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  1. RDavidson added a topic in Avid Magnum   

    T3 suspension
    I got my T3 suspension mounted and adjusted today and took it for a spin...I love it!  It makes the tailwheel transition smooooth in a wheel landing...no shimmy at all either.
    I put the “Fat Mat” Matco Tailwheel back on it and taxiing on pavement with it sucks, but I made some adjustments to it and it handles much better...so I’m going to give it another chance.
    Here is a drop test video...
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  2. RDavidson added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    I’ll let Barry comment on the weight, he bought the LSA version.  I’m sure that is 5# without the wheel though.
    Also, be aware that even the LSA version only fits 1.5” and 1.75” Tailwheel receivers.  So unless you want to grind your new Tailwheel suspension, plan accordingly...
    I bought the Piper Version and it is about the same weight as the Husky 3 leaf spring I had on it before.  For any other magnum owners or builders out there, the Piper 1500# coil over spring is way to stiff for the light tail loads of the Magnum...the lsa coil over spring of 1000# would have been fine, but you live and you learn!  It really lifted my tail up and maybe now I can taxi without doing the drunk swerve so I can see what is in front of me 

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  3. RDavidson added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    I will look at the knot again, but I remember a certain diameter curve on the needle made it all work.  You had to run the thread through the next hole then back through that hole, through the rib lightening hole diagonally back up to the original set of holes...I’ll have to draw it out or something.
    You obviously figured out a way to do it.  It ain’t easy but by knot 1000 it is reflexive!  Needles curved exactly right make it much easier.  I used a non standard 2” spacing, so even if I find my needles they wouldn’t help you.
    Measure diagonally from the right hole on one line to the left hole on the next line down, that should be your diameter for your hoop, or curved needle. This is how you get the thread through the lightening hole.  Then use a straight needle (curved tip) to take the thread back down through the bottom left hole and up to the top left hole...make sense?

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  4. RDavidson added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    Nice Barry!  You nailed it!
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  5. RDavidson added a post in a topic Fuel sight tube pics anyone?   

    I vote for the way you are headed...fuel windows sure are simple, and as long as you don’t sand too deep,Yikes, they don’t leak!
    the first time you fill the tanks on the plane mark 5 gallon (I just marked 5 & 10) increments in the three point and with the tail raised to level flight...there is a difference, depending on tire and gear size.  I marked both and I’m glad I did.
    somebody mentioned LEDs to light the window...great idea!  I lit them with a single led I bought at a computer parts place...it works great...
    P.S.  Sorry, the only pic I had with a view of the fuel sight had these two dogs in it 

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  6. RDavidson added a post in a topic VHF Antenna   

    Thanks for bringing this post back up because I ended up buying an antenna from Dale here on the forum and it works great!!!  Here is how I mounted it, but to do it correctly you would want it to run length wise instead of across/perpendicular. I riveted it to the back of the canvas bulkhead...out of sight and no drag...it works great even though I rotated it 90 degrees.

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  7. RDavidson added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    I love the smell of MEK in the morning...
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  8. RDavidson added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    Probably the only time you have used an iron 
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  9. RDavidson added a post in a topic Step 2, Build Magnum!!   

    do you have a pic of the float attach points?
    I’d like to add them...
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  10. RDavidson added a post in a topic It’s Alive!!!   

    Yep, it was for clearance...it is an angle valve engine and the valve cover tabs at the top made contact with the cowl.  I think a standard O-360 would fit...tightly.
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  11. RDavidson added a post in a topic It’s Alive!!!   

    -24!!! Man you need to move!  We had a good 65 degree day yesterday and woke up to snow and howling wind...Glad I got air under my seat yesterday!
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  12. RDavidson added a post in a topic It’s Alive!!!   

    Right on Barry!  I’m ready...
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  13. RDavidson added a topic in Avid Magnum   

    It’s Alive!!!
    Finally got her flying again and the engine is running great!  Learned a lot about the engine. But the thing I am most excited about is that my tail actually flies now!!!  Those VGs worked awesome!!!  I actually got to trim nose down today!  I will make a separate VG post once I get some good numbers, but WOW!  Best money spent yet!  And the cheapest upgrade by far!!!
    One of my buddies took some pics

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  14. RDavidson added a post in a topic Cracked Case   

    T Jay,
    Over all good!  I just saw that I have one hot spot where the exhaust is about 1/8” away from it.  I’m going to add another layer right there.  Everywhere else is great...
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  15. RDavidson added a post in a topic Cracked Case   

    I didn’t respond to your post because I was so pissed at myself...right after I posted that I realized that I probably swapped the to idle gears on the back.  They are identical, timing marks and everything, except the cam for the fuel pump on one of them!  DOH!!!
    I took my anger out by tearing the engine back off and pulling everything off of it!  I fixed the gears and double checked them!!!  Did it in about 3 hours...waited 2 days for gaskets, got the last one needed at 4:00 today and headed to the airport...put her back together and made it home by 1:00am.  Tired, but glad she is back together!

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