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  1. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Avid Flyer Meeting in Germany   

    Hello Fred,
    I will try to set the appointment here in time for the next meeting. On my own homepage, the appointment is about half a year before. So if I'm sleeping again, look at avidflyeraircraft.de.rs. You did not miss so much on the meeting. It was very familiar. The avid flyers from germany seem to be more in the hangar than in the air Get in touch, if you fly here through Germany. Best regards Martin
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  2. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Any one know how Ed is doing?   

    ED, we wish you strength and endurance. The cancer does not know who to fight against.
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  3. Flugtaxi added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Avid Meetin Germany 2018
    The little AvidFox-family-meeting was in Pegnitz, 07.07.2018
    Some visitiors came with an other plane... from FK9 to WT01 and a Mooney ...and some by car
    In germany fly 60 Avid Flyer and many Eurofox, Kitfox ... we were ... 3 Avid Flyer and one Kitfox an we had a lot of fun
    A little fire in the night an many of stars over us. Jokes, beer, fire an friends. Do we need more?
    Thinking of the friends we lost last year. Keep on flying.

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  4. Flugtaxi added a topic in Local Fly in's   

    Avid Flyer Meeting in Germany
    Avid Flyer Meeting on 07-08 Juli 2018 airport Pegnitz - Zipzer Berg - EDQZ Germany
    Information:   http://www.avidflyeraircraft.de.rs
    or http://www.edqz.de/Termine/Termine.html
    If the meeting cannot be run as scheduled on 07 Juli due to poor visibility orunfavourable wind conditions, the alternative date is set for 21 Juli 2018.
    (The meeting is not an official event, everyone flies independently, we use the facilities of the airfield. Think on your tent, approach Saturday and return flight on Sunday, then there is time for campfires & Co)
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  5. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Shop Updates   

    Hello Mark,
    nice to see, that someone make a good job! You did it
    I hope we can get replacement parts and other things from your shop.
    Best regards from germany
    www.avidflyeraircraft.de.rs  (avid flyer type certificate holder germany)
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  6. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic My avid !   

    Hello Thomas,
    nice sound
    How fast is your avid flyer ?
    Call me, when you fly to germany
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  7. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Lockable Tailwheel?   

    No sorry, not want so say that i had a lockable Matco tailwheel. I say be carefull with a locked tailwheel. Our tailwheel was locked, because the cam-plate was missing. If it is locked while the cam-plate is lost or while it is an manually locked is the same effect. Sorry for my bad english.
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  8. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Avid flyer meeting in germany on Okt 2015   

    Moin Jjbaker,
    "Will there be a fly-in this year, too and if so, where and when?"
    Maybe in Okt 2016. Place and time to be announced.
    Will be announced from mai or june on the homepage:  http://www.avidflyeraircraft.de.rs/
    Update:  The fly-in 2016 is announced on my homepage.
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  9. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Avid flyer meeting in germany on Okt 2015   

    Hello dynomike,
    which scoops you mean?  The scoops on the orange cowling... are for an rotax 912. The avid jabiru are with white cowl with red nose and the white cowl. Both with helix-propellers.
    The scoops on the orange cowl are for the carburators. The cowl was originally for an rotax 582. Thomas rebuild the cowl for his rotax 912.
    We had no problems with rear cyl. heat. The air intake must be lower than the escape.
    When you need information about cooling the jabiru, we can make photos.
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  10. Flugtaxi added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Avid flyer meeting in germany on Okt 2015
    Last year we had a little meeting near berlin, on airfield Oehna.
    Some avid flyer and a few other planes with friends came on a sunny weekend in okt (day of the german unity).
    Pics on http://www.avidflyeraircraft.de.rs/medien/avid-flyer-treffen-2015
    There where avid flyer model b, c and mk4 with rotax 582, rotax 912 and two with jabiru 2200.
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  11. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Lockable Tailwheel?   

    Be carefull with a locked tailwheel.
    On the first fly with our avid flyer, the cam-plate (for unlock the tailwheel on matco tailwheels) was removed. I had my first groundloop... and while turning the tailwheel scratched over the asphalt. The result was a bend frame, a broken wing and many hours of working on plane.
    In the repair, we buy a cam-plate for the tailwheel.
    Some months later, we had a groundloop again. Max. wind from the side (crosswind 15kn) on concrete. The controler ban a land on grass... . After landing a unvoluntary ballet. We need 200ft and two groundloops ... on a 4133ft runway. No damage! No wing on the ground. And no full trousers...
    For me is a tailwheel that unlock when groundloop the best guarantee for no damage.
    When you can unlock or lock it manually... do it like EDMO say...but in groundoop unlock it.
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  12. Flugtaxi added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Does a Kitfox wing fit on an Avid mk4 ???

    the idea is a possible weight increase of the weight with proven wings.
    The newer Kitfox have in germany 472,5kg MTOW the avid mk4 only 450kg MTOW.

