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    The more I see chat here the less inclined I am to go even take a look at it. When I posted the original question I was mainly concerned about performance over much else. I know the sube is fat compared to other engine installs.
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    Thanks for the info on it that you had. Cook mn is not far away from me and I was gonna call this fellow to see if I could fly down and take a look at it. Possibly go for a ride. It seems pretty cheap so of course I have some reservations. I'm curious to know more about the avid plus model as for a relatively low cost investment it may just be what I'm looking for.

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    Avid plus specs
    Hello everyone

    I'm new to the board and currently thinking about looking at an avid plus in my local area. Is there anywhere to obtain specs for this model? The one I'm looking at has an ea81 Subaru on it. Thanks

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