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  1. JustNorm added a post in a topic covering process   

    Allen I have used Latex on a couple of different planes with some success.  I have also use the polyfibre system and except for the fumes like it a lot.  My latex system is to start with Stewarts glue for attaching the fabric. (Same glue is available from 3m)  Follow the youtube videos for laying the fabric and tape and the blue paper towels will give an nice smooth edge with all the sheered edges well stuck and staying flat.  Once the fabric is applied I roll Kilz premium primer on the surface.  It will cover the green glue and give you a great white base.  The Kilz primer is applied with a white foam roller.  They are only about 4 inches but are very closed cell and apply the Kilz smooth.  Available from the dollar store.  The Kilz is also somewhat sandable and you can correct any small errors.  The coats of latex are sprayed in a conventional manor.  If you are used to Polytone, then you will not have an issue spraying latex.  I use blue windshield washer fluid to thin the latex to the correct consistency to spray.  On one plane I added back to the Kilz to add UV protection,  so much like the Stewart's, but on another I did not.  My thinking is the latex has UV blockers if it is an exterior good grade house paint. (I so dislike the term house paint when used in the same paragraph as airplane.)  Plus the only time my plane is in the elements is when I am flying it.  On my Kitfox I sprayed a coat of white first then I sprayed the yellow.  I am not sure if the white was necessary but it sure looked good when I put it on.  The yellow looks good too.  The other advantage of latex is you can get any color you want.  I tried to give my plane a little brighter looking yellow than the cub yellow by adding more of an orange tint to it.  I could have gone a little more orange tint and been a little happier with the results.  Still I like what i have. 
    Like Tjay I used Valspar on this plane.  I was sold by the demo of the paint on a rubber ball that was painted by Lowes and after lots of bouncing the paint was holding.  They also had a piece of siding that people had used keys and quarters to scratch and it was holding up well.  
    (Disclaimer  I had used Behr on a previous project and I think I like the Behr  better.)  
    How does it hold up?   Well I have only had it on for 2 years and about 300 hours but so far it is acceptable.  I just applied my first coat of Carnuba automotive wax and it brightened the shine.  Added 20 mph to the cruise too. (Just Kidding)  I did get some av gas on it and the finish lost some color where the fuel spilled.  Do Not spill Av gas on latex.
    Is it worth the effort.  I think for our style of planes (experimental) that it is well worth it.  We probably want to inspect and redo if necessary in 15 to 20 years and I am sure the finish will last that long.  I also believe that it depends on the plane.  If I were building a new model 7 that had a market of $80 to $120 then latex might be the wrong choice but on an older rebuild like we are doing, my choice is to use latex and be happy with the results. 

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  2. JustNorm added a post in a topic 1st flt Avid - impressions   

    Leni That is the best description of landing an Avid or a Kitfox I have ever heard.  With your permission I would like to reprint that in our club newsletter.
    One of the things I find many of my students do is dance too much on the rudders.  Just yesterday one of my students was punching the rudder hard one way and then hard the other.  I try to explain that the rudder dance is gentle and easy pressure is all that is needed to keep the airplane straight.  Think of trying to keep a balloon in one spot by tapping it.  If you tap it too hard one way then you have to tap it hard the other.  Soon you are working so hard at pushing it back and forth you get behind it and that's when the problem starts.     Easy pressure usually works better.   By the way once I got the student settled down and using easy pressure his takeoff was smooth and easy.
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  3. JustNorm added a post in a topic Engine Failure yesterday   

    Congratulations on  a job well done.  I had a similar experience in my Speed Wing and your numbers were similar to mine.  Drop at 1200fpm and land at about 60mph.  I also clipped trees as I crossed a road to the field I had picked but dare not pull back as it would have stalled from the 30ft hieght.  Serious injury or worse.  I did have a bit of damage and after repairs immediately sold my Twitchy little Bit$h.  I now fly a Model IV and love it.  No more dropping out of the sky like a lead balloon.
    Again Congratulations on a job well done.  I am glad we are able to offer back patting rather than condolances.  
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  4. JustNorm added a post in a topic Kitfox Model IV - 1050 Prooject   

    I was searching old threads and noticed Randy's old post selling his Kitfox.  I am the guy that bought it
    and happy to report it hit the air the end of Sept 2016.  About 2.5 years after I got it.  I did a complete 
    rebuild and added a few options.  First a 912UL with an in flight adjustable IVO. Then speedster tail mod
    and a wide body mod.  Also bubble doors so lots of room in the cabin. I am loving the way it flys and the
    performance.  I put 60hrs on her the first 60 days.  Still flying her lots whenever the weather permits.

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  5. JustNorm added a post in a topic Inexpensive Tiny Tach Substitute with replaceable battery   

    I bought a few of them.  Had one on a 582 and even use one on my 912.  Fairly accurate but not perfect.  Can miss count once in a while but only for seconds.  I did have one go bad but I also had a tiny tack go bad.  For the money buy two and then you have a spare is one goes bad or put one on each mag and you will have a double check.
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  6. JustNorm added a post in a topic The buzzard   

