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  1. Logtrucker added a post in a topic DEAN WILSON CARD RETURNED TO ME   

    Sorry about the confusion Ed, Dean had to register by his real name which is Weldon D, they denied his own brother that he was there till he figured it out, anyway Rose told two people to make note of that, but you know how it goes---- better luck at 1439 Libby st, Clarkston, WA. 99403.         Jack
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  2. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Update on Dean-   

    Dean's home...   "Fealing ten times better than I have for several weeks ".
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  3. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Update on Dean-   

    Dean got out of the hospital this afternoon, he's in a local rehab facility for about five days. (Clarkston Care Center, 1242 11th St. Clarkston Wa. 99403) if anyone would be inclined to drop him a card.  Rose said he will be board 'outta his gourd' not much airplane talk around there, I'll get over as I can. BTW Ed, Dean is 81.      Jack
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  4. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Update on Dean-   

    Update;  About an hour ago Dean's wife called and said Dean wants to talk to you. Wow! Thursday he had tubes and wires in both arms plus a large breathing tube taped over his mouth.  "Hey Jack, what's going on out there?" I told him I had done this post and this crew was pulling for him. He said to thank you guys for your concern and prayers.  Still some issues with BP control,  but great news so far!        Jack
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  5. Logtrucker added a topic in Avidfoxflyers General Hangar   

    Update on Dean-
    Just came from the Tri-state Hospital where Dean has been for a little over a week with pneumonia, he's in   ICU and not doing well this morning, prayers are in order.   Thanks,    Jack
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  6. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Avid forerunner?   

    Avid90.  For some reason I'm not able to download these pictures. Was wondering if this '71 is N2K?  Dean owned 2K for awhile, used it to spread grass seed over the mountains south of Lewiston Idaho. He and I were just talking about it last Thursday, he once got caught in a snow storm in the Snake river canyon, landed uphill on a ridge, helper jumped out and held the upper wing down tying it to some brush. They walked about an hour and stayed overnight with a nearby rancher. I checked out the reg. It's now in the Lodi Ca. Area.  BTW Dean says it had once been owned by Adm. Bird and probably used in the Artic exploration.
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  7. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Mustang Christmas tree   

    Nice Christmas tree Joey,  But the car and the engine detail caught my eye! Have a merry Christmas and happy new year.     Jack
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  8. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Bandit with Subaru engine   

    Don.  Just a comment on holding the stick back, I recently flew my KF after doing some work to it. (First flight since I got it).  With a 12.47 CG I had to hold forward stick on takeoff, trim tab 00 and flaperons 00.  With a little altitude I could fly level either with full flaperons or fully deployed electric trim tab. We then raised front of the stab. To the top hole, the KF has 3 about 3/8" apart and "bingo" , nice and level now with no pressure.       Jack
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  9. Logtrucker added a post in a topic WHERE ARE YOU ON THE MAP? Put a pin down!   

    I'm on.         
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  10. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Amphibian project resurrection & modifications   

    Luke and Don   Thought you might be interested in a project Dean W. Is doing now, he is modifying the original (proof of concept wheels only) Catilena. The original owner put over 2000 hrs on it with a 532, now the current owner wants to make it into an amfib. As well as changing engines, 85 cont. increasing GW, adding 12 inches on each side of the hull etc. Today it was upside down but I took some pictures anyway, you can see where he moved the dorsal tube over (at the "4") and on back,added a couple of vertical tubes, heated the vertical fin attach points to release stress etc. Anyway Dean said if he could be of any help, call him. Usually lunch time 12:20-1:00 pacific will catch him. 509-758-3269.

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  11. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Turtledeck to wing gap   

    Joey :  Hit the unread topic awhile ago, so dusted off the TD for the Avid and into the kitchen to show what I did to help the pneumonia hole and maybe clean it up a little bit. Still a work in progress tho.

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  12. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Source for flaperon bushings? Or stock material suggestions?   

    Hey---Ed, first , HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Then you're question about flaperon bushings from Dean, he kinda laughed and said 'awful expensive, don't know if I should tell you or not '. Cut strips from a milk jug the right length to fit into the hinge tube,about an 1/8 inch wide on each side, roll it in then take a soldering iron and heat each side so they won't come back out. He knows of several that have exceeded two thousand hours. Sometimes he had to check several milk jugs to get the right thickness. That's the story direct from the----------'designers' mouth. Jack
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  13. Logtrucker added a post in a topic HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUG HOLLY   

    Happy birthday Doug! Can't say it any better than Ed did. Jack.
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  14. Logtrucker added a post in a topic ROTAX REDRIVES?   

    Or how-about a Chaundel or Immelmann ?
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  15. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Merry Christmas   

    Thanks Lenny.     And the same sentiments back to you and your family!     Logtrucker.
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  16. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Logtrucker   

    Lost power?
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  17. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Logtrucker   

    Thanks Lenny and Ed for the acknowledgements and kind words! Great day! Sadn'd earlier in the week as wife's nephew lost power on takeoff in Kodiak. Air nation.net-Papua Indonesia plane crash.
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  18. Logtrucker added a topic in Avid fox flyers pics and vids   

    Full scimitar prop.
    Dean was fitting the spinner to the prop on his latest project today, so I shot a few pictures. With only a 40 horse cont. he is doing everything to maximize the performance that he can. For those who are not knowlegeble (including me), the idea is, as the thrust load increases the trailing tips decrease the pitch, then at cruise settings it reverts back to cruise pitch. As Dean says. This is 'experimental' is'nt it?
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  19. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Jabiru engine mount and cowl info needed   

    Jim, I have an unused Jab. 2200 mount for a mk iv. 450 plus freight. Jack
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  20. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Revmaster spin-on oil filter   

    Got one, about seven bucks. Thanks Paul. Jack
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  21. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Avid--VW combo.   

    Sorry you had to do lazy 8s to look at the pictures.
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  22. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Avid--VW combo.   

    Thanks guys for the feedback, and Paul I did get the info on the Posa . For now we'll continue with plan A and see what we come up with. Thanks. Jack
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  23. Logtrucker added a topic in 4-strokes   

    Avid--VW combo.
    I've noticed the VW derived engines are not popular with A--KF. Builders, mainly because of weight and or cooling . But because the price of the favored engine jumped about 40 percent while I was dealing with wings etc. I decided, with Dean Wilson's oversite we would bite the bullet and see if we could make a decent effort using a 2180 Revmaster from an abanded Q2 project. One of the mods we made. Mounted the engine direct to airframe about 2" behind the original firewall, as adding weight is almost the unpardonable to my mentor. Built a carbon fibre cowl. Anyway, a few progress pics. As a first time builder, this forum is great. Also welcome any suggestions . Jack

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  24. Logtrucker added a post in a topic Update to Deans latest project   

    More info on Dean's project : span 35 ft. Wing area. 122 sq. ft. Strut lift area 23 sq. ft. Length 16 ft. Cabin width 42". Fuel cap. 9gal. Power 1935. 40 horse cont. Dean says this is his personal hobby horse so what few scaps of paper (drawings) there we're have already hit file 13 . Interesting guy to work with! Jack
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  25. Logtrucker added a post in a topic This looks weird. Why?   

    Good visibility, light weight, and I bet it flys great, v.gs etc. I still have the 90 percent to go on my Avid IV.
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