIGHT FOOT FIRST DUMMY".  The rollout with the Pitts is straight and truthful.  The airplane goes where you make it go.  The trick is to have absolutely NO sideways drift at touchdown and like Joey said a full stall three point. That means sometimes you're going to touch down on one wheel right?  Not often but sometimes. Most say that in a stout crosswind you're going to need to wheel land it. I didn't try any of those for lack of opportunity but I can imagine that it would take quite the dance on the pedals.  That's when you need rudder authority like the Pitts.  The Kitfox kept making the rudder and vertical stabilizer bigger because the airplane was so unstable in yaw while cruising.  At least that's the story I've heard.  The nose just wanders all over the place.  The tail follows along like the ass end of an old hound dog.  Like the front and the back belong to different animals.  Same with the Avid and it's clones.  I flew a CH701 Zenith that did that too.  Weird.  I'm told that in that airplane it's the friction in the nose gear lash up.  Viking engines makes a spring instead of bungee nose assembly that is supposed to cure the problem. My advice is to go fly with somebody who's good at it.  I'm so rusty I've got an instructor scheduled to whip me back in to shape.  
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