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  1. Logtrucker added a post in a topic First Flight   

    Don’t forget the p-factor if you have a left turning prop. It got my attention fairly quick!
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  2. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Merry Christmas   

    A special Merry Christmas to you and yours Edmo been missing you on here! Prayers are with you to get well soon.
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  3. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Merry Christmas   

    ‘Avid/kitfox nuts’ nobody has stepped up yet Allen, so mabey I qualify. Anyway same to you Allen and everyone else on the forum. Working on 2avids besides the red kitfox. Other pics failed to upload.

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  4. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Overheat on grey top 582 Avid C Type speed wing   

    Turbo, you got real close to the problem according to our master designer ( D-W), when he was helping me build my cowl. “Remember you need 20 to 30 percent more air exit area than intake area due to the heat expansion of the air itself” also a nice 1/12” flair at the bottom of the cowl so the slipstream will suck the hot air out otherwise it tends to dam-up  and not cool properly. Hope this information might help in some cases. BTW Dean is not working in his shop anymore, got all his tools for sale, keeps pretty close to the oxygen generator, but I’ m sure he would enjoy a phone call especially those who know him.  Probably midday.
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  5. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Dean honered at Lewiston.   

    Got a picture of Dean after his award if I can make this work?

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  6. Logtrucker added a topic in Avid Flyer General Hangar   

    Dean honered at Lewiston.
    Dean was given a standing ovation by about 150 people at our annual ‘Rivers and Radials’ fly-in at Lewiston, Idaho Friday evening. Local entrepreneur and museum owner Gary Peters presented Dean with a ‘Outstanding lifetime achievement award in aviation’ with Jim Reader telling about his longtime employment for Dean helping develop the Avid. Another feature of the weekend was the presentation of the Dottie Mae, the P 47 that was recovered from a lake in Austria and restored by Allied Fighters of Chino Ca. and Hailey I’d. —-FUN—

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  7. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Logtruckdriver wins the Guess my Weight contest   

    Thanks, Joey & EDMO, guess my lucky streak is back can’t think of anything since a couple of games of marbles back in grade school !
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  8. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Guess my weight contest   

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  9. Logtrucker added a post in a topic 582 blue head or grey head?????   

    Mark, I have a grey head 582 w/about 5 hours total, never flown. I’m down at Clarkston, let me know if I can help.  Jack—509 254 3068.
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  10. Logtrucker added a post in a topic DEAN WILSON CARD RETURNED TO ME   

    Sorry about the confusion Ed, Dean had to register by his real name which is Weldon D, they denied his own brother that he was there till he figured it out, anyway Rose told two people to make note of that, but you know how it goes---- better luck at 1439 Libby st, Clarkston, WA. 99403.         Jack
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  11. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Update on Dean-   

    Dean's home...   "Fealing ten times better than I have for several weeks ".
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  12. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Update on Dean-   

    Dean got out of the hospital this afternoon, he's in a local rehab facility for about five days. (Clarkston Care Center, 1242 11th St. Clarkston Wa. 99403) if anyone would be inclined to drop him a card.  Rose said he will be board 'outta his gourd' not much airplane talk around there, I'll get over as I can. BTW Ed, Dean is 81.      Jack
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  13. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Update on Dean-   

    Update;  About an hour ago Dean's wife called and said Dean wants to talk to you. Wow! Thursday he had tubes and wires in both arms plus a large breathing tube taped over his mouth.  "Hey Jack, what's going on out there?" I told him I had done this post and this crew was pulling for him. He said to thank you guys for your concern and prayers.  Still some issues with BP control,  but great news so far!        Jack
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  14. Logtrucker added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Update on Dean-
    Just came from the Tri-state Hospital where Dean has been for a little over a week with pneumonia, he's in   ICU and not doing well this morning, prayers are in order.   Thanks,    Jack
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  15. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Avid forerunner?   

    Avid90.  For some reason I'm not able to download these pictures. Was wondering if this '71 is N2K?  Dean owned 2K for awhile, used it to spread grass seed over the mountains south of Lewiston Idaho. He and I were just talking about it last Thursday, he once got caught in a snow storm in the Snake river canyon, landed uphill on a ridge, helper jumped out and held the upper wing down tying it to some brush. They walked about an hour and stayed overnight with a nearby rancher. I checked out the reg. It's now in the Lodi Ca. Area.  BTW Dean says it had once been owned by Adm. Bird and probably used in the Artic exploration.
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