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  1. Twister added a topic in For Sale and wanted, you got it, I want it   

    Aircraft for Sale

    Built in Arizona by Marv Vanderpool, winner of at least two best-of-show aircraft--he built a Lancair before this one. 60 hrs TT. Dual-stick option, steam gauges, Mode C, Icom com. Continental IO-240 engine. Unpainted. Some final finishing needed on custom cowl (paint prep). 619-683-2432.

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  2. Twister added a post in a topic Traveling to Alaska   

    THANK y'all for the goldmine of info on going to AK!

    I still don't have my Kitfox yet, but my plan is to trailer it in an enclosed trailer. Just talked to the factory--the trailer has to be 8.5 wide. Anyone know where I can get one built strong without being robbed?

    I guess you'd say this is a big item on my "bucket" list too. I'll read and re-read all the comment before I ask any questions, but will welcome additional commentary and a report of how the trip actually went for the dad/son trip.

    I have a 1990 Mitsubishi Fuso FG (a 3-ton dual-wheel truck with a 109" wheelbase and a 3.3 liter turbo diesel with a custom "camper" attached to the frame) as a tow vehicle. It also has an 8-ton winch and a roof rack integrated with the custom bumper by Chappelle I'm going to rent a trailer to test the fuel consumption; it gets 14-15 mpg without the trailer, but I don't know what penalty the trailer will exact. Does anyone in the unfrozen north know how the Fuso has worked up there? Back east it's used for tiny dump trucks and snowplows.

    Thanks again!

    I'm selling my "old" rig, a 2006 Outfitter Apex 9.5 with lots of extras and a 2005 F250 HD XLT Super-Duty FX Off-Road 4x4 with Bilstein/Helwig suspension (2" lift) and air-suspension bags with compressor and tank with in-cab controls to finance my aircraft. I'll pay a $100 finder's fee to anyone who sends me the buyer.
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  3. Twister added a post in a topic KITFOX 1 FOR SALE   

    I did talk with the seller a few times--very nice guy--but decided against it. Maybe he still has it. If you can't find his number I may still have it somewhere.

    I had a nice long talk with the Kitfox factory today, and it looks like I'm headed in the direction of a KF4 with a 912 engine--if I can find one basic enough to fit my "budget." I would like to get a 5 if I can afford it. I'm now pretty much confining my search in that direction, but I'll still appreciate comments and suggestions.
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  4. Twister added a post in a topic DC7   

    Thanks . . . sounds right to me.
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  5. Twister added a post in a topic Gas without alcohol   

    Apparently, there are only five gas stations that sell alcohol-free gas in CA.
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  6. Twister added a post in a topic DC7   

    I rode in the troop seats of what I thought was a C-54 from Madrid to Diabakur (sp?) Turkey in 1962 (or 3?) in which we lost the two starboard engines halfway between Ankara and Diabakur and had to return to Ankara for a replacement, so I was searching the 'net and am now uncertain of the difference between the -54 and the -118. Can anyone straighten me out?
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  7. Twister added a post in a topic Opinions on fabric   

    What kind of tape did y'all use? My Viet Nam "conflict" buddy says they had some super-sticky, super-strong tape there then that was not authorized but kept a lot of shot-up planes in the air and saved a lot of lives.
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  8. Twister added a post in a topic Bush gear   

    Size, weight, effect, if any, on cg, and how much does it improve ground-handling?
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    I hope I haven't stretched the "Specifications and Modifications" thread too much and frayed your patience. On the other hand, I'm still trying to find out the dimensions/specifications of the various models of folding-wing aircraft, particularly the Kitfox, and gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of things like wing type and length, stretched fuselages (better handling as well as cg aft for heavier engines and any problems?), the type of engines, gear, etc. to help me in specifying "my" airplane. I must thank all who have answered some of my newbie questions, and if I have repeated myself it doesn't mean that I didn't read your answer, it means that I've been trying to absorb a lot and have simply forgotten some things. And then there's the matter of refining my fledgling "knowledge" of the subject. Most of y'all have forgotten more than I'll ever know, and I know how hard it is to believe that somebody like me could possibly be that ignorant.

    Anyway, thanks again to everybody!

    I'm gonna look for a topic on training, and if I can't find one, start one. I've decided that I'm going to seek out the best possible training, but I would like to buy "my" airplane first and get trained in it, but would like at least to get some dual in any LSA of the Kitfox type as soon as possible, as close to home as possible (I'm in San Diego CA; the official flight school for Kitfox is in Idaho, where I still plan to go for fully maturing my flying skills). (Hope to see you on that topic soon.)