    Has anyone ever tried something like this?

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  13. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic SURVIVED THE CRASHES, and CRASHES, and CRASHES!   

    Welcome back Ed

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  14. Flugtaxi added a post in a topic Germany fly from bavaria to the see   

    We have a Jabiru 2200 first model in our avid. The propeller is a helix. It is comfortable in maintenance and service. The sound is good. Max. 2850 upm. The Jab can male 3100 upm. In germany we must fly with quiet systems, lower than 60db in the air.
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  15. Flugtaxi added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Germany fly from bavaria to the see

    here some pics from our trip ( the images have to watch her back, then it fits the story below (why the images were transferred backwards is not clear to me)).


    the story was translated with google translate into English:

    Germany Tour: East with 5kn

    After my better half of our community support also from Thursday 2:10. Was on leave and to describe the weather for the whole four days flyable as excellent was ... we were after the fog to fly off at 15:00 noon dissolved in Herzogenaurach, Germany. We flew into the new federal states, Frankische Schweiz and the airspace yard. A first fuel stop we inserted on the beautiful airfield in Zwickau. Big landing field - and yet end up with the tip of the watchman (tower) until mid field because of the bumps. Fueled, called in Oehna to reserve a cabin and into the air.
    Ended up almost to the last ray of sunshine in Oehna. Oehna is a beautiful, well-kept airfield with grass and hard track. The stumbling bird could still enjoy hot food and Black Beer us. The log cabins are cozy - with kitchen, bathroom and living room.
    After breakfast we went on 03/10. continue to Eggersdorf. We had been reported by Eggersdorf village - should we end up times. So the next fuel stop was planned with Eggersdorf village. Is hovering over the lakes in Eggersdorf - and landed almost on the tow path. Since it was actually more to the left still something eternally long runway. So, without further ado turned to the left, nor to breath some gas and made the right landing field. To refuel, we should roll to the end of the track. So stock up to two kilometers roll ... only to find ... everyone thinks watchman, a UL requires Mogas or Super. No, we want avgas. So again full two kilometers return, purely in the Avid and behind a forest again. The gas station is hidden behind the clubhouse. After refueling stop with Avgas it should go to the Müritz Airpark. There just called - and we could come - but beds are only available in hotels. Since we wanted to stay close to our Avid, we called in Pinnow. There, Max (a young glider pilot) was on the line. Yes, he would beds - but very simple and not a pub on the site. After my co-pilot and I are now times married young, we were on our way. Müritz (Rechlin-Larz) did not answer, despite repeated attempts on the radio. So we flew without a fuel stop on to Pinnow. People Pinnow is cool. A place with crossed paths. A dream for every traildagger pilot. If only it were something from us ...
    The beds were actually from the time before 1989 ... but it was German Unity Day! And after we were warmly taken care of Max and other nice club members, it was an entertaining night. And a pizza guy in a turban you get probably only in Pinnow to face. Morning on 04/10. there was coffee and pizza from the rest of the evening. How should I describe it, just men moderately cool.
    Since we planned to fly from Pinnow to Fehmarn and in mine every one was asleep, we decided to Lübeck to refuel to fly. CTR is also a nice experience.
    The experience ever read not long in coming. After the screw into the final approach - refused my request the controller to land on the grass runway - at 10kN Crosswind. My attempt to land anything against the wind on the ever-wide concrete path was a limbo. The result was inevitable and so we took the whole web width for our ballet insert after hitting the ground. Right, left, right ... and two full circles on the ground. This is called well Groundloop Deluxe. After I found myself in the cockpit and my beloved co-pilot was still there too - I wrote to the then still silent controller that everything would be ok. After we were already against the direction of landing, I was able to roll even on taxiway A directly to the gas station. In order to make some air my displeasure I meant as a radio operator - "therefore we wanted on the grass runway" ... and he returns "na you would indeed be able to say". "so i was pissed off ": How the Berlin says there Evil or Very Mad (wa ig schon sauer,wa!). Pay for airfield society after the fuel stop with a helpful staff by black-yellow taxi. The lady from the airfireld company said: "oh you're the - was quite a commotion just". We learned - after our landing - everything was on his feet. Firefighters, paramedics and probably also the Tower ... because it should not 20 minutes after we land a large passenger jet. Therefore, the whole crowds of people in the waiting hall. However, we were able to cut the line. Stop, remove your belt, pocket money put into the box ... full program. And then again the ride with the black-yellow-game mobile back to the gas station. Crazy - as would a petty cash or a debit card reader to the gas station but also. Thus, employment machinery for a fuel stop?
