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  1. marksires added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    I don't know what shipping would be to Alaska, but I would recommend the company I bought it from - Durobeam.  Everything has fit the way it is supposed to.  Frame is straight and level, didn't need to shim, or yank it around with a come along to get it that way either.  Kudos to my concrete guy also - he put the anchor bolts in perfectly, and the slab is level.  No cracks on the slab or the apron, even with a 30,000 lb forklift running all over both of them.
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  2. marksires added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    That's a good idea.  Even if I don't leave it up there, it is a lot less likely to get stuck with a screw.  Doesn't need a lot of strength, just need to be able to pull it tight so it rolls easy.
    Hopefully you have more time available, and more help than I do.  With 4 or 5 guys working full time, this building could probably be done in a month.  Many more than that, and they'd just be in each others way.
    The roof would be more interesting, I bet you need a steeper roof than 1/12 up there in Snow country!
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  3. marksires added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    More progress!  We got three panels of roofing up on  each side, only 14 more to go (on each side).  The insulation is a MAJOR pain in the butt, but my plan to use ratchet straps across the purlins for it to roll on works well.  We did that on the starter roll, then decided to not use them on the next roll.  We'll be using them on the rest.......  It is also a really good idea to take the straps out BEFORE you screw down the panel, because of course one of the screws went right through the center of the strap.....
    It is amazing to me how much my fear of heights has diminished.  When I started this every time the lift wiggled I was grabbing on in fear. Now I think I'd be halfway to the ground before I would panic if the thing fell over.  It helps the roof is basically flat, even wimpy me isn't uncomfortable walking on the panels we have up and secured.  It's only 1/12 pitch, so no real rolling off the roof if you slip worries.
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  4. marksires added a post in a topic BasicMED   

    I'm flying on BasicMed, so happy to be rid of the special issuance every year for sleep apnea!  No real issues, there was a doctor a mile from my house advertising basicmed exams (and DOT exams for truck drivers too).
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  5. marksires added a post in a topic Watched SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch today   

    Ed, in the history of war, Korea and Nam were barely blips.  No disrespect to those that served, but compared to our long history of war, they were barely border skirmishes.  The Normandy invasion alone had 53,000 killed on just the allied side.  Iwo Jima, a little island with no use other than as an air base, had 26,000 marines killed.  The Napoleonic wars had over 3 million killed, with some estimates of civilian casualties of an additional 2-3 million.
    Without space, I can say with 100% certainty we would have had fewer advances in Medicine.  The basic science that has driven almost all of the advances of the 20th and 21st cenuturies was funded by the space race.
    No amount of money can fix the short sightedness and selfishness of people.  The water shortage and drought in South Africa is a foreseeable event that was ignored while money and time was spent elsewhere.  We'll see the same in California before long.  Building huge cities in deserts is never going to turn out well, no matter how much money is spent.
    If you want to talk about wasted money, money spent on supporting those in our society that have no desire to support themselves would fund WAY more than has ever been spent on space.  I have no issue supporting those without the ability to support themselves (disabled, etc), but too much money goes to those that just don't want to.
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  6. marksires added a post in a topic Watched SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch today   

    I disagree completely Ed.  Space exploration has given us more things than I can even begin to enumerate.  Those medicines that you are getting now?  Space.  The Cat Scan, MRI and PET scanners to find those things that need killing? Space.  Better forecasting so we can better grow the crops needed to feed the vast population this earth now supports?  Space.  Have we had a major war since space exploration began?  No.  There was 20 years between WWI and WWII.  Been 80 years now.  And on and on and on.
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  7. marksires added a topic in Hangar Talk   

    Watched SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch today
    It was the most awesome thing I have seen in a very long time.  When the two booster rockets did their synchronized landing at the Cape, it was mind boggling.  No word yet on the water landing, but unlike the song, 2 out of 3 in this case is still freakin amazing.  They didn't just hit a home run, it was like every batter in the first game of the World Series hit a home run every time they came to bat.
    Any you have to admire Musks style if nothing else.  We now have an electric car tooling through space on its way to Mars....  With a dummy in a space suit in the drivers seat, and 'Don't Panic' on the dashboard display. 
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  8. marksires added a post in a topic Airdale Subaru for sale   

    There you go Jim, you can come by, help me with my roof, then go pick up the Airdale 
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  9. marksires added a post in a topic Glue on ribs   

    For basic strength, both Polyurethanes (Gorilla Glue) and Epoxies are stronger than the wood, so with either if properly joined the wood will fail before the glue.  Both have good water resistance.  Poly is a bit better at UV resistance, but it is more sensitive to proper joining.  If the joint isn't clamped and tight, it will foam or froth to fill it in, and that greatly reduces the strength.  As flywise said, T88 is proven, Poly, not so much.  But, this is experimental aviation....  Just have someone notify us if it doesn't work please! 
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  10. marksires added a post in a topic Avid 1581 is getting close   

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  11. marksires added a post in a topic Our Website is Live   

    TJ, the web site looks great, you are way ahead of your peers.  If I was looking to build in Iowa, that web site would at least get you the opportunity to bid. 
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  12. marksires added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    I hope it works as well as the demo does.  I saw them at Reno Air races a couple of years ago, and at Oshkosh.  After I get it up and working, I'll do a video and post the link here.
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  13. marksires added a post in a topic Finally starting new hangar!   

    Ed, the insulation is sandwiched between the sheeting/roofing and the metal frame.  If you look at the pictures, you should be able to see it.  One advantage to using this instead of spray foaming it, it separates the metal skin from the internal frame with a (very) compressed layer of fiberglass where the skin is attached to the girts/purlins.  Should minimize heat transfer into the building.
    Putting it up on the walls, we had to use very sticky double sided tape at the top and bottom to hold it in place while we got the siding on.  We do the same thing on the roof, but that is to keep it pulled tight.
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  14. marksires added a post in a topic Remote Muffler mount   

    I'd vote for steel as well (4130), but this is experimental aviation, so it's definitely your call. 
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  15. marksires added a post in a topic Better Avid Gear   

    I'm glad I learned to fly in a Cessna for just that reason.  That spring metal gear was really good at teaching me to land smoothly.  Now that I fly a Cherokee, that oleo gear makes landing a cinch.
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