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  1. raytoews added a topic in Technical tasks   

    Starter draw 582
    Does any one know what a normal amperage draw is on 582. 
    Search the net, not finding it. 
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  2. raytoews added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    NGK Iridium plugs
    My friend Bill just tried a set of NGK Iridium BR8 PLUGS IN HIS 582 AVID.
    He claims the gear box clattering at idle is gone. Been to Cold to fly lately so we haven't tried that yet but I'm not sure what to make of this. 
    Has anybody else found this and have an explanation. 
    I'm a skeptic until I see it with my own eyes and even then I like an explanation. 
    He found out about it from some snowmobile advice. 
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  3. raytoews added a post in a topic Angle of Attack Indicators   

    I have a Grumman Cheetah and a Z601. They both have the little stall switch in the wing which is wired to a little vibrating motor clamped to the control column. I have it calibrated to come in about 5 mph above stall. 
    Slow down and , buzz,. Like a little electric shock. 
    Startles me and makes me push the control away. 
    My eyes and attention stay outside. 
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  4. raytoews added a post in a topic Radiator cap 912   

    Try http://www.evanscoolant.com
    No pressure cap needed. 
    I am using it in my Viking powered zenair. Very happy with it. 
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  5. raytoews added a post in a topic Avid with a new tail and skis   

    If you look closely you can see the outline of the original tail.
    A few pieces of 4130 and a mig welder fixed that tail wagger. 
    We aren't craftsmen but it is airworthy and a pretty decal distracts from blemishes. (:
    It is now a very nice docile little airplane. 
    A little tail fixes a lot of problems,,,,,eh?

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  6. raytoews added a post in a topic Avid with a new tail and skis   

    As a point of interest.
    I have several hundred hours in both an Avid Flyer and a Kitfox. I always found the Avid a little more "docile" which is the reason we chose the Avid as my buddy Bill's first airplane.
    He is long in the back and we soon realized he was not going to fit in the plane so we modified it by raising the roof two inches. (It's called Experimental Aviation).
    As soon as I started to fly it I knew there was something wrong, it was a mean squirrely little  airplane. I have never flown anything that was as longitudinally unstable. Landings and takeoffs were always an adventure and in flight if the ball got a little out of center it would slew all the way over.
    Not fun to fly.
    The only thing different from this airplane and the other two I have flown was the raised roof.
    By raising the roof we must have spoiled the airflow over the tail causing it to become ineffective.
    So we increased the tail dimension and now it is a very nice gentle little flyer.

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  7. raytoews added a post in a topic Avid with a new tail and skis   

    We are using a tiny tach..
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  8. raytoews added a post in a topic Avid with a new tail and skis   

    582 brand new blue head. We are going to back off the warp drive a little. What is a good static rpm for this engine?
    I can get it up to 6500rpm doing 105mph. 
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  9. raytoews added a post in a topic Avid with a new tail and skis   

    The cowling came with the airplane when we bought it. It had the rad mounted beside the engine. Didnt work very well.
    We enlarged only the vertical and rudder made a world of difference.
    I think we need to repitch the prop. Only getting 4500rpm on takeoff. A little sluggish. The engine really winds up once we are airborne. 

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  10. raytoews added a topic in Avid Model IV   

    Avid with a new tail and skis
    We had a serious ass wagger. It was so bad it wasnt fun to fly. Every landing and takeoff was an adventure. In flight if you let the ball get a little of center it would swing way over.
    Increased the tail area by a third and voila. Fixed. 
    Tonight we rigged the skis and built a rig to get it out of the shop.
    On skis it has always been an effort to get out of the hanger. 
    Now we just hook the garden tractor on and haul it out. 
    Put a little snow on the platform and drive right on. 

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  11. raytoews added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Tail wagger
    We built an Avid from a partially completed kit a few years ago and have been flying it.We think it is a heavy hauler. No paperwork.
    The problem with it is very longitudinally unstable. It waggs its tail. A lot. I have around 50 hours on a different Avid and a Kitfox so I know they are notorious ass  waggers but this thing is something else. When we built it my partner is long in the back and could not sit in it without his head hitting the ceiling and looking right at the front spar carry thru. So we built a roof extension, raised the roof about 2 inches, it worked out pretty good but I am suspecting it has disrupted the airflow over the tail. As long as the ball is kept right in the center it is not bad but as soon as the ball is a little off the the side it "slews" all the way over, irritating.  We are in the process of increasing rudder and vertical stab size. We tried adding fins on the end of the horizontal stab the way Challengers do but no effect. 
    Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.
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  12. raytoews added a topic in Hardcore Avidfoxflyers   

    Looking for nosewheel.
    A friend and I finished an Avid heavyvhauler a few years ago but it is a miserable twitchy little bastard on takeoff with two people on board. We think the gear is bent.
    We would like to change to a nose wheel.
    Does any one have a nose wheel to sell and the instructions to convert from taildragger.
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