    We therefore with a full tank and good humor (so nothing was broken) on the iland of Fehmarn. And it was cool ... we shot with 170 (km) ground speed on mine away to Fehmarn. Under the Fehmarnsundbridge was probably a sailing regatta on the go. About 80 boats and in the flat water spot the water was white of the trails of the kite surfers.
    In Grube village we got back Avgas, Mogas although here like had been sold to us. And because the nice lady from the gas station also came from Middle Franconia, you had our experiences of the day but almost an hour to endure bravely. In Grube we have received an invitation to a fly-in on a glider airfield near Lüneburg. We wanted anyhow still further to Oehna as we once again had reserved beds. So it came to the headwind - how much time we needed to Lüneburg. From Grube we flew towards Hartenholm. Then I spoke courageously to the controller in Hamburg, if we could fly through the air space over November1 after Whiskey1 and then over the river Elbe to Hamburg (Fischmarkt - fishmarketplace) and then off to Lüneburg. And the controller agreed to squawk 4611 we were called and we could also fly to Whiskey1 Very Happy we could this flight for lack of transponder 2006 unfortunately do not fly - I hereby have caught that. Hamburg from above - just great. In airfield Hamburg Finkenwerder started right next to us, a passenger jet, the Elbe was full of ships, and we could not get enough of the big city. After many thanks to the controller, we went to Lüneburg. There diligent glider pilots were out. Dragging, land, hauling, land ... we were forced to place another round due to country forming gliders. But it was ok, finally, we have the whorl forward, the problems still yes lets us do a lap. In Lüneburg then again the great astonishment that we wanted Avgas. But we did not just Avgas, my coffee needs would be met and it was delicious apple pie Exclamation
    and coffee. Time was short, as the headwind not ran after it and it was already 16:00 ... we had still after Oehna. The fly-in so much for us. Sure, if it should even go quickly, my door opened when starting up. So take-off and a new attempt. The flight to Oehna was again a flight in the evening. Maybe we should by this power burst or something similar times to the wing build . However, with a little more fuel consumption, we made it this time 15 minutes before SS of pitching Oehna. Once again a nice welcome by Moni and nice, clean, my better half pampering rooms with clinically pure bathroom. Breakfast on 05/10. Stumbling in the bird was like two days ago more than adequate and tasty. We also still got a nice tour of the hangars and could sometimes take place in a highly polished gem-UL. Compared to our Avid UL was indeed sleek, but slightly narrower at the shoulders. So for me a bit cramped. However, the legs I could stretch out - if I do that in Avid, falls from the front propeller.
    So we went on the trip home. Refueling stop should be Zwickau again. We folgtem the course of the Elbe. The view was always cloudy. As we could see up to 2000ft somehow nothing reasonable, we went through the clouds to nearly 6000ft. It was also worth seeing for my better half. After the clouds became more dense, we circled 15 min. Before Zwickau again through a hole in the soup. Landing - yes - from mid field because of the bumps - and then off to the gas station. There we learned of the lunch break rules on weekends. Start again only from 15:00. So a good way for a lunch in the clubhouse. There was an air schnitzel. And the Zwickau are serious chips. Fried potatoes, side salad, schnitzel and on top of two fried eggs ... gentlemen .... I am a good eater, but I have not done ... who does not horaire there and something to eat your own fault. We can recommend it. In Herzogenaurach, we were welcomed back Frankish frotzlig. The Franke (a small country in bavaria) in itself says little to nothing. And so, unfortunately, are the watchman on tower. Any info you have to pull out of the nose where. And you understand sometimes nothing, because someone had just pressed the radio just at the same time - you ask again for weather ... but the answer are of course a ... "I had sayd bevore, East 5".
    1700km, 13:49 h, 245 liters of avgas.

    Geil wars! Very Happy
    You happy landings

    Martin  (edit again, becauso the google-translate is not much better than my english )
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