    The little Buzzard is a plane similar to the Karatoo, or the Cubby II.  It is a very nicely built Canadian Ultralight.  The Wing is all Aluminum with a D tube style construction.  The Fuse and tail feathers are chrome moly and the fabric is painted with latex and then clear coated from the factory. It is a great flying plane, Docile, honest, and forgiving.  I put strut fairings on mine and cruise at about 75 to 80mph at 5900 RPM on the 582 Greyhead.  Stall is in the area of 30 to 35mph.  The wing uses a Clark Y airfoil and is pretty cublike.  It is a side by side seating with a 40inch width.  It was marketed as a Ultralight trainer.  Empty weight on mine is 650lbs.  With two 10 gal tanks I can cruise about 3 hrs with reserve.  The 912 would do much better.  I believe the plane was built as a cottage industry with many different craftsmen building different components in their own facility.  (that is not a known fact just what I have been able to gleam out of conversations with different people)  I have never had a reply from calling the number on the website.  Could have been a great tough little plane but I think there was more smoke and mirrors than actual sales.  Still I really like mine and fly it weekly. And no the wings do not fold, which is why I am rebuilding a KitFox IV.   It does land nicely.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=640HKG-y49g

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  7. JustNorm added a post in a topic Classic IV Restoration   

    Love the Paint scheme and expanded tail.  It all looks great.  Inspiration to get to work on mine.
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  8. JustNorm added a post in a topic Avid speedwing.... Impressions from those that have flown one?   

    Hi I have been on holidays and away from the site for a bit so sorry to be late with some info.  That video is Ralph in his Avid.  He is running a 582 with a 3-1 gearbox and a three blade Warp Drive prop.  He gets some great performance from the plane but he flys at sea level so it may make a difference if you are not at sea level. I flew my speed wing at 3500 msl and did not see that kind of performance.  I was lucky to see 95mph.  I believe that my plane suffered from the higher altitude.  I was running a 582 with a 2.58-1 B-box and a two blade IVO.  My climb was good showing 800 to 900 fpm solo.  I never took a passenger with me because I did not trust the plane.  My landing and takeoff was in the 55 to 60mph range and the glide was that of a rock.  It dropped at 1000fpm and I had a motor out at 300 feet so I had 20secs to arrive at the seen of the accident.  I repaired the plane and sold it shortly after.  The guy that bought it was a former air force jet pilot and just loved it.  My thought is that with the extensions the plane would not have to work as hard to stay aloft and I do not think the speed would suffer.  (my thoughts not fact) This is a video of me landing and take off.  I land at 55 to 60mph and it is done flying. 
    The plane was also a handful to takeoff and before I bought it, the previous owner ground looped.  My test pilot, a man with thousands of hours in kitfoxs and some in Avids ground looped before the first flight.  I never ground looped it but did have it get away from me on a couple of landings.  I went back to my Buzzard and love it but I am working on rebuilding a Model IV KitFox.  I really enjoyed the way the Avid was a two finger flyer and hope to get back to that in the KitFox. 
    Good Luck but I think the extensions would be a good addition. 
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  9. JustNorm added a post in a topic PLASTIC STRUT FAIRINGS?   

    I think I started with about 8 inch.  I did one break at 1 inch and the next break at 3.5 inches.  I did not think the thin material would work but when you wrap the one inch tube it forms nice.  I then rivited the bottom of the 3.5 inch piece to the one inch break which hides the rivet inside the fairing. Did this at the rear of the fairing.  I then filled the fairings with spray foam to make the fairing stay in place and add some structure.  I sprayed the foam into each end and also at the jury strut opening.  I may end up doing it again and maybe use .024 Aluminum for the material.  I am super happy with the results.  A person could tweak the planes till your blue in the face but I think I am done tweaking this bird as I have a KitFox IV to re-Cover.  Now that is another major project.  I keep adding things to the want list and so far I have put the speed tail mod on and the wide body mod.  Looking at a good cargo area mod but that is not as important as I am normally a short hop pilot.  So many planes so lttlle time.
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  10. JustNorm added a post in a topic PLASTIC STRUT FAIRINGS?   

    I put strut fairings on my Buzzard and picked up about 10 mph. My climb is also much better and flying with two on board is much easier.  Strut fairings are the best thing I have done to this plane ever.  I built mine out of thin aluminum flashing from home depot.  (used the type that was brown on one side and white on the other)  I used an eight foot break and put two folds into the material.  then wrapping it around the tube I riveted it at the rear and attached to the struts with spray foam.  I used the thin aluminum to test the effectiveness of the mod.  It is certainly worth doing.
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  11. JustNorm added a post in a topic Saving a Barnyard Mummy   

    There are a number of Merlins in my area as Blue yonder is a local company.  The Merlin is a capable airplane and I have seen the very light ones fly on a 503.  Many fly on 582's with good performance.  Take off with the 582 and a 3 to 1 gearbox is 600 to 800 ft with a climb of about 1000 fpm.  Cruise is at about 65 to 75mph. Most fly with a 912 and this turns the plane into a nice solid performer with a cruise closer to 85 to 90mph.  Wayne (the manufacturer) has said his new tricycle gear Merlin shows cruise of 100 to 105.  The Merlin will be a great plane to fly.  Enjoy.    
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  12. JustNorm added a post in a topic 582 High Vibration   

    Just a thought,  do you know if the motor has a hydro dampner.  The old grey heads did not originally have them.  When I finally got a grey head with the dampner I could not believe the difference.  There are reports of grey heads blowing up because the the lack of a dampner.  My new grey head sure runs nice.
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  13. JustNorm added a post in a topic Introducing C-FSXT   

    If it works out I will see you in Innisfail or Red Deer Thursday.  I am really happy the plane worked out for you .
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  14. JustNorm added a post in a topic Introducing C-FSXT   

    BTW Randy what do you think of this compared to the Pacer?
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  15. JustNorm added a post in a topic Introducing C-FSXT   

    AVid is gone, Buzzard is in the air 15hrs now and you know what is waiting in the shop.  The guy that bought the Avid is super happy with it.  "Woo Hoo is this a fun airplane"  his words.  If you are off this week I can fly to Innisfail or North 40 and look at your plane for further insperation.
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