    I'll try harder to keep my questions here closer to the topic!
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    Ed, maybe I misinterpreted you, but I thought you said to avoid the 2-cycles. That one had a gray-head. I've had several interruptions to my life and travel plans; we had to take a very abbreviated trip, but the doc has just cleared me of the blood disorder he thought I had; seems it's "only" too many red blood cells, and I get a re-check in 6 months. I may get away on another trip, and if that one's still for sale, have a look at it. There's another guy in that part of the country who is willing to show me his Kitfox; I'd like to look at the different models. I'd need to know who was willing and how to find them.

    Thanks again.

    Anybody else want to comment about cabin room differences between the models?
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  11. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    Update (of sorts). I'm still searching for the perfect bird for me, and while I doubt that it actually exists, I'm still confused about a lot of stuff. Right now, I would HOPE I could find a KF5 (mainly for shoulder room) I could afford--so many of them are sooo tricked out (I want a real basic panel in a first-rate airframe and engine) that the price is way above my budget. I've been convinced by the bulk of experts that the 912S is the best (only?) way to go, and that tricycle gear is better, even for rough field operations (I'm not so sure I agree with this one, but am open to good reasoning in support of the nose gear position. I do agree, however, that the difference in ground handling might be a worthwhile tradeoff.)

    Since I don't know much of anything about Kitfoxes yet (even though I airport bummed a lot on a recent trip, I still haven't seen more than one Kitfox (years ago, and I think it was a KF1).

    Is the 5 the only wider one? Are the 1's through the 4's all the same width?

    Thanks for any comment.
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  12. Twister added a post in a topic Gas without alcohol   

    How about the lower 48?
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  13. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    I agree that there's no one plane that will fit my mission perfectly. I've vacillated a lot due to my ignorance and fighting my way up the learning curve, but here's what I now think I want (it may be out of my price range, but I'm looking for a flying one anyway): Anything with folding wings that can be handled by one old crip of a man (Kitfox?) with a 912 that will get off the ground reasonably short with a good rate of climb and a decent service ceiling. I do not need a lot of instruments and bells and whistles--I'm looking for something really basic. I just now heard about the KF-4 -1050 and -1200 versions. Do you/y'all have any websites to recommend? I must be doing something wrong in my searching . . .
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  14. Twister added a post in a topic Congratulations Leni!   

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  15. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    Thanks once again, Ed! This is a big step toward avoiding the very kind of trap you cite--spending a lot of money on a ship that isn't quite up to the job, then dumping a lot more cash into it to bring it up to snuff. I'd rather shop longer, draw to an inside straight, as it were, than to get into that cash-graveyard-spiral. I'm thinking I should just wait until an Avid or a Kitfox (preferably a roomier version--the older ones make me claustrophobic) comes along with a Riblett wing (or a STOL wing?) with a 582 comes along with the wide gear (tall or short?) Do I take it that your airplane has a Jab with some magical prop that will outperform a 582? My present budget is about 20K, but when I sell my expedition-type truck camper, I should be able to kick that up to about 30K. I would rather spend more up front and wait for a cream-puff that is purrfeckt than impatiently blow a lesser amount on something that will require a bunch of modification (and even more money?). I'd like to buy sooner, but it looks like I may have to wait for the EAA fly-in to make up my mind on my specs (or get even more confused?). I don't, however, require a lot of bells and whistles--I'm willing to settle for a basic panel; I'd rather put my money into the actual airplane.

    Speaking of disconnecting cables, etc., etc., does that mean fuel lines too? The USAF version of the 172 had "break-away" fuel lines (some kind of automatically closing valve) at the wing root so that if you elected to let the wings take up some of the energy in a forced landing by going between two trees with a lower chance of burning.
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  16. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    Ed, please forgive me if this question has been asked and answered: What is it about the Jabiru other than the prop, and what is it about the prop that is not good? Also, does the RANS have folding wings and what would it cost me to buy a flying one? What should I replace the Jab with on the Avid 4?

    The jab is direct drive and it's hard to get a prop on there big enough to make the thrust a gear rotax engine will. The Rans wing will fold but not without a bunch of work compared to a Kitfox/Avid cables must disconnected ect ect. We just had a member who flew a Kitfox I for years behind a 532. He upgraded to Jab and went back to a Blue Head 582. On the total flip side the FWF on my airplane came from a guy who upgraded to a Jab. He went through two motors and a ton of prop set ups but finally found one that he says will out perform a 582 in every way and has flown a bunch behind it. If I was to spent that kind of money I'd skip straight a 912.
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  17. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    I didn't think I'd have this much fun until I got into the air again, so folks, hear this: Even if I don't get into the air again, I've had a good time reading all these messages. The more I hear, the more I want to know. Y'all are a very generous bunch, and it's a pleasure to "know" you.

    But the more I know, the more I know what I don't know; I'm still dripping with ignorance--hell, I never heard of a "dead-stick takeoff" before, and I still don't know what it is.

    And all these different airplanes make me question whether or not I'm even close to being ready to take the leap. Like the difference between Avids, Kitfoxes, Highlanders, Airdales, Zeniths, Murphys, some other Canadian bush planes, and the various models, powerplants, wings, gear, (turbocharged Rotaxes, yet?) and on and on has me in a whirl of confusion. I guess I'll get there eventually, but I only want to buy one airplane--and I want it to be the right one for me.

    True, I would like to get by for $15 or 20K, but I'd rather wait a bit longer and get the bird that suits me to a T. I will have to stick to the sport pilot category, and I'm still stuck on the folding wing option, but other than that, I'm still open to suggestions, links, and references about what you folks who have done this a long time think my specifications (Manufacturer, wing type, gear type, engine, and performance etc.) ought to be.

    Thanks again for all your responses.
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  18. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    I'd be interested in anything y'all have to say about this video:

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  19. Twister added a post in a topic Cowl to windshiled fit problem   

    Ed, what kind of epoxy (if any) would you put into a lightweight emergency repair kit? What do you think of JB Weld?

    Speaking of emergency repair kits, what do you suggest? I will be both towing and flying, so the one in the tow vehicle can be pretty big, but the one in the aircraft is another story. Duct tape and wire? What kind? A buddy of mine says they had a special kind of "duct" tape in the Army that they patched holes with in Viet Nam. Unauthorized repairs, of course, but the stuff was extra-tough and extra-sticky.
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  20. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    Thanks again for your very useful comments. My head is still spinning, but I hope to accumulate enough knowledge to avoid the bigger mistakes.

    I've got my eye on an Avid 4 with a speed wing. I wonder if I should swap it out for a STOL wing or a Riblett, and add the wider gear. I'm wondering what this might cost me, as the Riblett is going to cost a fair piece of change, and I would end up with a nice pair of speed wings that I might not be able to sell if other Avid/Fox owners are making the same shift. Lengthening the speed wing seems to be an option, but I don't know how that will affect STOL performance or compare to the Riblett. If I understand correctly, the Riblett doesn't sacrifice much "at the low end" (STOL performance) but adds quite a bit to cruise speed and improves handling (stall characteristics, etc.). While I'd rather build than buy, I'm pretty much forced to buy due to a hitch in my gitalong. Where's the best place to buy the finished Riblett and the wider gear? The only laminar wing I've ever flown was a Cessna 177 years ago.

    Thanks again for any comments.

    I'm also thinking of putting the wider gear on, and wonder how that would work out financially too. The price on the plane is pretty close to my budget, and I have to think about every angle I can and end up with a plane that suits my needs.
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  21. Twister added a post in a topic tail up   

    I'm thinking about designing an enclosed trailer if I get my Avid (I'm on a health hold for a week or so until I find out more about my potential for a future), possibly using bladders to cushion it in case of a jolt or a lurch to the side on rough roads. Has anyone tried this?

    Do I presume correctly that some trailers have "pockets" for the gear? What kind of tie-down arrangements are best?

    Do they fit into a 20' shipping container? Has anyone tried this? I suspect they could be modified rather easily.

    What kinds of suspension have been tried?
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  22. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    Ed, are both of your Avids tricycle gear? If so, can you tell me a bit more about them? I am concerned with avoiding damaged props from sucking up gravel, etc.

    Thanks again.
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  23. Twister added a post in a topic Specifications for Modifications   

    Again, sounds like good advice. I haven't got a manual, but then I haven't got a plane yet. When I do, I expect I will try to find a big, circular field or at least a wide and long runway for starters. I expect it will take me a good long time to get consistent enough to try narrow roads and the like . . . I want to be truly one with the airplane before I venture out on a real mission, and even then I will look for real airports if there are any in range.

    Any comments about this engine?
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  24. Twister added a post in a topic tail up   

    Speak to me about open vs closed trailers . . . I plan to tow long distances, and road hazards and weather worry me . . .
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  25. Twister added a post in a topic tail up   

    Yeah, you guys are PURE GOLD to me. One guy who was going to sell me an Avid was going to train me up by first having me master fast taxiing. So tell me more about "fanning" the rudder and proper rudder operation . . .
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